The songs in this show were based on animals. Big Black Furry Creature From Mars and Harpua contained Little Squirrel quotes. Shaggy Dog was played for the first time since June 22, 2012 (332 shows). I Am The Walrus was played for the first time since July 29, 2017 (131 shows). and featured Little Squirrel and Shipwreck quotes. Runaway Jim was unfinished and included a Hey, Ho, Nobody Home tease from Trey. Harpua was performed for the first time since July 30, 2017 (130 shows) and featured Carini, Your Pet Cat, and If 6 Was 9 quotes as well as This Jesus Must Die scatting from Trey. Part of Harpua was spoken in French by Page and Mike.

Photo (c) 2021 by RJ Bee

Little Squirrel quote in Big Black Furry Creature from Mars, Little Squirrel, Carini, Your Pet Cat, This Jesus Must Die, and If 6 Was 9 quotes in Harpua, Little Squirrel and Shipwreck quotes in I Am the Walrus, Hey, Ho, Nobody Home tease in Runaway Jim
Debut Years (Average: 1996)

This show was part of the "2021 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2021-10-30

Review by BathtubJohn84

BathtubJohn84 I want to comment on how special these shows have been and how important it is we take time to take in each show before reviewing. Personally, I love looking up shows by review score, giving them a listen, and sharing in an experience others have had. Trust in a review makes it all work.

Last night, before the first set was even over, this show had 40 reviews and a 4.6 rating. How can you rate a show that’s not even over? I’m just asking, enjoy the show, bask in the post show buzz, and then listen to it again before writing a review. So many fans trust what you rate and the whole thing gets thrown off just slapping five stars on a show one set in.
, attached to 2021-10-30

Review by JMart

JMart Well, I’ll say this:
I’ve gone on record on the godforsaken forum of this website saying I was resigned to the fact that I was going to die without ever hearing Harpua. Bless Las Vegas.
This show was really rad. As a Phish fan, you travel and sweat and really shoot for those moments like the breaks after Jim and Piper when the band is so obviously completely zoned into one another and the telepathy starts kicking. That’s the essence of Phïsh and those
Songs thunder home with confident playing all around. That everyone was on the lookout for a theme and figured it out relatively early did nothing to take away from the next big reveal. You know something crazy happened when the jam of the night came out of your pet cat. Strange shit Is afoot in Vegas. I have no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow. And neither do you.
, attached to 2021-10-30

Review by msommerfeld

msommerfeld Wow, I don’t know what to even say, but i will try anyway. I only ended up deciding to come here after listening to Thursday’s spectacle, and did what i had to do to get over to Vegas and not miss any more of this madness. And boy (man) am i glad that i did. I never feel that seeing a set list on paper without streaming or being there can actually capture what truly went down in the building, and perhaps this is only partially an exception. I always say the last show i was at was the best, and of course there are some nights along the way that stand out (like an Alpine 7-14-2019). What i saw last night just completely blew my mind. The collective energy in the crowd that grew as the second set progressed, was unbelievable. These days shows are often judged by how many 20 minute plus jams there are. But that was not there last night and one may look at the set list if they were not there and not really understand what went down. I have walked out of shows before feeling that i have been entertained, pretty much every time i see Phish. But walking out of the MGM last night, it was not feeling the feeling that i forgot, but a feeling that i have never felt after a Phish show before. Ranking shows or ranking any piece of art for that matter has shortcomings, and probably should not even be done. But we humans are just animals, no different than the animals referenced in last night’s set list, and we like to rank, and classify art and experiences. So if i have to do so, i will say that was the BEST Phish show i have ever seen in my life. Love these guys, love this band, love my fellow phans, and anyone who has issue with that, well, you can suck it.
, attached to 2021-10-30

Review by yam_ekaj

yam_ekaj what a night. hard for me to talk objectively about this show because they played harpua (my first time seeing it). they played harpua! oh my god. incredible.

so many awesome moments in this show. extremely into a mid-set antelope placement; hope it happens again (but doubt it). this was a sweet version. wombat raged--pretty significant jam. never even thought about the song shaggy dog being an option. what a wild choice.

the your pet cat was unreal. i believe on livephish its about 16 minutes, and the song itself is like 2 minutes long. so that's a healthy cut of inspired, ripping type 2 jamming. jim > piper -> birds was a sweet segment, each with nice jams. and then the big boy.

it was building up to it. no harpua in several years, they're playing all sorts of rarities this tour, they're doing an animal theme. and yet i still didn't believe they would actually play it. but they did. that is a moment i will remember and cherish for the rest of my life. i love this band.

also, the show-closing possum was fire.
, attached to 2021-10-30

Review by phunkytime

phunkytime Is it holy blankenstein or holy blackenstein? Either way this has been the most solid 3 night run that I can remember in the last 12 years since I’ve been seeing this band and we still got Halloween. If only I could bet on phish to win in Vegas. Oh wait I did and it’s payin off!! Let’s gooo!!!!!
, attached to 2021-10-30

Review by Lemmiwinks

Lemmiwinks An outstanding show featuring many bright colors after the historic performances of N1 and N2.

Creature themed and anchored by Harpua, this show is a song-chasers dream.

While it doesn't feature the jamming magnitude of the prior two evenings, the highlights and creativity are present nonetheless in glorious pockets.

Run Like An Antelope, Wombat, I Am The Walrus, Your Pet Cat, Runaway Jim, Piper, Harpua, Vultures

Maybe the best Antelope I have personally witnessed.

And I completely lost my mind during Walrus.
, attached to 2021-10-30

Review by Divided_Stash

Divided_Stash The Dogs: 43 show gap. Some chilling thrilling to start off the show. The crowd howls along (foreshadowing)

Ocelot: nice Trey build

Turtle In The Clouds: uh oh. Do we have a theme here? Some people in the crowd are audibly speculating. Trey’s solo is nice

Run Like An Antelope: it’s official. 2 days after getting the numbers show we’re getting an animal show. Jam starts with a bit of exploration then comes back with an awesome peak

Camel Walk: played well

Wombat: first type 2 jam of the night. Trey uses some heavy delay jedi-ish effect

Guyute: 43 show gap. Trey singing high and some issues in the compositions, but nothing too bad

Big Black Furry Creature From Mars: 48 show gap. Great fun version

Shaggy Dog: 332 show bustout

Dog Faced Boy: 41 show gap

The Sloth: standard

Llama: 4.0 semi machine gun Trey

I Am The Walrus: 131 show bustout. Awesome loud set closer with Page working in some samples. I was lucky enough to get it at YEMSG 2023 and my ears are still recovering

Dogs Stole Things: 56 show gap. I kinda dig Trey’s higher singing in this version

Your Pet Cat: 35 show gap. Rare type 2 chilling thrilling. Some great spacey synths from Page. Feels like a Tube jam with Fish sticking with the YPC/Tube drum-beat , as they build to a fantastic peak and end the song

Runaway Jim: also a rare type 2 performance, with an evil tone from Trey, with Page eventually switching over too. Once again his synth work is amazing. After a bit Trey transitions the band into

Piper: gives off early 3.0 Piper vibes, solid type 2 jam

Birds Of A Feather: breaks free very quickly then comes back with a tremendous peak with a long ass note from Trey and a strange return to the song, overall really nice

Harpua: 130 show bustout. There it is. After 4+ years. Love the hinting and math related narration and the other guys do a good job of adding sounds

Bug: nice cooldown after the big boy

The Lizards: surrender to the flow

Farmhouse: wish they had saved this for the very end, but set 2 closer will do. More quiet than usual and some gorgeous playing from Trey and Page

Vultures: little trouble at the beginning

Sleeping Monkey: there you go Page

Possum: other than Farmhouse, best way to end this show. Awesome build and peak

Well darn. Night 3 of the best 4 night run in Phish history brings us to the Farmhouse. While there are moments of trouble in compositions, it's to be expected in a show with so many rarities. And the jamming is solid as well. And not to mention the holy grail of songs to get at a show in the middle of the second set. This is a 9.5/10 show. Highlights are The Dogs, Antelope, Wombat, Walrus, Your Pet Cat, Jim, Piper, BOAF, and Harpua
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