This show was night two of Phish's Baker's Dozen run at Madison Square Garden and consisted of a Strawberry donut theme. Strawberry donuts were given to fans arriving at the venue and the show featured the Phish debuts of Strawberry Fields Forever and Strawberry Letter 23. Moma Dance was unfinished. Trey teased Pictures of Matchstick Men in the first DWD. I Always Wanted It This Way featured Trey on the Marimba Lumina. All of These Dreams was last played on October 26, 2010 (251 shows). Mike teased Dave's Energy Guide in Split Open and Melt.
Pictures of Matchstick Men tease in Down with Disease, Dave's Energy Guide tease in Split Open and Melt
Debut Years (Average: 1997)

This show was part of the "2017 Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2017-07-22

Review by fhqwhgads

fhqwhgads I will venture the opinion that this show borders on epic. You got your Phish debuts (Strawberry Fields Forever a cappella, and Strawberry Letter 23) matching the "theme" of the night. You got a Type-II The Moma Dance... in the first set! Breath and Burning also takes a bit of a jam, and I think it was placed well after the big Moma, bringing me to my next point: placement/song choice. Mound makes an appearance, you get a Foam, and The Squirming Coil closes Set I (a placement for Coil that's unusual, and reminds the cognoscenti of The Great Went, I daresay?) Then there's another big jam in Down with Disease to open the second, and though its placement is routine, the jam is inspired enough to carry it. Then I Always Wanted It This Way appears in the second set, as does Split Open and Melt: both songs which have as of late typically appear as first-setters. Penultimately in this show's favor, DWD is reprised/finished between SOAM and Shine a Light! Finally, the song choice in the encore is unpredictably amazing, with what I feel is a slightly tighter take on Peaches en Regalia than Dayton's, then Cities, and finally My Sweet One (with an huge "pause," to boot!) I have to rate this show a 4 out of 5, and I definitely feel like the first set is the best so far this summer. It's almost as if we stepped into yesterday for three hours, with big jams in both the first and second sets, and the concept of "quarters" negligible, but with a decidedly hopeful 3.0 spin on things. I may have the CHImple as my best jam of the year, but this show is the all-around best show so far, IMO.
, attached to 2017-07-22

Review by david_bowie

david_bowie Attended these first 3 shows and couldn't be happier. If you are reading this and live within striking distance of NYC, get yourself a ticket ASAP! You won't regret it.

Saturday night was the best show of the weekend. All of them were tremendously enjoyable with the bust outs, doughnut references and solo tunes, but this one had me reeling from start to finish. I love a first set jam, which we got with Moma, but it seemed like every song before halftime was stretched out and played brilliantly. Second set tore the roof of the mutha. The dark and dirty melt took me to the brink of madness and the disease reprise made me jump for joy. Shine a light to keep the euphoria rolling and then a 3 song encore. Peaches was flubtastic, haters! I don't see how you could give this bad boy anything less than 4 stars. I'd give it 4.5 stars if I could.

When you think about what these guys are doing, playing 13 semi-themed shows with no repeats (it is obvious at this point given the song selection), it is fucking incredible. I also love the fact that every bar and restaurant within a 3 block radius of the Garden is catering to phans with specials and phish heavy playlists. It's not just the band who is in residence for 2 plus weeks. Had a great experience and it really sucks to be back at work today. : (
, attached to 2017-07-22

Review by Laudanum

Laudanum Many of the jams from the tour to date have featured a section or two of laconic, almost dream-like playing, akin to the relaxed egolessness previously relegated in the modern era to soundchecks. The jams from this show are no exception.

This Disease will likely be overlooked, if only for the prevalence of great DWDs lately (such as Dayton), but it shouldn't be. The aforementioned dreaminess borders on the spooky here, with foreboding lines from Mike and fearful ambience from Page. Trey eventually layers over a dark theme, and MSG is treated to a walk through the edges of Mirkwood.

I've already heard the ending section described as a bliss jam, and I've got to say I disagree. It's a triumphant jam, and moreover, a statement of intent. This is the band trying on the outfit of residence/Vegas act and discovering they like the fit. Love it or hate it, welcome to the likely future of Phish.
, attached to 2017-07-22

Review by Campster

Campster This show is the highest rated of the first three, but is perhaps my least favorite! (testament to the quality of these shows)

Set I opens with an a cappella Strawberry fields Forever. Nice. Predictable, but awesome.

A short and sweet Halley's doubled down on the thick strawberry goo theme.

They dropped into Moma, which didn't waste any time in asserting itself as an atypical take. This one was long and moved around quite a bit. Really good jamming, without perhaps a signature moment, made this 17 minute monster a clear winner in the set. I thought it hit on a bunch of cool segments and was an amazing statement of intent, much like the previous night's Timber. Without finishing the song, they dropped into Breath and Burning.

I've caught it before and expected a predictable romp after the deep Moma. Well I was happily wrong as this jam immediately moved outside the box and gave yet another fine experimental jam within the first 4 songs!

Funky Bitch was a great call and the energy in the room just ratcheted up. Saturday night party time.

Mound followed and was a pretty solid version.

The opening notes of Foam were a joy to hear, alas, much of the song was not well played. That said, it was awesome to hear this tune, which seldom pops up these days.

Roggae was the best peak of the set (and I've seen some great versions at Hampton 13, MPP, and Magnaball). This was one of the cleanest and finest peaks I've seen Trey hit in a while. Tremendous trills! Wowzer.

Squirming Coil was a great closer and I thought was well played and had a very nice Page outro solo.

Overall, another fantastic set I, Moma>B&B and Roggae were all very noteworthy takes. Jamming in set I continues!

Set II opened with DWD, which was a nice albeit common opener. This version had a good long jam and lasted nearly 20 minutes and sure was fun! Definitely a great version and not to be overlooked. This version was a sublime showcase for the CK5 tapestry.

Strawberry Letter 23 returned us to the theme, and was a pretty fun little choice. I thought it had a nice noise jam, much like A Day in the Life carries.

BOAF was up next and I was hoping for a good long version. This one was short though. Certainly fine and fun with some more crisp soloing, but nothing to notable.

I Always Wanted it This Way is not really my cup of tea as it's a bit electronic/EDM for me. If you like this tune and those types of jams though, this version will please you. It had a Marimba Lumina jam and was certainly a danceable time.

All of These Dreams was a real treat (probably had some grumbling for a slowdown). I loved it.

Melt was my favorite moment of the night. This one was crazy! Dark and dissonant. I thought it was fantastic (and really brought the edge back to the set). Great lighting and generally just awesome playing. I thought they hit the drop back into Melt proper at the end pretty nicely too!

Well Trey got an idea to simply dive full speed into the DWD riff out of nowhere. At the time I sort of though it was a lazy move, but within seconds I let that thought go and just enjoyed that they could turn on a dime like that. They played a decent little jam too, without simply driving back into the chorus and everyone was feeling fine. Awesome.

Shine a Light was nice and I love exile. It was a good conclusion.

The encore was pretty special. Peaches (poorly played) was a nice treat, Cities was excellent and My Sweet One was just a bonus.

Overall, it was another great show with plenty of highlights throughout. These shows are all easily top draw stuff for the era. Set I jamming is real and it's back!! Grab the MOMA, B&B & Roggae; DWD, I Always Wanted (if you like it) & Melt>DWD
, attached to 2017-07-22

Review by weekapaug4398

weekapaug4398 This show was so much fun from the beginning to the end. Amazing Moma....Foam(!!!!!), Roggae and Coil were all beautiful. DWD was jammed out nicely and the rest of the set was a lot of fun up too when the Dwd reprise blew it up!! Rochester 97 style!!! Encore was a lot of fun with Peaches coming around again and Cities is always fun as hell!!! Great show, great people, great fun!!! Thank you badger!!! Thank you people on the floor in front of mike, it was an awesome time!!!
, attached to 2017-07-22

Review by MrPalmers1000DollarQ

MrPalmers1000DollarQ Figured since today is 2/22/22 on Tuesday, I'd come back to the Baker's Dozen run to review Night 2. On paper, this is a pretty sweet (pun unintentional) setlist from top to bottom. I found the jams to be slightly more interesting in comparison to Coconut Donut N1 and thought the band was playing a bit more solidly.

Setlist Thoughts
- Strawberry Fields Forever is my favorite Beatles tune, so I was super excited to see this as the opener. How trippy is Phish gonna hit this psychedelic tune???...and then the vocals kicked in. Love this a cappella arrangement.
- Halley's Comet continues the appropriate strawberry vocal themes, but doesn't offer much in the way of jam material. Instead, the band decides to stretch out the Moma Dance with a version only four seconds shy of the record. The main jam segment turns dark around 9:30 and then fizzles to a calm, somewhat aimless groove for a few minutes. The band kicks back in the energy with a minute to spare and builds to a nice finish.
- I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Breath and Burning here. The song itself is not phenomenal, but I think this served the setlist very nicely with some easy listening dance jam, a lot of great Page, and plenty of bouncing bass from Mike.
- Funky Bitch gives Trey an easy underhand pitch platform to knock it out of the park, and he takes the bait. Lots of great soloing here, and Mike's vocals sound great this deep into 3.0. Mike continues to hold the spotlight with the rarity that is Mound.
- Foam is played slower than it was in its prime, but that's okay because the boys do pretty well through the complex composition. Page and Trey's solos don't build in energy as much as I'd like, but they play beautifully nonetheless.
- Roggae reaches an awesomely energetic level with several minutes still on the board, which makes for some awesome peaking across all four members of the band. Mike's bass is especially sweet on this one.
- Squirming Coil closes out Set 1 with Page really digging into the keys at moments. Fantastic alternating between what sounds like a carefully crafted score and something you might expect from the piano man at the blues bar.
- Down with Disease gets a nice long jam tied to its tail (to be revisited later), and the final peaks that Trey drives are pretty sweet. Surprised this one isn't on the jam charts, but I suppose its due to the lingering stretches of less compelling playing that make up a lot of the performance.
- TIL Strawberry Letter 23 was debuted at Baker's Dozen! Always thought this one went further back. Very glad to see it introduced to the repertoire here, as I think it's a great tune for this band. The inaugural performance is played pretty well considering they've worked it in during a 13-night-no-repeats run. The breakdown section into the synth-laden drone is done super well.
- Birds of a Feather gets a nice short Type I jam treatment. Fishman is great on the drums throughout Trey's solo, and Page keeps the energy alive on the piano very well.
- Perhaps an unpopular opinion among some crowds, but I love I Always Wanted It This Way as a jam vehicle. As one of the more unique 3.0 Phish tunes (thanks, Page), it inspires a new type of jamming from the band. Page's synth play is complemented with plenty of marimba lumina and percussion play from Trey/Fish. Admittedly a bit aimless, but I think it's a nice reprieve from the typical Phish jams.
- All of These Dreams is such a beautiful cooldown tune. No bathroom breaks from me. Page's piano solo is serenely patient and careful.
- I really dug this Split Open and Melt (though was surprised it wasn't included on jam-filled or boston creme night given the title's imagery). I tend to use the word "cacophony" (or its derivatives) a lot when describing SOaM jams, but that's just because that's what it is. Trey's pretty awesome at carrying that heavy, brooding energy with the reverse delay pedal on this one.
- Pretty surprised that Trey took this back to DwD considering the earlier performance's finality, but hey I'll take it. Really just a continued Type I jam that finishes the track. Then onto a standard Shine a Light to finish Set 2.
- The song choices in this encore makes it seems like they had a few leftover songs that vaguely related to donuts or desserts but didn't directly fit into any one night (no peach donuts, unfortunately). I'll take it though, as I love Peaches en Regalia a lot and thought that My Sweet One was played super well. I was surprised that Cities was reserved as a shorter encore tune given its usual status as a nice jam vehicle, but I suppose that's what happens when you play this many unique songs in one run.
, attached to 2017-07-22

Review by themayor

themayor Hello all, I am a new phan as of a year ago. The last few weeks I have really been getting HEAVILY into Phish. But for the past year I have on and off been enjoying their shows. But I keep a journey spreadsheet of all the shows I've listened to. I am currently on an expedition through the Baker's Dozen. Now I am onto N2.
Strawberry Fields by The Beatles to set the theme for the night. Acapella, and really cool.

Truly starting off with Halley's which was relatively short, before >Moma

>Moma from Halley's which goes deep and ethereal. nearly 18 minutes of Moma. Yeah this goes deep.

Breath and Burning was a 10 minute slick track. Laid back but fun and upbeat jam.

Funky Bitch went for it, and that was great.

Mound didn't stand out too much, but that's okay, because...

Roggae shines here very hard. Chill and grooving jam that hits on all of the high points of the composition.

Coil set closer starts off with a strong composed section. Page goes into a beautiful improv piano portion, which transitions into a jazzy upbeat section, before a brooding and hopeful third portion. It was a beautiful set 1 closer for a nice relaxing set one.

Set II opens with Down With Disease. Right out of the gate, they are hitting those fuckin stings hard. It is obvious that this DwD is going to GO IN. The retrospective look at the nearly 19 minute length confirms that. (Hi I'm back after zoning out into space during that DwD jam. It was spectacular).

> Strawberry Number 23 cover of Shuggie Otis. It is a fun cover that sets again the theme of the night. It goes into a crazy ethereal experimental jam section, before shooting back into its groove/composed section.

BOAF went hard. Fast and furious. Great tune that always rocks.

I Always Wanted it This Way is a newer track that features a lot of electronic bells and whistles. It was pretty smooth towards the end. This seemed like the logical way to go for this part of the set, because that DwD was furious, and they tore it open.

All of These Dreams was one I am unfamiliar with, but its a nice song.

Picking it up again, we get SOAMelt. A fun and funky one that went right into

DwD Jam. It was awesome.

Shine a Light was a nice way to end off the set.

Peaches, Cities and MSO made up the Encore. Peaches had nice jamming, Cities was fun as always, and MSO was a sweet way to end the second night.

Overall. Again, this show isn't spectacular or anything close to one of their best, but it gets the damn job done with a ton of great material. No one could complain here.
, attached to 2017-07-22

Review by NMNML

NMNML Well due to a medical emergency I had to cancel my trip to MSG for the first weekend of Baker's, needless to say Couch Tour is always a great option.

Set 1 was one of the most well played sets I have heard in quite a while with some extended jams, great song placement, and a catchy debut to boot.

The theme was the strawberry doughnut in which the boys started the show with an interesting acapella of Strawberry Fields Forever. I feel like Trey's voice has been off as of late, like he is getting over an illness, it didn't stop the crowd and myself from having an ear to ear grin though.

Highlight of the set for me were the extended Moma that was one of my favorite jams of 2017. It went from the standard and keep building onto itself layer after layer into some groovy, spacey, rocky mash up of goodness. B&B, which I actually don't mind if placed well had a nice extension keeping along the same lines as moma and is probably the best version played to date. Funky Bitch had some soaring soloing from Trey, a better version than the standard. Mound and Foam were well played for 2017 and had me gitty. Another highlight was the Roggae that had a nice extension like most as of late and was played well, definitively worth a second listen. Phish's placement and Page's solo for Coil were spot on. Great way to end the set. Page got a bit funky with some ragtime rifts in the solo, which was longer than most.

Set 2 was not as good as the first, however, it did have some highlights.

It began with a short spacey intro into DWD. This version even though started rather standard got some treatment toward the end when the boys tightened it up and we got some soaring rifts from Trey. Kuroda's lights were spot on with the bands tempo energizing the crowd with blinding bursts on his new rig, which by the way is epic. I Always Wanted It This Way had an interesting jam that had me grooving. All of These Dreams was pulled from some bag of old tricks and even though put the brakes on is a nice song to hear. I still cannot figure out if I enjoyed the Melt. It definitely had its purpose with mixed with Kuroda's lighting created the ambiance of dissonance that would have a sober phan tripping all over themself. It deserves a second listen. Than the real highlight of the set occurs when Trey pulls the DWD high peaking rift from nowhere and the crowd goes nuts. They didn't play the composed section, just from the rift into another DWD jam that not as good as the first one was well played and hat the floor at MSG moving like a wave of energy.

The three song Encore is always nice and had some spotty playing by Trey at points. After Cities Trey says goodnight and Fishman was not having it and started the drum rift for My Sweet One. Trey was all grins and followed his lead to end a great Phish show. One that I wish I could have attended.

Page shined in this show as well, he was playing spot on full of energy, and used his new synths perfectly to create texture in some of the extended James.

Looking forward to the rest of this doughnut themed run.
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