Mike teased Whipping Post at the end of the first Ass Handed. Reba did not contain the whistling ending. California Love was teased and quoted in Wolfman's and teased in 2001. Trey teased I'm a Man (Spencer Davis Group) in Twist. WOTC contained a Streets of Cairo tease. Carini contained Ass Handed quotes and Tweezer Reprise's lyrics were substituted for Ass Handed lyrics.

Photo © Derek Gregory

Jam Chart Versions
California Love tease & quote in Wolfman's Brother, Streets of Cairo tease in Walls of the Cave, Ass Handed quote in Carini, Ass Handed quote in Tweezer Reprise, California Love tease in Also Sprach Zarathustra, Whipping Post tease in Ass Handed, I'm a Man tease in Twist
Debut Years (Average: 1997)

This show was part of the "2016 Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

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Review by znmick

znmick This show was just incredibly fun, and the evening held a magic that I think was palpable to everybody in attendance.

First set - Reba was flippin' awesome, providing a perfect soundscape to the setting sun, and later on Tube really funked out and went deep... Oddly enough, it seemed like it was Fishman who tried to ripcord Tube a time or two, only to find Trey keeping the jam locked and on course - an interesting juxtaposition.

The second set 2001 opener was patient, roaming and exploring... And it's opener placement was exceptional. 46 Days was fun and had punch, but the roving jams introduced by Piper and then really heightened during Twist were nothing short of sick. BDTNL gave us a bit of a greater while featuring some killer playing, and then the grit got nasty and thick again with Carini, followed by a spirited Hood and Loving Cup.

Even the encore was phat tonight. Sleeping Monkey is a rare favorite of mine, though I still need to find out exactly what the meaning of the song is as Trey pointed out this evening. And then... Whaaaaaat???? A Tweezer Reprise with alternate, Ass Handed lyrics??? And delivered to us without an actual Tweezer? Totally unexpected but happily accepted!!!

Overall, tonight was just a really fun show to be in attendance for. No idea what couch tour was like or how it'll stand up upon relisten, but from where I took it in I found it wonderful, joyous and intentionally experimental.

4.5 / 5
, attached to 2016-07-23

Review by FunkyCFunkyDo

FunkyCFunkyDo Palm fronds shrugged effortlessly at us on our final approach into the venue. Swaying peacefully, purposefully, their silent grace showed us more life lessons than a year’s worth of living – some years at least. Listen to the silent trees. The dry grass on the rolling hills knew what the trees knew – rhythmically dancing in the same breeze as if they knew no other way of life. The music hadn’t started yet, but the harmony had. It was all around us, on the wind and under water, a subtle, relaxed energy, softly speaking to us. All it took was a moment away from your phone, your beer, even your best friend, to look around and feel that mellow mood unifying. All it took was that moment to know that something special was on the wind this night.

A soft roar trickled through the crowded Sleep Train Amphitheatre as the Phish took the stage. One section at a time, like ripples lapping at the shoreline, took notice of the band’s (normal) anticlimactic return to the stage. The band seemed in no hurry. There was patience from fan and bandmate alike, harmonious acceptance that this was the last show of the tour, so let’s soak it in. The sky was a gradient of warm orange, fading into brilliant white, segueing into deep blue, and finally into a magnificent purple hue. The palms fronds still shrugged. This was nothing new to them. How lucky we were to be able to share this with them, with all our friends, in this corner of time, in this place, whatever it meant.

"Farmhouse" opened the show with a seemingly apologetic tone. I heard no groans, no mumbles – only smiles. After the weirdness of the Forum, although neither I (nor anyone else) would have predicted a "Farmhouse" opener, it fit. As if the salted breeze itself carried the notes from mind to ear, this version’s subtlety was as much of an acknowledgement of our collective situation tonight, the final show of tour, as it was an apology for the night before. Beautifully played, the sentiment was set. I looked behind the stage, the palm trees didn’t seem to care, they were happy to be there, just like always. "555" came next and Trey immediately took a grinding edge with his tone. Improvisationally normal, the song itself has an attitude – one palpable for any fan who has a seen at least a couple of versions of this song live. A good sign. A slowed down, bayou style "Water in the Sky" filled the 3-slot and provided a moment of reflection. Was this planned? Trey seemed to be looking at his feet quite a lot – perhaps at a group of songs the band wrote down, collectively, to let us in on what they were feeling. I felt as though they played this one for us. A trio of songs played with heart and purpose; songs meant to let us know they were just as aware as we were, and now that the hatchet was buried, it was time to do what we all came to to do: it was time to get down.

The gritty notes of "Ghost" hustled through the amps, and bodies started moving. Wide eyes looked around, heads turned to friends, feet started shuffling, and the fuse was lit. Wasting no time, Phish nailed the transition and embarked on a major key explosion within minutes of the jam segment taking off. Reminiscent, almost to a note, of the major key shift in the 12/31/10 "Ghost," this version prowled through the fading sunlight, with Trey stalking each note, Fishman attacking each beat, Mike thundering through the rhythm, and Page driving through the jam. A tour-de-force of Set I jams, we can only look back at this complete, peaking version and say “Whoa.” Trey knew something special had just clicked. He was smiling ear to ear as they returned into "Ghost" proper. Following a quick conversation with the man wearing a dress, "Ass Handed" (finally) got back into the rotation. Perhaps an acknowledgement of the previous night, who knows, the hard-edged 20 second jam gave way to the even harder edged, (ironically): "The Sloth." Played with gusto and attitude, band and fans alike were fully aware that this was going to be no ordinary show.

After nailing "The Sloth," and a few giggles and smiles later, "Martian Monster" announced that we had been selected to be the first astronauts to explore the planet Mars! How serendipitous that I was wearing my space suit for this show! I can only assume the rest of the crowd was aptly prepared, as the first volley of highly controversial dance moves were unleashed during this truncated, yet fiery space expedition of thumping bass and scratching clav. As the dissonant retro rockets fired to get us back earth, with fluttery beauty "Reba" made her second appearance of the tour. Meandering placidly and cohesively through the composed section, the jam called on the name of the wind to guide it through cerebral soundscapes. The palm fronds noticed. A swaying jam, the music was interwoven with soft progressions and warm builds. Delicately gaining in momentum, just as the waves were a few miles from the venue, this "Reba" jam reached a blissful peak, with Trey conversing with the breeze, acknowledging the role it had been playing in Phish’s final show of Summer Tour 2016.

In "Reba's" aftermath, Trey stepped back to talk to Fish, and both started giggling in a grinning, sinister way. FINALLY! The return of "Ass Handed!" Again! Fish took the mic and reminded us of what he told us at The Gorge, “Truer words have never been written in a a song.” (Or something to that effect). This is our concern, dude; you do indeed get your ass handed to you; every day. With energy now radiating from every corner of the sprawling amphitheater, the band sank its teeth into undoubtedly the best "Tube" of the last seven years. Fantastic Fish/Trey interplay gave way to Mike taking the reigns in the second half of this extended (finally!) "Tube." Page patiently sprinkled flourishes and textures throughout, taking a backseat supportive role, and assuring that this jam would hold together. At one point I believe I saw him mouth to Mike, “Do we have any peanut butter to go with this jam?!” Well that’s not entirely true, but it may as well have been, as the Sandwich King’s smile said just as much as the music did.

Continuing the FUNK, "Wolfman’s Brother" appearered next. Talk about controversial dance moves. When the band moved into the "California Love" tease/jam, security was taking shelter as far away from the whirling masses as possible. People were getting down. There was no stopping us. We knew it, the red shirts knew it, and the band knew it, as they blistered through the jam into a reprise of "CA LOVE" before swooping back into "Wolfman’s" proper. Not a second after the closing chords, Page started "Walls of the Cave." Moving confidently through the song's meaningful lyrics and emotive notes, I looked to the palm trees again. They swayed their approval, speaking inaudible words – words only felt by those lucky enough to be in attendance that evening. A seismic build erupted into a flurry of notes, as Trey and Mike exchanged scales. Fish crashed his cymbals in approval, and Page hammered the ivory with passion. The band hit a lock-step, volcanic peak that sent shockwaves through the bordertown. Mexican residents falsely reported an earthquake, how silly, it was just Phish.

Phish took the stage again after an abbreviated setbreak. I don’t blame them. We were just as eager to dance as they were to play, it seemed. Wasting no time, spacey noise permeated the loudspeakers and "Down with…" wait… no… could it be?!? "2001"!! Marking the first time "2001" has opened Set II since the legendary "Moby Dick Show" in Deer Creek on 7/11/00, the dancers' moves were bordering on the prohibited. Transitioning through swampy funk, a "CA Love" reprise of sorts, and dirty disco grooves, both peaks were executed flawlessly, giving us a top contender for best "2001" of the last 5 years or more. The spaceship was now primed for blastoff, and "46 Days" was the rocket fuel of choice. Taking notes from the "WOTC" jam, this version was a welder’s torch of focused energy. Cutting through the night sky like a comet, "46 Days" streaked brilliantly in the 2 slot of the second set. A take-no-prisoners jam complete, the band shifted back into the song proper before fading into "Piper," which continued the energy of the first two songs. Trey stepped back after the lyrics with thought and purpose. He had ideas to take this somewhere. Fans of 2003 "Pipers" will enjoy this one quite a bit. Trey reverted back to some of his classic 2003 licks to engage this one in a feeding frenzy of tension and release. Just as the jam started to sprint, Trey jerked his head over to Cactus who was pounding away in deep bass bliss. Something clicked for Trey. An idea! You could almost see the lightbulb above his head. He dropped the chopping block on "Piper" (sigh) just as it seemed it was going to be one of “those jams,” but undaunted, Trey ripped into "Twist" with a purpose. They got through the refrain with pep, and Trey immediately dropped into a tone and progression reminiscent of 7/23/97 "Ghost." Twinkling and sparkling, the minimalistic starshine groove floated in a free form tapestry of punctuated drum hits from Fish, rumbling vibrations from Mike, and layered organics from whatever concoction of psychedelia Page had arranged in his fortress of keyboards. Shifting gears on a dime, the jam picked up pace. Fishman toyed around the "Twist" beat as Trey scratched over him. Mike unleashed a sonic bombardment of approval as cosmic noise dissipated into the ever-darkening night sky.

"Backwards Down the Number Line" emerged from the depth of night in true celebratory fashion. Trey triumphantly tiptoed around the chord progression, emanating the happiness and positivity at this song’s core. One could not help but smile as the jam reached a swirling, cathartic release – every person in attendance was singing along with the chorus, “ALL MY FRIENDS!” The goosebumps are as real as I write as they were in that moment. That is why we go to shows, that is why we push our bodies, minds, and spirits to their limit: to form the unbreakable bond of understanding, of unity – of friendship – that only a Phish show can provide. "Carini" crashed the late-set love fest and was greeted with perhaps some of the most controversial dance moves of the night… most of which border on superlegal. A hard-edged rocker enveloped the crowd in a wash of power chords and ferocity. A freight train of music, the jam hinted at turning into a major key bliss jam, the likes of which we all know and love so well in this day and age, but alas the jam evaporated quickly and peacefully into the San Diego sky. "Harry Hood" showed us to follow the light, as "Carini’s" darkness disappeared. Some fun, nose-to-nose interplay between Mike and Trey in the opening segment of the song was a harbinger of what the jam proper would hold. Glowsticks flying, smiles stretching, legs moving, the jam took on a progressively laser focus and old-school sentiment. It dug into its roots, finding the time and energy after a full nationwide tour to simply and purely explode, just as it would have in the mid '90s. Is that to say this "Hood" is comparable to those giants of two decades ago? Not quite. But there is simply no denying the sentiment, focus, and energy this "Hood" brought. To my ears, the most fiery version since Dick's 2011, the tension and release blossomed into a life-affirming peak, one which Trey circled back to over multiple measures. Striking again and again, Trey climbed the scales as Fishman was a flurry of brilliance behind the kit. Page’s piano cascaded waterfalls of triumph while Mike steadfastly anchored the harmonic trio to his 5-string Modulus. A full-band effort led by its fearless band leader, "Hood" exploded into one final, emotive peak. We can feel good. We did feel good. We do feel good. Good about "Hood." The chords falling away, Trey walked over to Page, who gracefully started the power rocker "Loving Cup." Played with equal parts heart and passion, "Loving Cup" put an exclamation point on a show that flowed as smoothly and swiftly as a Pacific Ocean current. A beautiful buzz indeed.

After an excruciatingly short encore break (because we know this is the last time we get to see our guys for a month) Trey came out and proclaimed that they just couldn't end the tour without playing Page’s favorite song. "Sleeping Monkey" got a rise out of the crowd, with onstage verbal antics from Page, Trey, and Fish … a solemn, single sad bass note from Mike, who pantomimed a tear running down his cheek. Me too, Mike. Me too. As the final chorus rang through the crowd, people started to gather their… wait. Trey walked back to Fish who bore a grin bigger than a kid on Christmas morning. They’re not done yet! BOOM! POW! "Tweezer Reprise!!!" Words cannot explain the energy wave that pulsed through the crowd when Trey unleashed those first notes. "Tweezer Reprise" is always "Tweezer Reprise," until it isn’t. Until it is played without "Tweezer," on the last show of the tour, the final song of the night, when it is completely unexpected. But that’s the angle isn’t it? The unexpected. That’s why we travel thousands of miles, spend thousands of dollars, and smile at thousands of people: to share in the everlasting surprise that is a Phish show. A phosphorescent glow radiated off of all bodies as the "Ass Handed" lyrics were sung over the "Tweeprise" power chords, reminding us, humbling us, that no matter how good, bad, or in between you feel, no matter how many shows you’ve seen, no matter if your life was saved by rock and roll or if you’re just here to share in the groove, you are gonna get your ass handed to you every day!
, attached to 2016-07-23

Review by Pdizzle72

Pdizzle72 After the Forum, which sucked, but I had fun, I had high hopes for Sleep Train. The Farmhouse opener was very scary. But the sound was great at the amphitheater, and you could tell that the boys had a little something extra for us. The 555 was a well placed addition to the set. Ghost was crunchy and I love the energy towards the end. Similar to the BGCA Ghost. The Reba was great. Smooth transitions and high energy. I felt like my internal mind emails to the band were answered with this Tube. They finally let it ride out like Tube always should. 10 min Tubes!!!! Possibly my favorite ever..? Wolfmans continued the fun. Funky and well placed. The California Live phrases were just epic. And the Walls of a Cave was fiery and carried us into set break with all smiles!!! Beautiful first set!!!!

With all in attendance probably thinking the predictable Tweezer was the obvious choice for the opener, they decide to stun all and open up with 2001. The slow builder and again, prayers answered and not another 5 minute 2001!!! Nice to be back in double digit length for this jam. Amazing opener!! They continue with 46 Days and you can just feel the energy through the crowd. The band definitely had a little something extra for us tonight. This carries into Piper. I thought it might be short because the verses started so quickly, but they continued the jam to make this a solid version. Twist was just pure fire. I'm not gonna be surprised if a lot of babies are born exactly 9 months after this show... What a panty dropper?!? Silky smooth. You know the night is good when even BDTNL sounds good. I know, that was hard to even type... Short but good version of Carini, Hood was pretty standard. Lovin Cuo seemed like the right choice for the closer. I think everyone felt the buzz from the night.

Sleeping Monkey was a humorous version, referencing Page wearing while playing the song. I appreciated the good amount of light hearted humor throughout the night. And out of nowhere, Tweezer Reprise appears to knock us out of the park. Ass Handed lyrics included. What a clever way of letting us know that they are back and still got it.

This tour may have had it flaws. And maybe it wasn't the best tour, but there were a lot of moments that reminded us why we see this amazing band!!! Wrigley 2, Hartford, BGCA2, and Sleep Train are all examples of the boys showcasing their abilities to WOW us even to this day. Kudos to them!!! Heavily applauded all around for a great night, and a fabulous trip in California!!! Back to Philly we go!!!
, attached to 2016-07-23

Review by FIKUS0824

FIKUS0824 Last night was my 175th show and 13th of this tour. THE VIBE was the best I have experienced since Hampton in 2013. Everyone was grinning ear to ear all night long there were 2000 people in the lawn ar best, 90% of which looked and acted like we could be best friends. I really had a great time and after what was a lack luster tour for me personally, last night really reminded me of why I love this band. standouts of Ghost, Reba, Tube, Wolfmans. Trey didnt miss a note all night. If you like 1.0 type shows this one was smoking!!!!
, attached to 2016-07-23

Review by Gooner

Gooner I had a blast at this show. I've been wanting a Jammed out Tube and 2001 and they finally delivered. Farmhouse opener was a little scary, but the ghost that followed was just great. Reminded me of the BGCA ghost which was another terrific ghost, probably the best of tour. I've been waiting for a Reba since starting tour at the gorge, and this one was played very well.

Honestly, I just don't understand how that brains guy who reviewed on this show too can be so negative. No highlights at a show??? What the hell. Like what more do you want, dude? The ghost and wolfmans were great jams, with the Cali love quotes and teases in wolfmans were a solid addition to that song. WOTC is always a great closer to a set.. Hood peaked well and was played nicely .The jammed out tube- highlight of the show next to the... 2001, also jammed out, as a second sat opener. Did they do a 20 min epic jam tonight??? No, but fuck, not every show needs one to be a solid show.

did the overall tour feel as strong as 2015?? No. But the band is playing well and seem to be having a blast. And that's really all I care about. Keep seeing them while you can, they won't be around forever.

And seeing phish, even at a bad show like the forum, is still a special experience. I'll gladly take a bad show like that over them not touring at all.

Sorry to bitch about someone's review but god... The negativity of some people is just so frustrating.

4/5 or maybe close to 4.5/5
, attached to 2016-07-23

Review by thumpasaurus

thumpasaurus I dont see how an objective review can be made without actually being at the show. I look at every concert (last night was #94) as an individual creation, existential in its own right. To compare shows and tours is just a bunch of semantic jargon that is tedious and unnecessary. A Phish show to me is something that is not quantifiable. No matter how hard you try to disect it with fluffy word matter, in the end it is nothing but an ethereal existential experience.
For every single person there, I can safely say we all had the time of our lives. There was such a serenity present being amongst so many beautiful people. This is how I calculate a show, by its beauty. For beauty is the gage in which all art should be judged, not boring metrics.
, attached to 2016-07-23

Review by Feetoid

Feetoid This was a killer show. I was in the lawn and the initial stunning sound and look of the place kinda reminded me of a show at Deer Creek. The low attendance factor on the other hand was reminiscent of Usana Amphitheater '03. That said the last time I was here in '14, dead center right behind the pit, never setting foot on the lawn; it was like I was at a completely different venue now. Looking back on both, I liked this lawn experience better. Perfect mellow slope, great view, sound and vibe.

Being originally from the midwest (I attended Farm Aid '98 and many a show in "Farmland") the opener was a little weird for me in a land of palm trees and no farms but it was well played. 555 heated things up. It's dark ending seems to be a great vehicle for the band to get warmed up, much like at Wrigley 2. Ghost was one of the best-and longest -1st set renditions I've heard (brought me back to 10/31/14 a little). The Ass Handed that followed (my first live) was when I knew this was gonna be a great show. Big jam already in the 1st quarter, check. A little humor afterwards, check. My favorite band on point, check.

The Sloth was much cleaner than when I saw it last summer at Alpine -which was nice- and the Martian Monster that followed featured some slicker than usual sample triggering from Page imo and great effects from Trey if I'm remembering correctly. Another great song for the band to mess around with and loosen up to. Reba's beautiful jam got me dancing/frolicking all over the lawn without a care in the world. The Ass Handed that followed got me thinking that this was the band's new musical way of saying "we know we just killed it haha". I could be wrong but whatever, at this point I was in heaven. Honestly another Ass Handed after that Tube wouldn't have bothered me cuz it was a juggernaut; best version I can remember seeing live and by now I'm kinda addicted to the big jam> ass handing . Then again I'm kinda insane so I can see why they let the gag go, for now. To me the Wolfman's funk fest > California Love tease felt like a huge fu** you to LA considering this was already a waaaay better show. That and they obviously left "of LA" out of the lyrics being in Chula Vista and all (not sure if I even heard a city quoted). Wotc crushed as the set closer and just like that I felt like I was back at BGCA and as if the Forum had never happened..

2001 was a stunner (I was thinking Pyite). I rarely get an extended version so this was special for me. 46 Days was also unexpected but it was a filthy, dark monster much like BGCA 2's Fuego coming in at set II's #2 spot. Ck5's new light rig seems to really shine at this moment of a show with its slow screen spreading action. Piper was a slow cooker for a change, crushing Sleep Train 2014's version and both it and Twist got me exploring again. I used my buddy's section 204 ticket to go on a solo "get closer to take pictures" mission and just be the dancing social butterfly I am. It sounded/looked great up close- I made some new dancing buddies along the way- but naturally BDTNL had me quickly dancing back to my friends in the lawn. Just like at Wrigley 1, I love this middle/late 2nd set placement. Pure euphoria. Then they took us back into the darkness with Carini, excellent pick guys! Next up is a Hood with an almost 1.0 era caliber peak. I've seen Loving Cup a lot (including festival 8's best ever) but it's gravy at this point so whatever.

Sleeping Monkey was a welcome cool down as I'd been dripping with sweat since Reba and the Ass Handed Tweeprise WITHOUT A TWEEZER EARLIER was just the cherry on top (Festival 8 Mike's without a Weekapaugh came to mind). A new friend now in my lawn crew I'd met at Harrington's Pub post BGCA 3 said something like, "best 3 minutes of your life!" when they started it. I was blasting off my flare copter slingshot like crazy at this moment, perfectly boomerang catching it for a change. Of my 7 shows attended this summer this was my 2nd favorite, barely behind BGCA 2 and just ahead of Wrigley 2. In my top 10 all time for sure. What a blast; tight playing, jams riddled throughout, again great vibes from the crowd, total dance workout, asshanded for sure. F***in juggernaut of a tour closer, 4.5+ out of 5 for sure. I'm sure the low attendance factor will keep it from climbing above 4.3 but whatever. In closing all I've gotta say is that Dick's could get Shafty > Asshanded or some shit at this point so look out!
, attached to 2016-07-23

Review by ThomasFunkyEdison

ThomasFunkyEdison I'd like to start off, for context's sake, by saying that I'm from the east coast and just completed the full west coast run, all the way from The Gorge through Chula Vista. I also made an 18 hour drive (round trip) in 1 day to see the Hartford show a week prior.

I will first start off by giving my honest thoughts about this show in a vacuum, and then provide some overall thoughts about this show in the context of my tour experience.

First Set:
- Farmhouse opener may not be a crowd-favorite, but it's an OK one for this reviewer since, well, I live in a farmhouse. They continue with another mid-tempo song duo in 555 and WITS (the slower version which they seem to have brought back this year). For these first three songs, only about half the crowd had made it to their seats, likely the result of an earlier ticket time on top of an over-bearing, slow-as-molasses bag check line. This may not have had anything to do with the slower song selection but perhaps it did.

- Ghost gets things going a bit, with some good soloing by Trey, similar to BGCA. Now I'll never complain about a Ghost in any position, but it always stings a bit known it wont go much past the 10 minute mark given that it's one of my favorite jam vehicles. Despite staying within Ghost proper, it definitely infused some much-needed energy into the crowd.

- Ass Handed follows. This is classic Phish to the max and without question my favorite of the new songs debuted this summer. It's funny, non-sensical, and has an unexpected riff of power chords at the end. It shows they're still having the same ol' fun they used to have, and if nothing else provides a good minute of smiles for the crowds (I mean, c'mon, it's pretty funny).

- The Sloth and MM continue the set, and keep the energy and dance grooves rolling. The Sloth is a nice treat, not seen by this reviewer since 2011. Martian Monster is probably my favorite post-fuego new song. It has a smooth, driving tempo and Page's work on the clavs always gets me moving. That said, it's curious to me that they've shrunk it down to a mere 4 minutes the last few times theyve played it. I don't think I'm wrong to say that many (most?) of us thought for sure it would be the next jam vehicle, so to continue to see it shortened and in the first set is a little disconcerting.

- Reba follows, and is, well, Reba. Very nice jam to it and the composed section was well-played from what I remember. Ass handed is played again, and it's every bit as good as the first.

- Tube is where the show really got going for me. Like everyone else here, I love the fact that it was finally jammed out a little bit. Trey had some nice stylings on the Supa Puss and all 4 of them brought it out to a really nice peak at the end! Some really wonderful, unexpected stuff right there. Wolfmans continued the energy with some nice funk and some California Love teases. I leaned over to my GF after the first few notes of the tease and said, "I think thats a California Love tease right there." After Trey started singing the lyrics it was pretty clear that my ability to call Phish teases made her underparts tingle just a little. WOTC was a nice way to finish the set.

Overall I think this was one of the stronger sets of tour. It's an odd feeling to put a first set in the conversation, but I guess that's just how this tour was for a lot of us.

Set Two:

- 2001 is a great way to start the set. It's a little bit jammier than most 3.0 versions but still rather tame. Ive come to temper my expectations about ever hearing a 2001 that compares to the stronger 97-99 versions, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I felt that excitement about the prospect last night, given its rare position in the 2.1 slot. Despite staying within the box, this 2001 delivers a solid 10 minutes of boogying before moving on to....

- 46 Days. Always a great rocker to help strengthen the mood. 2015 saw some standout renditions in MPP and Magnaball. This one stays within the box, but rocks out for sure.

- Piper. "OK here we go!" I thought as the intro started to build. Piper featured some wonderful playing by the front man and some great full-band interplay. Around the 10 minute mark it seemed as though they were going to take it deep and finally give us west coast folks some type II delight. Unfortunately it wasn't to be and the band went into a pretty abrupt > into twist.

- Twist again provides an opportunity for some deep space exploration. If it's not evident from my review already, let me say that the reason why I travel so far across the country to see Phish is for the long, deep jams. Sure, I love seeing old friends, meeting new ones, catching some bust outs and new songs. But I can stay within a 100 mile radius of my house and do that. Twist again stays within the box and doesn't quite deliver that *punch* that I've been hoping for this west coast run.

- BDTNL is next, which all but states that this will, for me, be a jam-free summer, which is disappointing to say the least. I do like numberline, but after seeing 23 renditions (most in the second set) it's one that I can do without for a while. It takes me a few minutes to accept the fact that there won't be much type II until 2017 for me, after which I was able to just enjoy being in San Diego surrounded by friends seeing one of the greatest bands alive still kicking it and having fun.

- Carini was carini. It felt too little too late for me as far as this show goes. Generally when I hear those notes I go ballistic, knowing what could possibly come from it. This one again stays well within the box and doesn't quite deliver for me. Well-played, however.

- Hood was *wonderfully* peaked. Loving cup was a good ending to a good summer.

- Monkey > Tweezer Reprise/Ass Handed Reprise was really really really fun. The perfect way to end the summer.

In a vacuum, this show is very solid. It had some great setlist choices, a longer-than-average Tube, California Love teases in Wolfmans. When put in context of this tour as a whole, it was standard-faire, pre-2012 3.0 Phish. At risk of sounding overly negative, this summer was disappointing to me. As far as risk-taking and jamming, this seems to be the first step in the wrong direction since the return. To me it has been a steady increase every year since 2009. Each tour brought something new to the table and the band members seemed to become more comfortable dipping into the ethers. This summer seemed to fall flat in all regards as far as improv and jamming goes.

That's not to say I didn't have an ABSOLUTE BLAST this summer. Phish is playing well, their peaks aren't telegraphed from a mile away, and the setlists were fresh. That said, there were so many shows (I'm looking at you Mann and BGCA3) with weak, weak second sets. For me to *really* get into it, I really do need at least one long-form jam to hang my hat on. Last summer it came on my first night of tour (MPP1) and continued through Magnaball. Shows like MPP2 don't seem as flat when you've just had a show like MPP1. This summer that never really came for me, unfortunately. It was the first time in my relatively short career that my mind wasn't *blown* at least one time. It seemed as though every time they miiiiight attempt some long-form jam it was cut short for something else. There were some definite highlights (SPAC Moma/CDT that I wasn't there for), but I could probably count them on my fingers with a few left over.

That was all said to say this: had there been at least one or two *incredible* jams or shows, a show like last night would have been the cherry on top. However, all things (re)considered, it fell short of what I could have hoped for overall.

I give the show a solid 5.5-6/10.

Thanks for the good times this summer everyone!! Be safe out there.
, attached to 2016-07-23

Review by FIKUS0824

FIKUS0824 Last night was my 175th show and 13th of this tour. THE VIBE was the best I have experienced since Hampton in 2013. Everyone was grinning ear to ear all night long there were 2000 people in the lawn ar best, 90% of which looked and acted like we could be best friends. I really had a great time and after what was a lack luster tour for me personally, last night really reminded me of why I love this band. standouts of Ghost, Reba, Tube, Wolfmans. Trey didnt miss a note all night. If you like 1.0 type shows this one was smoking!!!!
, attached to 2016-07-23

Review by esulkes

esulkes This show was a complete 180 degree turn from the Forum the night before! This was fun-loving funky Phish ready to show some California Love to end this tour! Highlights include Ghost, Wolfman's Brother and my favorite version of Tube I've ever experienced live, and the Hood in set 2. Thank you Phish!
, attached to 2016-07-23

Review by moonofjupiter

moonofjupiter Very underrated. Tour closer. No better closer than tweeprise. And this is the ASSHANDEDTWEEPRISE. The place was rocking. First set was out of control. TUBE went enormous. First time jammed out in a very long time.
Second best Tube jam ever next to 11/2/98.
Reba was lights out. And MM is the best version ever played.
Sloth came as a request from a very close friend.
As did the tube jam.
Second set was full on party rockin phish. Severely pumped up energy.
Easily a 4.6 show. Even 4.64.

The Wolfman shad the place dialed in and sewed up tight. We were like one giant person. All giving together back to the band as they were pouring it out for us.

Best tour closer in a while.
, attached to 2016-07-23

Review by JMart

JMart I'd just like to point out for anyone reading reviews that this Hood really is tremendous. It's probably my favorite Phish song when it's all said and done, and I honestly have to tell you that I'd gotten to the point where I didn't want to hear any 3.0 versions anymore. The jam can seem like, at times, just a bunch of unfocused noise art that never peaks or has any coherent direction. This is not that 3.0 hood. What's played here is patient, melodic, everyone listening to the other. Trey really shines and brings this song to the life-affirming explosion it deserves. This is really the reason I love Phish. Best version in years.
, attached to 2016-07-23

Review by headyburritos

headyburritos This was a great last show to the 2016 Summer Tour. I had pit tickets for the first time ever so that added to the fun time.

We arrived and hung out in lot for a bit, but it was really hot and we wanted to get in for a decent spot so we went in kind of early. The pit was pretty empty when we got in, and much larger than I expected. It turned out to be a good thing we went in early because show time was actually 7pm, not the usual 7:30. As such, Phish came out pretty early and the venue was more than half empty when they started. The lawn looked completely empty and there were still hundreds of open seats in the pavilion. I took that as a good sign that Phish might just throw it down...

The Farmhouse opener wasn't exactly the epitome of 'high energy' but I always enjoy hearing that song. 555 got things rolling and the beautiful slowed down version of Water in the Sky hit the spot for me. When you get a first set Ghost, you know things are shaping up to be good. This Ghost was just as hot as any that were had earlier in the summer, and it got things going for good on this night.

Ass Handed...just hilarious to hear this song again. Smiling and laughing the whole time. My first ever Sloth came next!! So excited to finally get one. Follow that with a nice romp through Martian Monster and this first set is really coming together. Reba is always a crowd pleaser, and even a bit of a breather song for me. I like to slow it down and really fall into the beautiful playing in Reba. Then another time through Ass Handed..they must love this song!

The closing segment of the first set completely rocked. The first jammed out Tube in years followed by a funky California Love-infused Wolfman's. Walls of the Cave never disappoints as a set one closer.

The second set picked up right where the fun first set ended. A rare 2001 opener brought the funky dance party back. They followed it up with a rocking 46 Days and then ran through some nice playing in the Piper-->Carini segment. The Harry Hood was definitely a late set highlight with a really nice build up and peak. Loving Cup closes the set and hints at a fun encore.

Sleeping Monkey is a sign of a great show had by all so that was awesome. Then we get the Tweezer-Ass Handed-Reprise to cap off an extremely fun last night of summer tour. All in all this was a tour highlight for me because of a lot of factors; great venue and weather, great seats, shenanigans in both sets, great jams in both sets. Can't wait for Fall Tour!
, attached to 2016-07-23

Review by dogfaced

dogfaced ADMINS***** QUESTION? Show was awesome as always. when they went back into "ass handed" for like 10 sec I was sure you were gonn mark it as a tease....question is if that counts as its own song and "Jennifer Dances" counted in 14' (literally half a verse and fish saying dont remember the words to the song) Why didnt "In a Hole" count at Dicks in 14'?

Becasue they talked about it and just played the chorus... I just wana know the diffrence between these examples please, Thanks! ( Yes I know its petty , I also use you guys to track my stats and feel I got stiffed on a bust out :) ..)
, attached to 2016-07-23

Review by Whoscounting

Whoscounting One thing I enjoy about the west coast seams to be the chill aspect of go with the phlow. I don't know if it is because of the Dead or what but there is no rush and everyone seams well tenured. When the music starts its a different story. There is still plenty of fire depending on how the bands feel. Last night I think they felt fine. The Farmhouse chill opener was a little scary but now that I look back it was a fine start especially since everyone decides to go in one minute before the band takes the stage. LOL. As far as a review. I am always thankful to see Phish. PERIOD. I am thankful. Unlike some I like Phish no matter what darn form 1,2,3... I enjoy each era for what it is. No comparing etc. I just enjoy. There are shows in every decade that I can put as a 10. Once again just thankful we have the scents and subtle sounds that are PHISH. A show in Beautiful San Diego? How can you go wrong. Everyone was very friendly. Very Phraindly actually. Really enjoyed the scene. Is dope basically legal now. Even as it is not in Ca it appears cops nor the people really give two shits. As it should be. All and all another one under the belt and we went home with a smile. Sucks when its over. Thank goodness for downloads in Apple Lostless sound. As far as the actual music, I must put some headphones on and be analytical in my mind but never to a review as once again, I am thankful the boys play. Have a good week you all. See you at Dick's for a guaranteed great show. Have you been let down yet at Dicks? I bet not.
, attached to 2016-07-23

Review by User_35223_

User_35223_ A quick addendum to my last review for those who seemingly didn't read it in full:

I gave it a positive review (I even called it heartwarming, and because of that I have one less teste), and the score is at -6.

That makes sense.

I guess I have to slit my wrist and give my blood to Trey to not be considered a ''hater'' now, eh?
, attached to 2016-07-23

Review by User_35223_

User_35223_ After last night's show, I frankly didn't have high hopes for this one. Unlike the Forum, which had last year's harbinger of summer 2015 to come going for it, Sleep Train has never really churned anything but OK and adequate gigs



Farmhouse opener, Ass Handed, which was repeatedly quoted throughout the night, Ghost's first appearance since it gave me face cancer at BGCA and WoTC to close out the Set


2001 started, which had a great groove going as it kicked off, before heading into the usual 2001 theme. I wouldn't have minded if they kept going with just what they had; only using the drumbeat from 2001 as a starting point, but it did it's thing before 46 Days, which had some tension for heading back into the chorus, followed by a damn fine and searing Trey solo.

Piper followed, and started off with some assured soloing from Trey, which steadily grows more loopy and weird, before at Page's insistence, the jam becomes more melodic and speeds up. Then Page moves over to the organ and the jam briefly soars before skidding into more rhythmic and funky territory, before Trey plays the riff to Twist, which, for much of it's duration, is very restless almost to the point of being unfocused before Page and Trey's great harmonic interplay emerges during it's last minute or so before they go back into the Twist theme.

Backwards Down the Number Line was next, and as much as I like it, it's an indicator of the Fourth Quarter (or as the last show called it, the entire show) and it always feels a little dull compared to the studio incarnation. Carini was next and it felt... I don't even know how to put my finger on it. I suppose, clumsy might be the word? The composed part was fine, but the jam section just felt off and everyone seemed a tad out of sync.

Hood is probably the best of this show, and it has an excellent peak and a fine build up. It's Hood, but it gets the job done, as does Loving Cup, which closed the set.

Page's favorite song, Sleeping Monkey, was the encore, and began with some musings from Trey about how much they enjoyed themselves and how much fun the tour was, and if there's one thing that elevates the show it's how fun it is, what with the Ass Handed quotes, but also how unabashedly sincere it is as the last show of the tour. That said, while my webcast broke during the start of Sleeping Monkey (thanks nugs), It seems that during the SBD (whether this is in jest or not), it seems Mike shed a tear or two or at least got a tad emotional after Trey's speech, which was oddly touching.

It shows just how much these four mean to each other and how much they value their time together, and while I've often railed against people judging shows notwithstanding the music but just how much fun they had or by some other moronic metric so as to avoid talking about the music, this really does bumps the show up a notch, like Trey dancing in YEM did during last night's abomination of a ''show''.

Anyway, Tweezer Reprise ( I don't get it either, but it's called ''Ass Handed Reprise'' on the LP Release, so maybe it's like the aftermath of the 12/31/99 Sand is Quadraphonic Toppling, where despite the music being completely different from Toppling it's marked it because of the quotes) closes the show and...

They really tried in that second set, but it just wasn't their night. But, at least they tried, unlike last night, now my mortal enemy, and there were some good bits here and there, like the Hood and of course, the unabashed show of camaraderie at the start of and during Sleeping Monkey, and that oddly counts for a lot.

HIGHLIGHTS: Frankly none. The Hood maybe, but that'd be stretching it. The Piper, Twist and Carini jams tried, but ultimately went nowhere.

SCORE:3 - 3.5/5
, attached to 2016-07-23

Review by Yeahnewphishblows

Yeahnewphishblows Yeah wtf?!?! I'm sorry but new phish especially this year FUCKING SUCKS!! I did a fraction of the drugs I do now in the late 90's cuz I didn't have too!! Trey playing these little mini riffs all night, like some wrote out shit!! DUDE!! if you were playing this back in the day you wouldn't have become the band you are now!!! BULLSHIT!!! Step it up or bounce!! Characrteur of yourself is EXACTLY what you've become. Bravo. So everyone pay $300 a ticket for Halloween to hear trey play power chords and Paige do that plinko BS ALL NIGHT YAY.
, attached to 2016-07-23

Review by piper1011

piper1011 What's ultimately sad about this show and this tour is that a show like last night's gets a 4.3 and a show like Brooklyn '04 gets a 4.0, as if that show is even in the same planetary system (if not universe) as this one.

Chalk it up to 3.0 v 2.0 as you like, but all that means is 2.0 > 3.0. I think people are afraid to admit a band in decline. But that's just a fact of life. Michael Jordan doesn't play in the nba anymore and that's the way it is. Phish will always be a good time (I hope), but the phish community in fighting over any negative critique of the playing or the band is like arguing over whether tiger's golf game is what it used to be.

Doing so doesn't diminish the incredible legendary accomplishments, and I fully appreciate the yearning for the past, but at some point you just need to call a spade a spade and accept reality. The reviewer of this show does that, and that's why it's a good and honest review (though not nearly as bling as this post, admittedly).
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