Trey teased There is a Mountain in Timber (Jerry the Mule). Fuego included The Little Drummer Boy and Celluloid Heroes teases.
There is a Mountain tease in Timber (Jerry the Mule), The Little Drummer Boy and Celluloid Heroes teases in Fuego
Debut Years (Average: 2001)

This show was part of the "2018 Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2018-07-28

Review by Lemuria

Lemuria Solid, good, rocking Phish show. No surprises, nothing for the history books, but consistently fun. 3/5 stars. :) (And if you're giving every show 5 stars, what's the point? We know the band's great, and they hardly ever play 1s or even 2s... but this wasn't a 5- or even 4-star Phish show, whether in the context of this show or all of Phishtory.)

But, yay, Phish - fun time! :)
, attached to 2018-07-28

Review by yemyourface

yemyourface This show is a smoker taboot. Julius set the tone for the night and it was all peaks from there. Suzy Greenberg was classic follow up song and rained love all over the crowd. Jon is clearly having a blast this tour. The chemistry onstage feels lighthearted and energetic. Note the Mountain Jam tease in Timber from Trey and Mike around the 3:30 minute mark.
, attached to 2018-07-28

Review by User_38901_

User_38901_ I love this band I love this band I love this band I love this band I love this band I love this band I love this band I love this band I love this band I love this band I love this band I love this band I love this band I love this band I love this band I LOVE this BAND!

What a show of what has been quite the tour so far, eh chaps?

They sure do seem to be happy to be on the road again
, attached to 2018-07-28

Review by gingerphish

gingerphish Completely agree with Lemuria on their point about this being a three star show. For me, 5 star shows need to have a jam of the year contender as well as a two solid first set jams or at least one spectacular first set jam, and a consistent second set (take 8/12/15 as an example). While a 4 star show could still have a jam of the year contender, consistent jamming or a great flow, it may have had a weaker first set or fourth quarter (take last night as an example 7/27/18 and for clarification i'm referring to the Horn, Water in the Sky, Twenty Years Later and the mid second set Bouncing).

This show doesn't have a jam of the year contender and the flow is off at times (for me this is from KDF until NMINML and the placement of BOAF in the second set), but overall this show was a really good listen. Average great as they say. I really enjoyed KDF, Jibboo, Fuego and Soul Planet. All of these jams have relisten potential, but I would skip songs in this set to get to the meat (not a reference to Meatstick), where as a 4 or 5 star show is something you'd want to listen to all the way the way through.

This is just how i use the rating system given the limitations of not being able to choose half stars. Again, I liked this show and the jams in it, but they can't all be five star shows. You may have your own method or completely disagree with mine, but that's the beauty of subjectivity.
, attached to 2018-07-28

Review by Playitleodan

Playitleodan Really really liked Night 1 LA, but after relistening to Night 2, the Gotta Jiboo, FUEGO, and Soul Planet are the Goods!!

Mike’s BASS vibration in Wingsuit was a highlight (not necessarily showing up on the sbd). Felt it in the Heart Chakra - went deep, although it was only 4 seconds long.

In attendance, I was a bit bummed as they did NOT keep playing Meatstick (that song has so much potential for a sick Jam!), bored with Tide Turns, 555, and the Cavern had issues.
Solid Show here that deserves some love, and will be a but under-rated for Summer 18.

Check out the patience the whole band shows in Fuego!

Plus the Forum was sooooo chill, great venue, space on the Floor, tons of room in the upper seats as well, not a bad place in that venue.
, attached to 2018-07-28

Review by jester070993

jester070993 Similar to the previous night, right out of the gate they were on fire. Opened up with Julius, you felt the energy right away. Seeing Trey up there with the biggest smile while he forgot the lyrics to Cavern was great. Trey had the biggest shit-eating grin on his face the whole time. I filled me up with such joy to see how much fun they are truly having up there. KDF had a great first set jam also. NMINML > Gin to end the first set was great and unexpected. Jibboo > Fuego > BOAF > Meatstick was probably one of my favorite parts of this tour so far. The whole second set is fire really. The Fuego is indescribable, IMO. Little Drummer Boy teased in it also, then it just takes off. You just felt the soul, power and energy Trey had as the jam slowly quieted down and then gained moment momentum. In the best way possibly, I felt like my soul was being taken from my body. Soul Planet jam was truly something else also. Hearing Fishman missing the beginning queue in Soul Planet was funny as well, it really sounded like they were gonna go in to Scarlet Begonias for a second, especially giving it a second listening you can really hearing. Timber was good with a nice little mountain jam in there. What a great tour so far
, attached to 2018-07-28

Review by Koa96

Koa96 This Julius/Suzy combo is a great starter to get the energy going. The Timber got wild and Trey's guitar affects during Soul Shakedown was interesting. He clearly wanted to keep messing with it but Page pushed the song along. It's a testament to where they are now...Trey gave a look over at Page but no hard feelings, helped out with the chorus and then onto KDF. This is a great jam and will be stashed away in my phish app. Fish's fast beat in Your Pet Cat and Trey's overlay always makes this a fun song. Tide Turns is beautiful and Trey is allowed to do what he wants. I always love a Jibboo! And this one is funky yet ambient until Trey catches onto a few amazing rifts. What he does in this song naturally and so quickly could easily be the basis for 1 or 2 songs in any other band. The Fuego is a great follow but I'll say that lackluster "vlad the impaler crowd chant" sums up the west coast show vibes, sounded like half the folks didn't know it was coming...Meatstick love this song, but seemed forced and destined for a short life... solid jam none the less. I won't disagree the Soul Planet had a nice jam but it was a rough start. This Wingsuit is BEAUTIFUL. Wonderful version. Cavern is total flub. Energetic encore, can't go wrong with a Sparkle/Zero to end the night. A 3.5 show in the mythical land of half stars.
, attached to 2018-07-28

Review by jeromy27

jeromy27 In my opinion that’s not a Celluloid Heroes tease. It’s Infinite, the Mike tune played a few times this year. The melody is clear at about 11:57 to 12:12, then they riff off of that for the rest of the jam. This should be updated in the show notes.

Not sure why there’s a minimum length for a comment/review, but apparently there is, so I’m going to try to fill up some space here.
, attached to 2018-07-28

Review by B_Rare


Trey added a pretty slick Simon and GPhunk "Homeward Bound" tease in this here Kill Devil Falls.

It'd be mighty nice to see it added to the show notes. And validation feels gooooooood!

As does edumahkayshun, so if I'm way off here (always a possibility), feel free to set me straight, I'd love the enlightenment.


Home where my thought's escaping,
Home where my music's playing,
Home where my love lies waiting
Silently for me.
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