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, attached to 2023-02-25

Review by Marc0Esquand0las

Marc0Esquand0las Whoa! Looks like we got some seriously grumpy old men in the review section today. Sounds like a lot of disappointment they didn’t get what “they” wanted or expected. Makes me think of my Dad complaining about the food after going on a beautiful vacation somewhere.

Phish is in their 40th year. These setlists are hot. The music sounds great. Let a little light & joy into your dark room of cramped expectations, and you might be surprised to find you enjoying thyself.
, attached to 2023-02-25

Review by chipre

chipre I didn’t attend this show, nor did I stream it. It may have been a dud. It may have been great. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what I think.

Because the music of Phish does not exist in a vacuum.

Song selection, jam lengths, number of “Junta” tunes vs number of “Big Boat” ones…none of that matters if you’re not in a good head space anyway.

At least to me, the experience matters. And my experience will differ from yours. And you know what? That’s okay.

I’ve been to shows that I didn’t enjoy but the rest of the group loved (7/3/00 comes to mind, which, after further review, was a fantastic event). Conversely, I have loved a show or two that was generally panned and criticized harshly (For instance, any “Jibboo” gives me great joy, as does, well, “Joy.”)

I don’t begrudge those who rip these shows. That’s their right and I respect that. But after 40 years - 30 since I boarded the bus - I will choose to enjoy the ride. Even if they play “The Line” and “Brian and Robert” as an encore.

Love to all!
, attached to 2023-02-25

Review by DownWithSteam

DownWithSteam Really do not think this show is as bad as the preliminary ratings and reviews suggest. Did I drool over it? No. Did I enjoy the fk out of it? Yes.

Disease had a good jam, that would be my highlight. Also loved the Jiboo Opener and following No mans. This is probably a show worthy of 3.6 , in my humble opinion. Playing was still pretty solid.
, attached to 2023-02-25

Review by Hippogator

Hippogator What people really don't understand about the Mexico shows is that it's VACATION. For the attendees, for the band. Mexico shows are historically extremely mellow. And that is a beautiful thing. The people there are the people who love and who get it. It is supposed to be chill, mellow, relaxed, no expectations. The jams are always laid back. How the hell can you complain about a Wedge finisher? I love how easy they are taking it. For those in the know, these shows are far outside the bubble of infinite expectations of blood thirsty "phans". They aren't going to pay ultra deep songs or jams, they are there to just chill, play music, and fun. If you don't like it, don't go, but god forbid if the band doesn't do exactly qhat YOU like.
, attached to 2023-02-25

Review by Boozyfuddled

Boozyfuddled Everyone rating this show poorly either ate some bad poolside cevichè or is full of fomo-flavored hateraid. The band is loving it, the crowd is electric., the vibes immaculate. Go listen to the patience in 2001 groove last night, the ruby waves, or the the bliss vamp in blaze on. Then go get some waaah burgers for your order of french cries, and at dinner do something nice for yourself, like have some cheese with your whine.

This incredible event that they put on is so well thought out and such an unique, joyous occasion. If you think anything else you need a new hobby.
, attached to 2023-02-25

Review by DWD_Free

DWD_Free We don’t come to Mexico with any expectations of seeing “the sickest show”. This is a vacation with Phish shows at night. I don’t think anyone here really cares how “good” the show is. It’s all gravy. Beach and pool all day. Food folks and fun with Phish shows at night. Can’t really explain the greatness of this trip to disappointed streamers, but for this Phish Mexico experience to translate, you really have to be there.

Peace and love ⭕️
, attached to 2023-02-25

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1: Gotta Jibboo: Solid jam – has a nice bounce and energy to it like any good GJ should. I like the loops that introduce the jam in this one.

No Men In No Man's Land: Solid, lil’ jam. Upbeat and blissy.

Steam: Standard.

Poor Heart: Standard.

Halley's Comet: Broadway Trey’s vocals are absurd. Nice micro jam ->

Saw It Again: Pretty cool segue!

Theme From the Bottom: Standard. >

Maze: Standard.

About to Run: Standard.

Most Events Aren't Planned: Standard.

SET 2: Down with Disease: composed section is a mess! Vocals are Broadway Trey’d. Ugh. Extremely mellow through almost 17 minutes when Trey decides to actually play guitar. Up until then Fishman was just DESTROYING his kit, that man is in top form apparently after his surgery. No man his age should be able to play this well, but here we are. In the late 18’s Trey decides to just go back to that lazy strumming stuff. Thankfully Fishman is there to pick up the slack and he goes right back to beast mode. I feel like I read a good bit of chatter about how good this jam was. I don’t know about that. I think it’s good enough but certainly not great. Fishman surely was the clear MVP throughout! >

Golden Age: Standard. >

Soul Planet: Standard. >

Runaway Jim: This about the laziest, uninspired version I can recall. >

Light: In the same vein as Runaway Jim, just…boring. ->

Piper: Finally, some energy! This one really rocks out. Again, Fishman is just a huge beast on this one. So fast. >

Also Sprach Zarathustra: Solid jam, patient and slow. Out of sync a bit in places. One spot specifically where it’s real quiet and Trey goes for a peak out of nowhere. >

Say It To Me S.A.N.T.O.S. – Standard.

ENCORE: Fee: Standard.

The Wedge: Standard.

Replay Value/Summary: There is unfortunately nothing I would personally recommend or revisit from this show. It started off well enough with the first two songs. You would have thought they could have harnessed some of the momentum from that great show the night before, but not so much.

Score: 3 out of 5.
, attached to 2023-02-25

Review by zothound

zothound completely agree with the review above. Throughout this run I've been scratching my head at the ratings of 4+ on this site. Not surprised, but still bewildered. I take these runs for what they are, a vacation for the band and the attendees. Phish seems to just "coast along" in Mexico, almost like one long soundcheck or rehearsal. Maybe a nice sunday show tonight
, attached to 2023-02-25

Review by sheikyerbouti

sheikyerbouti Three songs in the double digit territory, and two of those are barely above 10 minutes. Oh, and a The Wedge closer? Miserable. That tells you all you need to know.

Every year people pay thousands and thousands of dollars for these mid shows at an inflated rate. I’m sure everyone on the beach is having a great time, but I felt ripped off just buying the webcast.
, attached to 2023-02-25

Review by AShipToQuebec

AShipToQuebec Glad I didn't spend a fortune to get to these mediocre shows. Pity the band doesn't take risks, or communicate with their fans, even if it's a weird Trey diatribe. No surprises at all, except for a silly Dinner and a Movie, no suspence, obvious Waves/Ruby Waves, Sand, and the biggest cliché of them all, Set 2 DWD opener. Guys... design a special setlist for the people that spent maybe 10% of their annual budget and attended. Do something special, as we've all seen before. Soul Planet? Really? Ugh. This was utterly weak as a show. No interesting segues, no Gamehendge, normal noodle Trey jams, and simply a band that has stopped challenging themselves. Really unfortunate missed opportunity to revive phans. The Wedge as a closer? Yikes.
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