Weekapaug included a Stash tease from Trey, quotes from The Birds, and featured Trey on Marimba Lumina and Mike on guitar.
Jam Chart Versions
The Birds and Stash quotes in Weekapaug Groove
Debut Years (Average: 1996)

This show was part of the "2014/2015 NYE Run"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2015-01-02

Review by ProfJibboo

ProfJibboo DANG! We need to talk about that second set. Holy cow that was a set for the ages. This second set is a must hear, an absolute must hear. Holy smokes.

The second set started emphatically and it was clear that the band wanted to send a message: THEY ATTACK! They came out and went on the musical offensive - launching a jamming juggernaut masterpiece that included the best Weekapaug I could remember hearing.

Mike's song started with a brilliant free-style section - intense - with Mike hitting a particularly nice groove from the very moment the jam section began - backed by a cowbell beat courtesy of Fish before Trey chimed in with some a nice laid back groove. This was a Mike's we dream about - where you forget yourself - forget where you are and just jam out. It ended naturally but criminally soon, but all is forgiven because it gave way to a sublimely powerful 46 Days - the most unique we've heard in years - the first time ever that 46 Days has followed Mike's Song. Page particularly sunk his teeth in to the introductory verse before the song dove into Type II territory (even building to a Manteca tease) - before giving way to Weekapaug in a three-song Mike's Groove that arguably blew Ghost/Theme/Cities from NYE away - as well as almost anything from 2014 - and that is no knockBon 2014 at all but a testament to the strength of this Mike's Groove. Again, Page and Mike just got down and dirty into Weekapaug while Trey kept laying out incredible lick after lick...starting simply and growing more and more intense to the point of the mind melting we all so long for and cherish.

And then, still talking Weekapaug here, came the Woo's - love them or hate them - it was clear during the ultra-funked up Weekapaug ending that Trey was calling for them. And the audience gave them. And the smile on Trey's face was priceless. One could be forgiven if they believed Weekapaug was coming to an end when they reached the refrain after a nice jam....but that was just the start of a musical excursion that would take us on a trip to Type II on the backend of a Weekapaug like we haven't seen before - then came "The Attacks" - then came Trey
over to join Fishman at the drum set to play the Marimba Lumina asBMike slid over to center stage and switched to lead guitar. By the time Trey picked up his guitar again ----- about 40 minutes into the set - the crowd was as pumped as its ever been. The music was reverberating off the walls of my living room - one could only imagine the utter electricity in the room. A must-hear sequence.

The Phish Attack Offensive didn't end with Weekapaug. After a quick moment to catch their breath, the opening notes of Fuego sounded. So few songs have captured the hearts of so many as rapidly as this song
has. As was the case all summer tour, the moment this song starts, the energy in the room climbs to 11. The audience wants to sing along, the embrace the lyrics as their own - and they are a fitting lyrical tribute to the momentum of the set - "we keep it rolling" - rolling all the way to a patient (a theme of the set) slow build ending that leads into to a picture perfect setup into one of the more upbeat Slave's I can remember (thats the third song I'm saying that about this set - which speaks volumes about the set). Slave, normally a tranquil and serene end to a night was far more than that tonight. Tonight it seized its mid-set home and threw down an almost cheerful...downright blissful...Slave. This was a victory Slave - an ode to the triumph that was this second set. The ending was as electric as Slave gets....and then the power just kept going...

2001 started off with a nice, slow, Page-lead build - again backed by the cowbell and some MVP drumming Fish as Trey slowly, patiently, built up to the 2001 theme line. Seriously, go back and re-listen to this set and pay close attention to Fishman he is absolutely amazing tonight. The funk on this version was off the charts and the ultimate punctuation on a set that will long be finding play on by stereos.

If the show were to have ended here...or even after Slave - I don't think you'd have heard one complaint from anyone - but the band had another trick up its sleeve - Walls of the Cave - more cowbell! FIshman killed it tonight, absolutely killed it. This truly underrated Phish classic killed it - making its first second-set closer appearance since Dick's 2011. It was the second victory dance of the night as Machine Gun Trey came out to absolutely nail it, with the precision we all dream about - ripping whats left of our melted feet apart.

Going back, because its just a distant memory after that second set that could very well be among the best I ever heard - and I was webcasting - the first set was a standard but solid start to the night - with two distinct parts - starting off very powerfully with funk and energy before taking a turn for what I would term as "danceable mellow" - focusing on songs that are best described as "chill," or "easy going" - tempting for your muscles to move to, but absent of jams and intense peaks.

Trey's playing well but vocally he isn't quite there, still definitely sounding like he's got laryngitis or some sort of cold, so - like last night - they tended away from Trey's more vocally strenuous songs with one exception: Free. Free is a great show opener - uplifting - almost therapeutic - and this time was no exception, with a very deep, bass-heavy take on the song. It was clear that Trey's voice was still not quite strong enough for it, with Trey noticeable backing away from the mic for some of the high notes - but he was still clearly stronger than last night and his playing more than made up for the singing.

Trey's strong playing was on display for the first few songs - with a little something extra behind a Moma Dance that kept the funky vibe going. Mike found a particularly nice groove early before they kicked the energy up to what was probably the set's energy peak with a concise but funky Possum. Roggae calmed it down and began the transition to mellow set though Trey did a masterful job adding subtle tiny notes in the groove that are worth going back for another listen. Again, it is worth repeating that Trey was really, "popping" for lack of better word - his playing had a vibrancy throughout that was missing from much of fall tour.

Stash was compact but well played, a little more relaxed from the intensity we saw on summer tour - and a Stash that never quite peaked and Get Back on the Train provided some great head bobbing and easily danceable beats before a random back to back to back grouping of Sugar Shack, the Line and Ocelot (also a much tamer, laid back version than we are accustomed to of late - but at points felt like a Grateful Dead song tonight) fully ushered in the mellow vibe that would close the set before the king of mellow beauty, Squirming Coil and the Page walk off solo, took it home.

The unlikely combo of Sleeping Monkey and Rocky Top ended us on a fun note.

Overall a standard first set, but a second set that we will be appreciating for a long long time to come. One for the ages and a must hear.
, attached to 2015-01-02

Review by Slewfoot

Slewfoot Wow. Wow. Wow. The boys brought it tonight with a second set that is an absolute must hear. The setlist looks excellent enough on paper, but the performance took it to another level.

The first set started out very similar to the night before with two song openers and then the third song normally being a set closer. Great energy and a great way to get the crowd engaged from the beginning. The set was solid all the way through except for a few Trey flubs in The Line. It didn't have much improvisation, but very nice song choices with a good all around vibe.

The second set? Not sure where to start. Any Mike's set opener is a welcome treat. As soon as the jam kicked in things began to get thick and deep. A big fat groove was laid down by Mike and Fish with Trey and Page dancing all around it. The 46 Days that followed was amped up and ready to go. This is one of those songs that seems to work well in any slot. As the song was winding down Trey started chopping away signifying that this was no normal version. After a few minutes I said to my friend Jeff that "46 Days has left the building!" An upbeat funk jam kept the party going with everyone in the room seeming to catch on. You had to wonder if they would take it further and further, but just as that thought enters your mind Fishman starts the drumming for Weekapaug. It was a bit startling for a moment, but all was quickly forgiven. The boys kept pushing this version into new territories with the first half being 90's style jamming before quickly jumping into 2015.

What ensued next was some of the most unique music I've heard them do and will undoubtedly be discussed and disected for years to come in Phish lore. As the music was becoming funkier and darker Trey moved over to Fish's Marimba Lumina with a huge grin on his face the entire time. Page started throwing out some dense notes at which point Mike perhaps thought they were bass-y enough where he could do something else. He then picked up Trey's guitar for some reverberating, dissonant, punctuating notes and chords. The jam had such incredible texture. Sometimes Mike's guitar would start to get out there, but Trey and Fish held tight to their pocket and never let it go. Picture this Summer's Chicago Scent of a Mule mixed with Phish Funk mixed with the band Rush and you'll have an idea of what this sounded like. Eventually they had to let it go and as they all returned to their instruments I thought, "they should go back into Weekapaug" which is exactly what they did to put the finishing stamp on tbis epic version. Surely one of the finest Weekapaug's they've ever done.

A welcome Fuego came next with a few minutes of extended improv that stayed close to the song structure itself. The Slave that followed was tremendous (have they ever played a bad one?). I have a feeling this Slave will get overlooked when people discuss this show which would be a disservice. It was tight and concise with a peak for the ages. Trey shredded for the last minute and half of the song that brought to mind a Morning Dew and I don't use that term lightly. Fantastic. The 2001 was the perfect choice to get the groove flowing again. This song never disappoints and is always one of Kuroda's finer moments. They nailed the peaks and I thought that was going to end the set, but the band felt differently playing an immense Walls of the Cave. Unnecessary at that point, but they nailed every change and peak to such an extent that your jaw hit the floor. Whew! The Sleeping Monkey>Rocky Top encore had a wonderful celebratory feel and brought me back to 8-13-96 Deer Creek which is one of my favorite shows ever attended.

In summary, get this show. While I haven't heard them all, this and Merriweather night 2 are probably my favorites in recent years. Time will tell how it holds up, but right now it feels pretty damn epic. Thanks, boys!
, attached to 2015-01-02

Review by jadedforbin

jadedforbin Set I begins with high energy but very standard-nothing special versions of Free, Moma, and Possum. Trey found his groove somewhere in the Stash, then played Sugar Shack the best I have ever heard him play it...seriously, THIS is what everyone was talking about during the break. He killed it. Emotional but standard Coil closed the first...

...but you know you're here to read about the Set II, which was simultaneously remarkable, high energy, and even unbelievable at times. A Mike's Song set opener is always special, even in 3.0, when Mike's generally doesn't go as far out as it once seemed to do everytime. I wanted them to drop into the F jam and space out (everyone did), but instead we got 46 Days. This is not one of the longest versions, but it IS one of the greatest versions ever of the song, entirely groove driven and feels very at home as the "Slipknot" of this Groove.

46 went to outer space in only 10-ish minutes, which then dissolved into MIAMIPAUG GROOVE, a single song performance which belongs with the very best all time versions.

This was my 70th show, dating to 1996, and in all seriousness, without any fluffing whatsoever, I've NEVER seen a better Week...not even kidding, and not even close. Total outer space, Trey goes to Marimba, then Mike goes to guitar, fucking with Trey's delay pedals like I would when I play in a garage with my friends. Absolute alien space-jam / cow-funk version, definitely the highlight of this show and vying for highlight of the entire Miami run until the Disease the following night blew everything up. This MUST be heard. This was followed by the SILKY Fuego > Slave (during which I actually cried tears of joy it sounded so much like the old band I remembered instead of the 09-12 nostalgia act). But then they pushed it even harder with a really nice 2001 and a Walls which Trey absolutely TORE apart every note. Probably the best version I ever saw at only 11 minutes, it is the heat and the tension, compressed, wound up, and released. Wonderful Set.

Though Set I is fairly standard, Set II is godly, absolute must-hear Phish and probably the best Mike's > ? > Groove of 3.0, certainly the best I've seen. Now if we can get them to jam the actual Mike's Song type II again, we'll be set!! :)
, attached to 2015-01-02

Review by FluffheadJulius

FluffheadJulius Clearly the first set was merely the launching pad for an amazingly wonderful second set. Ladies and gentlemen, remember the Miami Weekapaugh! This is on par with your Tahoe Tweezer, Camden Sand, etc.

I noted to my friend that the first set was a "listening" set in that there was no really throwdown funkiness. However, the second set was mind blowing. My knees hurt from dancing -- definitely getting too old for a four-night run. But, buy the ticket, take the ride.

I expect a massive, old-time, blow out tonight for sure. There will be a Sloth, a Reba, and, most importantly, a Fluffhead.
, attached to 2015-01-02

Review by Mike_

Mike_ Ok so this is my first review and first live show. I have couched toured most of the other shows this summer but this is my first live show. First of all WOW!! These guys are good. My friend made me choose between tonight or last night and I chose the second. (Good choice).
The Music:
Free has been a favorite of mine, so I was psyched when I heard it as the opener (which I had called). The Moma, was nice and funky to get the night rolling. The possum was a nice bluegrassy version that had everyone pumped. Roggae wouldn't have been my first choice but it fit as a nice mid set breather before the hot Stash and BOTT. The Sugar Shack was very well executed and had a nice solo from Trey but The Line sounded rushed and sloppy. Then Ocelot, the Joy's The Line, kicked in and had the same effect. The Squirming Coil ended the set with an emotional piece from Page and set up what would be an incredible set 2.
I was excited when I heard Trey play the opening of Mikes because Hydrogen was another one of my favorite songs but the 46 days was languid and hot. The -> to Weekapaug was one of the best I've ever heard. Weekapaug started nice and went into nice type I jamming until it came back to the original melody. Then, before our eyes, Trey left his guitar! He wound his way to the marimba, and we went crazy. From my seat I could see seasoned phans start looking confused. Then, Mike breaks out the guitar and we literally felt the ground shake with his face-melting psychedelia. By the time Fuego started 17 minutes had passed. The Fuego was a little off key but didn't blast off. The slave was when I understood, how after thirty years, people still didn't get old of shows. The whine of trey against the velvet of Page against the sly ease of Mike, it just all fit. Also was a pretty fun, trippy event that gave way to the melancholy of Walls. Monkey -> Rocky top was a fun way to celebrate my first show. All and all, I will see you at Summer tour!
, attached to 2015-01-02

Review by Guelah34

Guelah34 Out of the only four Phish shows I've been to, this ranks my favorite of them all. I was behind the stage for the first time, and had a perfect view of everything. Before the show started I met a guy named Phillip and we became instant friends. We were ready for the show to start.

Free- Good opener, solid playing nothing out of the ordinary here.

Moma Dance- Always a good funk song to get down to, no complaints here.

Possum- More high energy! I know there is a lot of Possum hate, but this song rocks.

Roggae- Finally a chance to catch our breaths. Great placement here.

Stash- Great choice as well. This one didn't stretch out as much as I was hoping, but solid playing all around.

Back On the Train- Really was enjoying the song selection. Another standard version.

Sugar Shack- Was the first song I was not to excited about. But when Trey starts that little riff, it is just such a happy song. Hard not to like this. Made me a Sugar Shack fan after this.

The Line- Probably my least favorite song on the new album. I remember Trey pretending to shoot a basketball before the song. Thought they were talking about the Miami Heat haha. Didn't put the two together until the song started. Duh

Ocelot- Always enjoy Trey's solo on this one.

Squirming Coil- My first Coil! I was amped up for this closer. Leo's solo was longer than usual. I got lost in his piano solo, it was just sublime. Definitely check this one out.

Highlights: Coil.

Set break

I was calling a DWD opener, but it was..

Mike's Song: Okay okay. This one got funky quick. Mike started teasing Martian Monster right as the jam started. Trey was using his new clapper pedal. That thing is pretty sweet. One of the longer Mike's of 3.0.

46 Days: Wasn't really expecting this either. Appreciated the extended jam here. I've always liked this song. Gets the juices flowing.

Weekapaug Groove: This is why we all go to shows isn't it?! Wasn't obviously surprised when this one started. Had no idea what we were about to witness. Trey was shredding this one. After sometime he moves to the Marimba. I had a front row seat being behind the stage to witness this. The smile on Trey's face was priceless. Then all the sudden, Mike switches to the guitar and the place exploded again. Mike was laying down some deep chops. I have never been so excited in my life. Was so lost in this jam. Lost my stuff here. Also loved the "They Attack" teases my Page here.

Fuego: Keeping the energy rolling, not letting up yet. Compared to the versions this summer this one didn't go very deep, but who doesn't love some Fuego? Another great placement IMO.

Slave: Yeah, needed a cool down after all of that. Trey guided us through this one beautifully.

2001: Dance party.

Walls of the Cave: I can dig it. Always down for some Walls. Solid closer.

Sleeping Monkey>Rocky Top: Perfect ending to a outstanding show.

I was so amped after the show, was ready to party until 5 the next morning. Show wore me out there wasn't much left in the tank for the final night.

I unfortunately don't have the opportunity to see Phish very often, and this show made me realize why everyone travels miles upon miles to see these guys. The amount of pure joy I get from this band is truly priceless.
, attached to 2015-01-02

Review by ThomasFunkyEdison

ThomasFunkyEdison Ok cool. Love to see the get creative with WG, lord knows we've been chomping at the bits for one. I'm no jaded vet, but c'mon guys, is EVERY good jam going to be ruined by woos?? I am the first to applaud a great show, and while this one is a very solid one, in this writers opinion it can't even be placed in the upper-echelon all-time shows. Just remember that ONE good jam does not a full show make. I'm glad you had a rockin time, that's what it's all about. And maybe it was your best show you've ever seen, but I think, almost objectively speaking, one can say with confidence that this is clearly NOT one of the best shows of phish's entire career. Have fun tonight!
, attached to 2015-01-02

Review by weewaw

weewaw Third night of four. An above average show. We decided to go back to the seats we had the previous night, which was directly stage right, top tier of the amphitheatre. Not a great view for everything, but there was plenty of dancing space and it wasn't ridiculously hot. The first set has its moments, but doesn't get very exploratory. "Stash" is well played.

Second set, though, is fire, as others can attest. The whole "Mike's Groove" is torching! "46 Days" feels like it has some "Manteca-like" teasing but maybe I just hear that everywhere now... and the "Weekapaug" rotation jam is just awesome. I love that Marimba Lumina! So, right as Weekapaug starts, my friend got way too excited with the jumping and the hootin' and a hollerin' and he tumbled down a few rows. Luckily, nothing was injured too severely, except his pride, and my position within the flow.

"Fuego" is not as fire for me as it is for others, but it has always ended up staying within the lines when I catch it (to date: then and Magnaball). I like the "Slave to the Traffic Light" after, though. and I had never heard "WotC" (or much of anything off that album - did not listen to much 2.0 until more recently) before this show, so I was really surprised to see it as a show-closer. Anyway, the lyrics are all philosphical like and stuff, and it just has a nice fire energy to close a set. Wish it had gotten exploratory, listening to it on repeat, but at the time, I was just enjoying the time.

Encore "sleeping monkey" is home on the range with new lyrics! Conspiracy, I tell ya!!!! And "Rocky Top" which is good ol' fashioned leg-kickin' fun for southerners like me and my friends.

Overall, the first set was solid above-average. The first half of the second set, particularly the Groove, is where it's at, though, if you're looking for the highlights.
, attached to 2015-01-02

Review by ThomasFunkyEdison

ThomasFunkyEdison Natem, that's where opinion comes into play. I went to 19 shows this year and saw maybe 17 shows that I would rather have seen than any of these Miami shows. That doesn't mean I "don't like phish," as you say, it just means that different things turn me on and tune me in than you. I've been to my share of shows that while in the grand scheme of things weren't "top shows," were fun to be at because of the energy. I personally loved SB1 despite popular opinion being vehemently against mine. To say that I don't like phish because I don't find the last 3 nights particularly inspiring isn't a fair thing to say. There have been moments of absolute brilliance this run, but to be honest, it has been a very slow run with very little experiment.

How much fun one has at a show is completely different from how the music is. Again, all opinion. And if you actually knew me, you'd know that it takes *a lot* for me to say anything negative at all about this band, but in MY opinion, it wasn't worth the money to be here. Yes there was a solid 25-30min of good jamming on NYE, yes there was a solid WG last night (but c'mon, the woos fucking suck more than TTE), but it's not the same as even a pre-Randall's or even fall tour phish.

I don't care if they jam, as long as they have a good song selection to make up for it. The line, number line, velvet sea, and caspian are not the songs that I would personally like to hear in place of any legitimate exploration. Again, that's just my personal opinion.
, attached to 2015-01-02

Review by Itch_to_the_nag

Itch_to_the_nag ThomasFunkyEdison - "top phish show ever" is a ridiculous concept and truly idiotic way to view this band. Every show is unique and has a wide variety of factors that can make it great; the sound in the room, light setup, song selection/order, the people who are next to you. Last night WAS a top five 2014 show. The room was jumping the entire second set and there was no fatigue or hangover from where I was sitting. After only playing 60min sets on 1/1 they brought sets tonight that were both 80min +.

The boys were on all night from a tight crisp opener (free) to a funked out 46 days and a mind blowing Paug. This show 2nd set is worth the price of admission. If you are not entertained by this NYE run then you don't like phish.
, attached to 2015-01-02

Review by simplesample

simplesample Miami is getting in the Groove. Nice bounce back show. Cant wait for tonight. Here is what Im hoping for:

First Set: ACDC, Reba> Runaway Jim, Maze, Sparkle> Rift, STFTFP, Devotion to a Dream, Cavern, YEM

Second Set: DWD-> Light ->Sand > Carini > Harry Hood, Suzy Greenberg

Encore: Wombat >First Tube
, attached to 2015-01-02

Review by Pipertheredworm

Pipertheredworm One of the all time greatest shows right here. You must check this one out. Start to finish. Top to bottom. Inside out. This is why we do it. In fucking credible. I live for these kinds of Nights. The energy, the love the jams. Pretty much a religious experience.
, attached to 2015-01-02

Review by toddmanout

toddmanout January 2nd, 2015 was the penultimate night of Phish’s New Years run in Miami, Florida. This was my first time spending NYE (et al) in a warmer clime and I loved it. It was so great to arrive at the show unencumbered by winter coats, mitts, toques, toboggans or snowshoes, and especially nice to walk out of said show feeling no temperature change whatsoever travelling from one side of the venue doors to the other.

My hotel was really close by – just a short stroll along the waterfront to and from the concerts – and with a thirty-storey dancing neon woman projected on one full side of the skyscraping inn it made for a somewhat hip and very identifiable addition to the city’s skyline. Suffice to say it took almost no effort at all to make it to the arena in time to scrounge for free tickets every night* and still have plenty of time to duck into the lot for a pre-show beer or two.

And all of it in t-shirt and shorts! Ah, it was so glorious. Not to mention the plentiful tickets. Hanging outside the venue before the show I scored one ticket for free and when I offered $20 for another one the guy selling it was ecstatic with my offer.

Getting up from our seats at the end of the show (which was pretty great) m’lady and I and our friend were joined by a talkative couple that had been sitting near us. I assumed they were friends of our friend but it turned out they weren’t; they were strangers.

Which was great! Nothing like a post-Phish show cool down lot stroll to turn strangers into friends!

As we were walking out of the venue the couple was relating a story from the previous night, when the people they were hanging out with “took off” on them. “Like, you turned around and they had ditched you?” I asked.

“Yeah,” the girl said, “can you believe it?” I couldn’t. That’s like grade-school stuff. “Why would anyone do that?” she pondered aloud.

“Maybe you guys are just really annoying,” I almost said as a joke, but didn’t.

But you know what? By the time the five of us had crossed the street to the parking lot I was already suspecting that I had unspoken a prophecy. Once we had cruised half the stalls in the small Shakedown it was confirmed: we were in the company of the most annoying couple on tour. They were simply unbearable.

Reaching the end of the lot the three of us turned to head back down another aisle. “Hey you guys,” one of them said, “Our car is just a few blocks over there and we have a cooler full of beers.

“Let’s go hang out at our car and we can have free, cold beers!”

The three of us looked at each other, simultaneously shaking our heads. “No thanks,” I spoke up. “I think we’ll just stick with the lot party.”

“But don’t you want a cold beer?” they implored.

I looked down at the cold two-for-five beer in my hand and gestured towards the lot behind me. “The lot is full of cold beers,” I said incredulously.

“But how about the ladies?” the girls said to me creepily (gosh, I remember it syllable-for-syllable). “The ladies want to come to the car…”

“No,” I said, looking to them for confirmation, “I don’t think they do.

“I’ll tell you what,” I said flatly. “Why don’t you two go and grab yourselves some beers from your trunk and we’ll meet you right back here.”

“No you won’t,” she said, obviously hurt.

“You’ll take off on us.”

And that’s when it dawned on me that this happens to them all the time. And they clearly don’t know the way out of it. How sad.

They did indeed leave to get themselves beers and we did indeed stick around that area of the lot (for a while at least), but we never did see them again.

And whenever I think of that couple I can only imagine the trail of stories identical to this one that they leave behind them wherever they go. It’s quite a legacy, I suppose.

*Or almost free. M’lady and I paid a total of $100 for tickets over the course of the whole run – an average of $12.50 each – and most of them were in the 100 levels.

, attached to 2015-01-02

Review by IfICould

IfICould Can't say how much I loved this night especially out of the 4 night run. They seemed to understand that the mood, party habits of the crowd. The night before being 1/1/15 was rough for a lot of us. I know everyone in our group stayed up all night (miami) and then eventually took naps a couple hours before the show. I actually went to my seat by myself and hung around more so than raged 1.1.15. But to say the least 1.2.15 myself and the majority of the crowd were fired up and recharged. I love and back on the train as well as sugar shack. The weekapaug was out of this world, or 3.0 and sleeping monkey into rocky top encore, total 90 ' s forgotten treat. What more could a phan need?
, attached to 2015-01-02

Review by Carini710

Carini710 1st set was pretty standard but solid. Mike's>46 Days>Weekapaug was pure heat and prob the best 3 songs of the nite. All the versions were jammed out more than usual. If u listen carefully in the beginning of the Mike's jam, Gordo teases Martian Monster but its brief. Fuego was solid and u can never go wrong w/ a Slave. Love the placement of 2001 late in the set. Walls was rippin as usual. Mailed it home for the encore. Prob the 3rd best set of the run.
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