Sightless Escape was performed for the first time since September 1, 2019 (138 shows). Cinnamon Girl was last played July 29, 2017 (219 shows). Trey sang part of Seven Below's melody in the YEM vocal jam.
Seven Below quote in You Enjoy Myself
Debut Years (Average: 2003)

This show was part of the "2023 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2023-10-08

Review by camel

camel The best of the Nashville run, in my opinion. From start to finish, there are some great jams going on here. The second set is the better set, but that encore is a fierce match for it... short but incredibly sweet (phew... smokin').

Some further notes: the opening Buried Alive > AC/DC was fucking awesome and great, and it's segue into Free was just as rad. Sightless Escape was out of nowhere, but was a fun listen. hey stranger is turning out to be a dark horse favourite of mine. As always: Ghost impressed. Speaking of unexpected, Cinnamon Girl had not entered my mind for a very long time, so that was interesting - I can only imagine the vibe in the place when that started going. YEM was fucking great. Then, as aforementioned, the encore was fucking sweet.
, attached to 2023-10-08

Review by sprobeck

sprobeck well this was definitely the best night of the three here in Smashville. They got "out there" in a way I haven't seen or heard them do in a long time. Again, I have been a decade away and am not super familiar with the new material but I enjoyed every song tonight. Ghost was great. BOAT had a loose, improvisational feel. I love Cinnamon Girl. Trey turned towards me right has he started it too. The main even was the jam in Golden Age that felt like it went somewhere--riding the worm or what have you. When they started The Well it felt like we'd landed and Fishman provided the touchdown. I thought Fish's playing was really strong throughout. YEM was beautiful as always and I knew after that ride we'd had before that the vocal jam would be particularly trippy which it was. The Howling was fun. Fish looked right at me for a few beats. Suzy was great as always. Page was really on fire. He can be forgiven if he ran out of steam a little bit at the end of the last solo. Great time had by all. Glad I was there. I even got to wave Trey goodbye when he turned to look over his shoulder at me as he left the stage. Adieu, parting is such sweet sorrow.
, attached to 2023-10-08

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1:

Buried Alive: Sloppy in the intro. Some nice reverse reverb. >

AC/DC Bag: Below average. >

Free: Standard.

Sightless Escape: There is a reason they only played this once. Because it sucks.

Undermind: Such a great tune, so Phishy. This one is a face melter for sure! >

Ya Mar: Ladies and Gentlemen, my Grandpa on organ – Leo! LOL.

Beauty of a Broken Heart: Trey really rocks this one out, very nice.

hey stranger: Big fan, has so much potential.

Taste: They shouldn’t play this anymore. The composed section is so bad.

Evolve: Listless for the most part. Limp.

Ghost: Plenty of fire in the belly right here, very enjoyable Ghost, great way to close the set.

SET 2:

Birds of a Feather: Definitely a great way to kick off the set. This lengthy 15 minute jam explores some darker territory before evolving into an upbeat release towards the last few minutes. Would recommend this one.

A Wave of Hope: Most of it is a bliss jam.

Cinnamon Girl: Cool bust out!!! Trey sounds great, awesome tone. >

Golden Age: Appreciate the fact that this one doesn’t turn into the typical Golden Age bliss fest. This one stays in the mud for most of this lengthy jam. They were taking chances and I appreciate that but would not say it has replay value. The ending and trying to transition into The Well is – ahem – less than smooth… ->

The Well: Ugh. They should have kept it dark and continued with that theme. Instead, we get Broadway Trey.

You Enjoy Myself: The Note is clear and very strong. The yell that follows is…neutered. Old men, lol.


The Howling: Such a lazy, stupid song. But go ahead, howl like a dog if that’s your thing I guess. >

Suzy Greenberg: Standard.

Summary: Decent first set but nothing to revisit there. Second set had plenty of chances to deliver the goods but fell flat in most key areas. This is an average Phish by definition. I would hit it at a 3.5/5.

Replay Value: Birds of a Feather
, attached to 2023-10-08

Review by lofus99

lofus99 I am not sure what some reviewers listen for with Phish, but I love the fact that they are outstanding musicians who can improvise better than anyone in the history of Rock, aside from the Grateful Dead. What I really listen for is when they take things out into deep space and explore uncharted territory. Takes risks and do something special that only happens that one time. For example the Golden Age from Vegas 2016. But before we rate this 3 show run lets go over Sunday.
A pretty Sunday 1st set. First 3 songs were decidedly a warm up. All standard. Interestingly this new song Sightless (I know, played once 4 years ago) was when it picked up a bit. Page was on for this set and show! Undermind, Mar, Broken Heart he tore them up! But mostly standard Sunday after noon chill. Then the highlight of Set 1 came with the new song stranger! This song rips! Page Clavinet playing was outstanding!! Stevie Wonder would have been proud. What a great new song from Trey. More of that please! The Ghost was nice improv warm up for set 2 like it usually is in this slot. A good jam! Friday wins the First set contest by a country mile! Form Axilla on it is almost a 2nd set with fantastik psychedelic improv for a 1st set. I just listened to it again completely straight and can totally confirm this to be true. Sorry you all missed it. Best Destiny jam I ever heard.
Sunday Set 2: Birds opener! I said to my buddies, it's about time they took Birds for a big jam like they used to in the late 90s...and they actually did!! Great jam. Wave also had a great jam. You would expect that for most 3rd quarters and they delivered! Then a personal fav for a bustout, Cinnamon!!! I love Crazy Horse and they even did a Crazy Horse ending! Then came the absolute highlight of the night ....Golden Age was finally the psychedelic monster that we know it can be. Not 2016 Vegas, but probably the best of the year! That was what I come for. Friday had that going for the whole 2nd set pretty much. Listen to it again if you don't believe me! Then came another new Trey song that I think is very strong. The Well starts of with a chill vibe and some great soloing from Page then Trey.....and then it drops into the Dark angry part that rages!!! Love that stuff! Reminds me of Carini type power! Killed it and then> YEM!! What a great set! YEM was a good one. Mike solo was stellar!
Encore: I think Howling is such a great funky tune!! Love it! But as we slid into the rock out ending with Suzie the Psychedelic glow from Golden had dispersed. Not like Friday which was psychedelic to the last note of Antelope!
For my taste (which I explained above), This weekend run is not even close. Friday wins by a long shot!! Heck, the Oblivion alone is better than Saturday's disco Dance party whole show or Sunday. I challenge you doubters to go and listen again. It is absolute MAGIC!! But so is the Axilla, Wolfman, Destiny, Jiboo, Light and Antelope. I have seen 23 shows this year from the couch and live in person and Friday was one of the best of the whole year....whether you like it or not! Vote me down all you folks that seem to prefer a Funk n Roll disco dance party over improvisational genius. I don't care. I just feel sorry for you.
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