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, attached to 2016-10-22

Review by User_25940_

User_25940_ It seems crazy to me that with the quality and specialness that surrounded Weir'd in Nashville, I would be talking about it only 5 days later as a mere stepping stone for this tour. Then I would have told you after the second night in Nashville that I had seen the best set of the year, only to find myself believing after N1 in Alpharetta that it wasn't the case, and that THAT set was the best set of the year. By the time I woke up yesterday morning I was convinced of two things: 1) Phish is in a very, very good place right now, and 2) I had seen the mountain top, and there was
nowhere to go but staying put or heading down.

Which brings me now to last nights show.

I have seen 41 shows now which makes me no expert; I can only compare with what I've got. Something happened to me last night that I thought I surely must have experienced before, but in the moment I could think of nothing... no other show that this happened. The experience was sort of a mind-left body type trip. And I was sober, mind you...I'm always sober at shows these days. But I had a very strong connection from the back of the lawns to the band where I could almost see and hear everything slowed down, like Neo in The Matrix, and I knew intuitively where the music was going even before it happened. It was a true transcendental experience. At some point during Simple I half-expected Trey to start floating up into the air of the stage. It would not have shocked me if he did. That's how well they played last night. They used every tool in the shed and chose a vintner's selection of some of the finest songs to launch into the netherworld. A Groove that shook earth (seriously, that 'Paug), a Gin that was streamlining like a Japanese bullet train, a deep, dark, dirty Stash to remind us Halloween is only a week away, and you're gonna need something big to carry your treats. And then as if they needed to remind us at this point, they brought out another epic set 2 to the table. But this one was different than all the rest this year, and this is where I finally make my point. The setlist is even better than it looks on paper, and it looks like a classic. For me, it transcended (again that word) all forms of music and art (I loved the LED's last night), and for a mere 68 minutes that felt like a marathon, it became the benchmark for all 3.0 shows I have seen past and future.
, attached to 2016-10-22

Review by PrimuSucks

PrimuSucks I'm gonna keep this short. That show... is why we do that damn thing. A+ start to finish.

OK apparently you need to say more to have this posted. OK, w/e... highlights include: everything. Opening a set with antelope... what? 46 days>Sneaking Sally >46 Days... what? The whole show was juggernaut. Energy was perfect. They came to Atlanta and meant business.
, attached to 2016-10-22

Review by hdorne

hdorne With this show, I feel that Phish have come up with a new type of "Saturday Night Special" show. Typically this much-maligned sort of performance involves standard renditions of standard songs, played in standard order. On this night, it seemed the band wanted to offer a crowd-pleaser for a rowdy Georgia Saturday night that nevertheless delivered in terms of setlist structure, satisfying improv, and even some surprising segues. It turned out to be easily one of the best top-to-bottom shows of the year thus far, and one of my favorites I've personally attended.

Opening with Mike's Groove will always make me happy, and this Ass Handed Groove was no exception. Weekapaug featured some scintillating leads from Trey and a satisfying peak. Bathtub Gin was very slow, funky and hypnotic. This version of Stash is really special. The entire band is so in sync throughout the jam, listening intently to each other as they construct a dark, introspective space. Trey begins to ramp up the intensity with some truly haunting bends before taking us to a cathartic, almost angst-ridden peak. At this point my best friend turned to me with a knowing smile and just nodded his head. We attended our first show together in 2003, and while I've gone on to become the true Phish dork between us, he knew a special moment when he heard it. Funky Bitch benefited greatly from a slower tempo, allowing the pocket to be fully explored to make this one extra funky and mean. I'm not a fan of the Haunted House material, but Your Pet Cat was fun enough. Character Zero is a great first set closer.

Antelope was an unexpected and very welcome second set opener. I'm not sure the peak was any more insane than any other version, as that's kind of this song's raison d'etre, but it did the trick. Fuego had a really nice ambient jam at the end, through which the entire crowd talked. More on that later. Jim is always nice. It doesn't have to be a standout version, that jam always brightens my mood. My friend and I lost it when No Quarter started up. Certain Phish covers can feel as though they're lacking the gravity of the source material, but the band fully embrace the darkness and intensity of this Zeppelin classic. The Simple that followed was transcendent. They found a theme and set the controls for the heart of the sun. Absolutely must-hear. When Trey started up 46 Days, I thought the band would knock out a few standard songs to finish the set. Wrong. The segue into Sally came out of nowhere and drove the crowd wild. The jam after the first verse of Sally was so funky, so deep and extended, that I completely forgot about the second verse. Fortunately the band remembered and eventually wound back down into 46 Days, leading to a peak in which Fishman tested the limits of his right foot and kick drum pedal. A fun Makisupa Policeman and triumphant First Tube, complete with a Jedi Trey finale, capped off this unbelievably fun show.

OK, soapbox time. Why do people feel the need to talk throughout a concert? Many folks around me in the pavilion seats just couldn't help themselves. It was more noticeable during quiet sections, but even during loud peaks they would scream over the music to maintain whatever passes for conversation in their Bud Light-addled minds. Not only is it massively disrespectful to the band, but it kind of kills the mood for those of us who, you know, actually listen to music. It must be nice to have disposable income to spend on screaming over a PA for three hours. Looking at you, Chad. Looking at you, Jenna. No offense to people named Chad or Jenna who aren't obnoxious. As great as this show was, it felt like half the crowd couldn't have cared less. If you just want to chat and party, go to a party or stay in the lot. Otherwise, stop filling every second of your life with words and just be a part of something bigger than yourself for a moment.

OK, Rant over. This show rocked hard and you should listen to it.
, attached to 2016-10-22

Review by User_35223_

User_35223_ Set I:

A Mike's Groove opener (with Ass Handed in the middle, so... Mike's Ass?) , a fiery Stash, a great peaky Gin, and Character Zero to close things out.

Set II:

A nice and chaotic Antelope kicks things off, complete with a light show that will give you more seizures than any Kanye West video ever will. Then, Fuego, which as I've said, has failed to impress me with it's jams this summer, but finally, Fuego has made good.... for about a minute. The jam is fairly noodly for a while, but the effect laden outro is truly beautiful, and Trey's soloing is chaotic, noisy, yet restrained, making for a totally brilliant soundscape, before Runaway Jim kicks in. After the composed section,Trey starts soloing right off the bat, but ultimately, he realizes it's going nowhere and just shreds on the Jim theme, sings the refrain and busts outta there. Then, No Quarter; always a pleasure, but I couldn't help but think... is this going to be one of those shows? Y'know, the ones this Summer was famed for: one or two attempted jams followed by a bunch of Phish's greatest hits (or lack thereof) played in quick succession to pad the rest of the set's duration.

But then, one of 2016's heavyweights, Simple, is next. Simple's had multiple great Type 1 versions this summer as well, as one monster version at Dick's, and this one is right up there. Right after the composed section, Trey and Page were on it. At first it seems very Type-I , but they just keep on keepin' on, eventually finding a groove, with Fish then moving to the ride cymbal to make it loose, Page slamming some chords to back Trey's powerful soloing, which gradually gets more hectic. Fishman brings up the tempo, and Page happens upon a fantastic progression on the grand. Page then moves over to the organ, and the jam gets hard rocking. Page then does double duty on the grand, still hammerin chords!, and organ, before Trey peaks the living fuck out of it (albeit briefly), before getting slowing down the tempo and getting funky. Mike does some fantastic work with Fish backing him up. Then, Trey >'s into 46 Days.

46 Days lasts about 2 minutes (yes, just counting the composed section; no time for a jam) before... Sneaking Sally! Out of nowhere! Anyway, this is Sally's first appearance since the face-melting BGCA version, and after the composed sectio- 46 Days! Taste the fear!?! Taste the sandwich! This second 46 Days brings an end to this very good second set.

The encore was Makisupa Policeman (was on the couch this morning, listening to some funk. and beside me ... SKUNK!) and an energetic as hell First Tube, with some brilliantly energetic playing from all four. The best show of the fall tour yet.

RATING: 3.5 - 4/5

OVERALL: A very good show, and entertaining as hell throughout. There's some great jams, in here, and it's also entertaining as hell to listen to start to finish; definitely the best show of the Fall Tour so far.

BEST JAMS: Gin, Simple, First Tube (just for sheer energy)

, attached to 2016-10-22

Review by TweezingSpaceRanger

TweezingSpaceRanger Wow. Just Wow. They brought the heat and meant business this night. The Ass groove was a great way to begin the show. Weekapaug, Gin, Stash, and Funky Bitch all had incredible peaking sections. The Stash in particular had an incredibly patient jam that lulled me into a trance before a blistering peak. Set 2 was non stop fun. Antelope continued the trend of great band interplay and peaking sections. Fuego was briefly busted wide open for a few minutes of bliss before Jim and No Quarter kept the energy sky high. Simple blew the roof off the place and the jam was just butter. At first I was slightly disappointed that 46 days was being played but the Sneaking Sally that came out of nowhere was a huge dance party for everybody there and the return to 46 days was red hot. Classic Phish!!! Don't skip the encore either. More Phire!
, attached to 2016-10-22

Review by mikec

mikec Fish playing I saw It Again for the last minute or so of Simple. Trey said nah, we're playing 46 Days instead. What a great great show. Band communication at a really high level. So good. Stash went deep, down there. You know where. Funky Bitch came strong. Go ahead and start that 2nd set with Antelope. That's just the shit we want. Straight up head bangin during No Quarter. IT IT IT.
, attached to 2016-10-22

Review by fhqwhgads

fhqwhgads This is a really great second set, though the Bathtub Gin in the first set is also excellent, and the Stash features Trey doing some kind of fizzly Jimmy Page-type diminuendos like the ones in Led Zeppelin's Dazed and Confused. Or maybe I'm taking crazy pills; I don't know, you be the judge. The Simple in the second set is absolutely amazing to my ears, most of it sounding a bit like the rhythm of Gotta Jibboo, and seems about to veer into Saw It Again before a > 46 Days. The brief 46 Days ->'s into Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley (and the crowd goes wild!) back into -> 46 Days to conclude the song. I think it's also worth noting that Mike's Groove featured Ass Handed instead of I Am Hydrogen, and that the rare Your Pet Cat was dusted off.
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