if I Could was played for the first time since July 29, 2014 (159 shows). DWD included In the Summertime and Oye Como Va teases from Trey and was unfinished. Trey quoted Everything is Hollow in Sneakin' Sally. The first HYHU contained a The Final Hurrah quote. Bike was played for the first time since September 4, 2015 (113 shows).
Jam Chart Versions
Oye Como Va and In the Summertime teases in Down with Disease, The Final Hurrah quote in Hold Your Head Up, Everything is Hollow quote in Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley
Debut Years (Average: 1996)

This show was part of the "2018 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2018-11-02

Review by yam_ekaj

yam_ekaj fall tour 2018 was already one for the ages, but this vegas run really puts it over the top. absolute MONSTER show. worth a listen from top to bottom in my opinion, but let's break it down.

first set starts off with a standard rocking cavern, setting the tone for a high energy affair. beauty of my dreams is always nice to hear, and this version is well played. next is if i could! a huge bust out. here is where the set really takes off. my favorite phish ballad easily, and they rip up this version, with some emotion playing from trey. then, keeping the excitement high, they drop into weigh! one of my personal favorite phish songs. a great solo from page as always, and some tasteful licks from trey as well. next begins sand, and we knew we were in for something. this sand was akin to the chicago version; never really went type 2, but that didn't matter. some of the most incredible type 1 peaking i've seen live. unbelievable energy with the band and the crowd feeding off each other. energy continued with back on the train - another awesome, ripping type 1 version. martian monster was standard, fun as always. now, on to the centerpiece of the set. simply put, this mercury was stunning. a great pre-marimba jam, but then this turned into a type 2 beast. at one point, after a funkier minor section, it seemed like they were going to drop into taste, with trey hinting at the opening chords. but instead, the band built up into a magnificent major-key hose jam. truly must-listen phish right here. the first set jams this tour have been beyond belief, and this might be the best of them. a standard suzy to close on a high energy note. wow! what a first set. on to set 2:

just about every song in the second set was jammed well. we start with soul planet. this jam, while not incredibly long, was another fantastic type 2 improvisation, with the band playing both a minor and major section. again, absolutely incredible hose jam to close this one out. soul planet dissolved into the familiar disease opening. this disease was rocking and high energy, and then a nice type 2 jam was tacked on the end. again, not the longest version, but top notch improvisation. phish is just playing so well right now. disease transitioned nicely into guyute, which is always a treat to hear. this was not the most pristine version, but that doesn't matter. guyute finishes up, and we were at an important moment in the set. they could have gone with a less inspired song choice, but instead phish opted to continue to blow the roof off MGM by dropping into sneakin' sally! this version is no standard sally. while it doesn't stray into type 2 territory, it does contain an old school phish funk out. awesome version, well worth a listen. next up is light, which, as usual, contains some fantastic jamming. at this point, it's repetitive to keep saying that. simply put, every opportunity phish had to jam during this show, they took advantage and delivered the absolute goods. just an unbelievable show, jam-wise. slave to close, and you could tell the band was feeling it. this was no standard 3.0, formulaic slave. this felt, again, like a old-school, emotional, seriously peaking version. what a set!

the encore was just so much fun. HYHU is always absurd, but this bike contained some extra antics by fishman. to sum it up: at one point, he was standing on top of page's piano. it was an awesome, again old-school way to close out the show. trey referenced this before launching into GTBT, saying "this is kinda an old show, so let's do something old." can't lie, definitely thought they'd bust into some crazy gamehenge song, but GTBT absolutely raged.

honestly, can't recommend listening to this whole show enough. no dull moments. truly an epic phish concert. cannot wait to see what's in store for the tour closer!
, attached to 2018-11-02

Review by cosmicshauny

cosmicshauny My very first show and now I don't know what to do...

Extremely grateful I get to do this again tonight. I want to do this every night.

The crowds reaction to the if I could bust out was insane, so cool.
Weigh is awesome.

I almost expended all of my energy during sand, the jam was intense. Mercury was out of this world. Seriously epic and stuffed full with groove and space.

Soul planet opens the second set to a groan from this guy, three minutes in I'm on board... Disease gets everyone moving and I'm super jazzed there's an ugly pig at my first show. Guitar God heavy metal Phish. Sally got everyone grooving and light was really good. The joy songs are getting it this run IMHO. I personally love joy... Even TTE, give me more like that. Slave closes my first ever second set with gusto, peaks nicely and really makes me not want to go home.

Vacuum is over this guy's head, but the energy from the crowd during fish's spotlight moment SAS great. Fish twerk..... Scary stuff... Good times, bad times just makes me yearn for Izabella.

I went solo and really just focused on listening and remembering this special moment in my life, my first Phish show.

See you tonight.
, attached to 2018-11-02

Review by 3PointOhKeePa

3PointOhKeePa The burning intensity in Trey's eyes tonight lit a small fire in my kitchen. I danced around it and watched it rise as the band flawlessly transcended me from dimension to dimension. Immaculate song placement, seamless flow, otherworldly jams, hysterical antics. Wow. This is a show you need to listen to front to back on multiple occasions. Thank you Phish!
, attached to 2018-11-02

Review by Stash

Stash Glad I made the turnaround trek for this show. Walked in the arena during the opening notes of Cavern and the vibe felt right from the start. The first set was playful with a nice mix of old and newer material all of which seemed to get obligatory jams that fit the bill. Major blastoff during Mercury which went places that were certainly unexpected. The room was popping with heads in party mode, and the band did not disappoint.
Second set was simple, well crafted yet playful. In short it was an “old school” Phish. Forget about type 1 or type 2 jamming, I’m talking about the interaction of the crowd and the boys. The not taking yourself too serious, try new things just for the hell of it band that many of us fell in love with in the first place. It was perfect. Songs were on point for the most part, controlled chaos. Trey put away the rip chord, Page got some time to shine, mike dropped bombs and Fish got weird. All good things!
After the show I hoped in the car and drive back to Cali with a huge smile and a newfound hunger for more.
Thanks Phish
, attached to 2018-11-02

Review by moonofjupiter

moonofjupiter First set cam out with a surprise cavern. The. Three straight bust outs.
IF I COULD (most of the peoples first time ever)
Weigh. Huge huge huge.
The sand tore the walls off and the roof fell in.
MERCURY WAS 24 minutes. Best version of all times.
Second set was pure raging hell fire.
Dwd was hard core af. And then trey rip cords into guyute with one stoke of the hand. Genius. And well done.
Sally was even better than dicks. Light was one for the ages. And a clean slave to end.

Then an all bust out encore.
Each song was from the 80s.
Top five show of 3.0 era. Period.
Even trey admits that.

Folks best listen to this.
Best tour closer since Chula and dicks 16.
, attached to 2018-11-02

Review by JerrysMissingFinger

JerrysMissingFinger Another Friday night heater. Cavern was a cool call as an opener, reminding us of that Fall Tour roof that so changes the vibe from the open air of summer shows. If I Could...you already know...as a younger fan, definitely never thought I’d catch that one. After what I thought was a chill 3-song opening run, Sand brought back some peaky energy. First set highlight though? Martian into Mercury. You are the first astronaut, that’s for sure, so lets explore the cosmos, baby. Definitely thought we were going to get a Taste about halfway through, but (honestly, thankfully) they kept it going. My ear is drawn to Mike’s modal variations on a main theme throughout. Of course, Suzy to finish, inevitable “slot machine” crowd reaction was sick. Set Two, yeah we get the Soul Planet opener. It’s kind of growing on me, but if its not your thing, the jam will be, so just drag the cursor a bit. DWD got me spooked at the time (but holy shit, the energy rising out of the crowd during Trey solo-> jam, just wow), but upon hearing it again it is a little spicy amd groovy. The evil pig kept the spooky vibes in the air, always cool, and actually, good call on set placement. Highlight for me was Sally. Wow, that was some nasty grooving. Out pops a wife, and shit, she is mad. Running down the alley at full speed, our feet are stuck in the stickiest, ickiest gunk this side of Mike’s bass amps. Throw it on and get down in your living room, guys. Even Light got dark, and Slave wrapped things up with its cherry sweet flavor (tasting the music, hmm...). Bob Weaver encore (his booty shakin’, mine getting shook by the vacuum) had my whole crew laughing before we all got treated to a GTBT (I guess Trey remembered how to play it!) Great show, worth a listen, always down for getting spooky on Halloweekend
, attached to 2018-11-02

Review by Gr8tful2

Gr8tful2 The Phish music has always touched my soul. During ‘If I Could’ the couple next to us shares the story of how their fellow Phish friend died of cancer who had seen 250+ Phish shows. We all cried during the song and reminded me how special Phish is and how special Life is. My God only at a Phish show. Love Phish and Phish Phans.
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