During I Didn't Know, Trey introduced Fish as "The Man Mulcahy." The crowd sang the last verse of I Didn't Know and Fish then asked the crowd to join him in singing Happy Birthday to his daughter, Ella. KDF was unfinished. The third set began with the band on a second stage beneath a funnel-shaped screen suspended from the ceiling. As the band jammed, part of the screen descended and became an hourglass shape surrounding the stage, on which a series of images were projected. As the jam continued and the countdown to midnight approached, the band returned to the main stage.

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This show was part of the "2015/2016 New Year's Run"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2015-12-31

Review by n00b100

n00b100 Set 1: Tight and right, with the band feeling as well-oiled as they did in Bend, making for another fleet (and short!) first set. Wolfman's impresses the most, but the Reba/Walls combo at the end is also a great listen, as is Fish's impromptu and very sweet Happy Birthday singalong.

Set 2: You could practically see the flop sweat forming on brows as the first half passed with little to no improv, but much like 8/22/15 II (or, say, some of Europe '72's second sets), the second half brings the thunder in fine fashion. Kill Devil Falls gets dark and eerie out of the verses, a fog settling over the music like it's 1999, before Trey busts out some plinko and things get weird. It's a very fine version, and the transition into Piper is quite delicate as well (as close to a segue as you can get without being one), with Piper serving as a transition into the last superb Twist of a true HOF year for Twist. Twist seems to be luxuriating in its usual jam, and even heads home at one point, until Trey decides to flip on one of his trusty effects and they worm into a sparse and nasty groove as Fish gets in some woodblock action. Trey goes to the Echoplex as they really dig into the nastiness, then he lands on a nifty chord sequence while Fish turns on the Bunsen burners and the jam really heats up. The resulting sequence is one of truly intense power, a yang to last night's Gin, um, yin, before the band heads home once again and neatly finishes. That's a darn good half-hour plus to close out the set.

Set 3: The band came out a good 20 minutes before midnight, and they amply filled that 20 plus minutes with the NMINML we all hoped was coming ever since its debut. Rather than explore the funk trappings of the song proper as they have every time before, the band immediately dives into a contemplative minor-key zone, Page really stepping up, Mike doing some fine work as well. Things start to get a little foggy and strange, much like the KDF from Set 2, and then Fish snaps into a relaxed late-night beat and we enter Drive-In Jam territory, the band's improv as warm and rich as in that totemic jam. This is just beautiful music, unhurried and unforced, and all the more impressive for being up against the clock. At least a few minutes of it was probably pre-recorded (in order to get the band from "hourglass" to the main stage), but it's hard to argue with the parts that undoubtedly weren't (not to mention the bit that was is just as good).

Auld Lang Syne leads into (what else?) Blaze On, and we go two for two in jammed-out 2015 debuts, with a soaring jam that serves as a nice counterpoint to all the strangeness and darkness from earlier in the show. Carini then steps up and offers another sweet little groove (although Trey and Page seemed to be having a debate about major versus minor keys that was never satisfactorily resolved), and a really nice Bowie that prods and occasionally sheds its boundaries rounds out a superb four-song sequence (5 songs including ALS, I guess). Everything else is fond farewell, but who wants to begrudge them that?

Final thoughts: it wouldn't do to close out a year as incredible as 2015 without another very fine show, and the entire chunk from KDF to Bowie matches some of the best of this peak (?) year. A very happy 2016 to you and yours, and let's hope it's another great one for The Phish From Vermont.
, attached to 2015-12-31

Review by KingDisco

KingDisco I gotta come clean to the net phaithful- typically if I'm only catching one show at a run I pray it will be the best. When it isn't (unless there are some serious 12/28/13 apologists out there) I do everything possible to plead the case for my show.

"I got THE jam, I got THE set." So as I was walking out on 12/30 I felt damn good. I did it. I had a one in four shot and guessed correctly. Then last night happened.

this show is without question better. I understand set ones cant be four 20+ animals but this is how you don't do that but still have a cohesive and fun set of music.

Set two had the same vibe until all hell broke loose. KDF smokes and Piper functions extraordinarily well as almost a sandwich in a big set closing exercise. Twist is exhibit A why phish will always reign supreme in the pigeonholed jamband scene. What they did in 15 mins sounded like what a top tier band would struggle to do in 25 mins. Hell I don't even think 2009/10 phish could ever dream of covering what Twist did in just 15 mins

Oh there's a set three? damn you 12/31 this isn't fair. While I was too preoccupied with what the gag will be they rolled out one of the most patient and ambient jam pieces in nminml's amazing vibe complete with the visual awesomeness. Ho hum- two songs barely six months old have their standout versions back to back, well above average 3.0 Bowie and the party set of early set two brings them home.

Just once won't the boys let me have 24 hours thinking a saw the show of the run?
, attached to 2015-12-31

Review by LucyDarkstar24

LucyDarkstar24 Wow....Phish has delivered a NYE show that will NEVER be forgotten. The energy inside MSG was unforgettable. The crowd was incredibly pumped and this made the already pumped up band waaayy more pumped up. I have never ever seen Trey so happy, enthusiastic, and energetic as he was last night. He was JUMPING around the stage and playing his heart out. I saw a smile on Fishman so big and happy that it gave me goosebumps. Wolfman's Brother was a definitely a noteworthy jam because there are two minutes in the jam where the band strays away from the funk into euphoric ambience that I've never seen in a Wolfman's. Check that out. Reba was wonderful to listen to though it was hard to really listen to the jam because everybody around wouldn't stop talking. Now...what makes this show remarkable was everything that happened from Kill Devil Falls all the way to Bowie. Kill Devil Falls began to touch the same ground it did in Atlanta this summer (7/31) however decided to go past the notes and into space. Trey had multiple loops going with Page messing with the Clavinet. This version is much spacier than 7/31. Piper was sick! Though it wasn't rather long it had an incredible amount of energy that could be seen on Trey's happy and smiling face. He jumped around the stage bending notes and sustaining them giving the crowd utter joy. The jam quieted down into Twist. I had a feeling about this Twist.....they started in the typical Twist fashion but it had a bigger kick to it. They were playing harder and they were listening really well. Towards the end it felt like they were searching for something to work with and it began to die down, until Trey started playing in D. The band heard that Trey wanted to modulate into D so they followed and they got INSPIRED! Suddenly the energy that they were giving to the audience and themselves dwarfed the huge amount of energy that was given in KDF and Piper. They kept playing harder and every note they played was the most inspirational note they've played. I was reminded of the euphoric Caspian jam from Magnaball during this Twist. People were hanging on to every single note. NMINML!!!!!!! WOWOWOW What I saw I will NEVER forget. The band took that song into brand new directions that mimicked the Drive In Jam. The hour glass was amazing the watch. The light show was incredible! Everybody was completely in awe of what they were witnessing. Auld Lang Syne>BLAZE ON. I love how they played that for the first song of 2016. They didn't take into the place they took it at Magnaball but the shear power of that jam was inspiring. Definitely listen to that. Carini was wonderful and had a sick jam. Then came Bowie...they took Bowie to a new place. Instead of just stickin to the normal jam in E, Trey took the band out of that key and into B. This created a wonderful jam that was totally euphoric. Normally Bowie jams are kind of dark and a little scary because of the minor key but since they were in B major it was uplifting to hear that. I was blown away by that Bowie and it MUST BE HEARD. The rest of the set was nice and relaxing. This show was an amazing end to an amazing year. I'm extremely honored to have been able to be at that show. Must Hear Jams: KDF>Piper>Twist, NMINML, Blaze On, Bowie. Definitely check out Wolfman's and ASIHTOS because those were very above average. HAPPY 2016!
, attached to 2015-12-31

Review by TheyStoleMyShoes

TheyStoleMyShoes First set:
-A high quality Moma sets the crowd into immediate dance mode, the Possum that comes in hot right behind it gives us a first taste of Trey's "do i have one more note? no way... YES HERE IT IS!!" style of tension that never fails to excite a crowd, especially when the little pieces of paper they ate before passing through security start kicking in.
-Wolfmans gives us the first taste of the ambient theme for the later evening before kicking into an even greater peak than Possum. My favorite move phish has is when they start in the funk, melt to space, build up through bliss and then peak with a firey rock explosion, this wolfmans does exactly that very well.
-I was shocked to see how short this Birds was when I downloaded the SBD, the solo here really had me twisted up in knots.
-I didnt know how well Fishman could actually play the vacuum, i swear in the middle of this he tries to do an impersonation of 'soaring trey' with his whistle sound over the cactus-page support. Singing the last verse/chorus to the band was a great moment of audience bonding, The Happy birthday that followed may be pushing it, but if you were there it had a surreal feeling that fit the mood of this crazy party.
-I like martian monster, i think it has a lot of potential especially if paired up with Free/bowie/disease. this was a relatively standard reading, but it was a great way to get us back into the groove after the fishman-spectacle.
-Reba was wonderful, ive seen more accurate versions, ive seen bigger peaks, but the pentultimate position in the first set is where this song can really shine.
-Walls can feel a little prefunctory, but i always get a little emotional hearing this song in new york; thinking how many fans never got to see the band past the hiatus.

Second Set:
-The Wedge is a great song, but in the S2s1 slot, it seemed like we were still in the first set. A good version though.
-Wilson: if you cant get excited about wilson, i dont know what youre doing at a phish show.
-ASIHOTS doesnt usually get too deep, but something about its jam always loosens up my brain and gets me prepared for exploratory jamming. I could tell this wasnt gonna be the big one, but we werent far away.
-Im gonnna go out on a limb and call this the finest Yarmouth to date. the Vermont Dub sound is locking in and trey is starting to take this song seriously. though admittedly I was starting to get antsy for the jams.
-KDF dropped and i knew it was on. the following hour and a half of music is Phish as i like it best: deep, long, but efficient. this KDF dives in for a second jam that you just knew was the start of the weird
-I said i was surprised by the timing of Birds, well this Piper even more so. I could tell that the crowd wasnt thrilled with the approach of Twist, but what these guys got done in 6 minutes was truly a craftsmans job.
-Its 2015 still, so you can bet Twist is gonna blow some minds, and this one sure does. exploring all over the place and ending with one of the grandest type II peaks I have witnessed. i would have suspected a slave or hood to end us here, but this twist takes the garden to the mountaintop.

Third Set:
-I cant be objective about this NMINML. My girlfriend and i were standing in the back of GA East so we could have some extra dance space, and all the sudden we are 3 people away from trey. The hourglass experience was truly otherworldly and brought me right back to the Drive-In set. When Phish play in the round, this forceful ambient sound emerges that is unlike any music i have ever heard. I would love to see phish do a stadium tour completely in the round, but beggars cant be choosers.
-the confusion preceding Auld Lang Syne made the burst of music and avalanche of balloons all the more gratifying.
-Blaze on, its hard to miss how literal these two new songs are regarding the state of the band, trey and the fans. its even better when they take these songs to the heights that this one goes. Trey gives us that soaring sound Fish impersonated in the first act.
-Carini doesnt take up much time, but it settles into another great ambient space, the guys have clearly been listening to the Siket disc again, and the transition into bowie reminds me of some of the 2001>bowie/roses>bowie's from yesteryear
-That being said this bowie doesnt slouch, the composed section was very tight and reminded me that despite the ambient emphasis this is 2015 not 2003, and thats a very good thing.
-Horse/silent/BDTNL was almost a guaruntee at that point, and reminded me that this night was going to end at some point, but also made me realize how lucky I was to be standing in what seemed like the center of the world, and to take a moment to appreciate the people (and in particular the person) i was there with.

-After such an impressive, music based 'gag' it was appropriate that they decided to send us home with two straight-up boogie songs. the final opportunity to shake my exhausted body was appreciated, and the reminder to take care of my shoes was wonderful considering that I like many others had snuck bottlecaps/herbs/or other unmentionables into the venue in our shoes.

It wasnt '95, and it wasnt '99, but I think i can say with confidence that this was the greatest New Years of the modern era. As well as a great sign of what is to come for our favorite unpredictable band.
, attached to 2015-12-31

Review by ajcmixer

ajcmixer It had "it". "It" cannot be described by mere words since "it" was and is a feeling. And it felt to me like last night had "it". It felt like 'it" was more, more than the typical NYE show. And "it" was not perfect. But "it" was good enough. My favorite NYE show for this relative newcomer is NYE 2010. But even that show did not have what I felt last night had. And that was "it". I learned a lot at last night's show. And all of 'it" was good.
, attached to 2015-12-31

Review by moonofjupiter

moonofjupiter Four years later I wrote this.
I was, after all there.
This is the first year of a major spectacle in place of a gag. (Next was Petra, the boat, and mercury).
I must say, this is the third or four greatest New Years show of all times.
Only, 93,95 beat it.
Perhaps 13.
Extremely great night. The section from kdf through the end is as good as it gets.
Def listen to this.
First of many gigantic nminml to follow in the next couple years. Same with Blaze on.

5 stars.
, attached to 2015-12-31

Review by Hamphish

Hamphish This show along with 12/30 saw some of the most interesting music I've ever heard, live or otherwise.

The first set was very solid in that there were really no dull moments -- others have listed the highlights but I highly recommend the Wolfmans and the Walls. Reba is one of my favorite songs and while not the best of 2015 it was a real treat live. Great song selection indeed.

I see people complaining about the first half of the second set but everything from Wedge to Yarmouth was well-played and I particularly enjoyed ASIHTOS, which threatened to expand beyond the norm but I was just fine with the result.

As others have mentioned, KDF through Bowie is simply stellar, with each tune bringing something different to the table. I'll just throw some thoughts out...

KDF>Piper: gets out there. Like the previous night's Chalkdust, the mood quickly shifts to textured, futuristic space rock in a minor mode, driven hard by fishman. It doesn't quite build to a peak but is very fluid and never boring; everyone is throwing out effects and ideas left and right, resulting in several mini-sections all within the upbeat dark space vibe. I love this stuff and was pleased to hear Piper emerge out of the ambient outro. While short and type I, Trey slays the solo. I complain about Trey's hesitation in 3.0 sometimes but none here -- a perfect bridge to Twist.

Twist: There is so much confidence in this right out the gate. Contrast this with the delicacy of 7/31 and 8/12 and appreciate that any song can be a completely different animal on a given day, but always just as appealing. After a brief reprise of Twist (who really thought they were ending it there?) a patient staccato groove gets going. The unity in this jam is off the charts and you can tell how well they are hearing each other. Liftoff occurs when they start a "The Dogs" esque jam that builds to a dark Tweeprisey peak, kind of like the 7/31 KDF but with a more full sound. It's really almost humorous coming back to the Twist riff after that peak because it's so innocuous and playful -- what a jam!

NMINML: Put your headphones on and you'll find yourself floating on rafts of Trey and Page's watery effects and the lazy groove pioneered by Mike and Fishman. Such color and yet so simple. This is ambience perfected: I love me some '99 space but this achieves the same effect while constantly evolving, eventually coalescing in a cacophony of loops that transitions into the pre-recorded segment (there was no loop as they moved back to the main stage). Really really epic.

Blaze On: Whether or not they listened back to the Magna Tweezer I don't know, but it really builds to the same theme. But there's a reason people love that jam: it's a beautiful and uplifting theme. Far from a one trick pony though, this is my favorite Blaze On so far and a perfect sendoff to 2016.

Carini: probably the most underrated jam of the night. Definition of short but sweet. Slick slick slick bouncy groove turns into a new song on the spot, if only for a few minutes. Only Phish can do this stuff (and out of a heavy metal song...).

Bowie: Really interesting struggle between major and minor here that has a solid peak, although Trey is a little tentative navigating the experimental waters. It's so clear how much fun they're having playing with jam structures, even for oldies like Bowie.

Horse>Silent>#line was a little bit of a relaxed way to end but I say let them play what they want -- after the previous 90ish minutes they owed us nothing more. A pleasant way to end before the standard but rocking tube>cavern encore.

The relisten value on this show is crazy, but this was a special night to be at besides the music -- the gag, the people, the balloons, the lights, everything. I'm so glad this is a thing that happens!
, attached to 2015-12-31

Review by 12ozMouse

12ozMouse This show meant a lot of different things to me and these feelings were really brought out in a way that only Phish seems able to do.

I'd been trying to get NYE tickets for a few years now and just hadn't had the stones to go solo and pray for a miracle. Nonetheless, I traveled solo and met up with a couple of friends at the venue. I ended up exchaning my 200-level ticket for their extra in 103 (a miracle in its own right). Enjoyed some paper goodies before the show and we were off.

The flow during Moma and through Wolfman's was a lot of fun. Wolfman's had a little funk breakdown and while it didn't completely go over the edge into type II space, the ferocity and enthusiasm that everyone played with (notably Trey) brought the vibe. I was sitting right behind the soundboard and the "feel" I was getting was that the guys were playing to a relatively small house party...the "no ones' watchin' us" vibe. And that's where the breakthrough hit me: Trey was playing with an enthusiasm that saw him attacking the notes like they were his plaything, as if he was saying, "The world is at your fingertips, snatch it up"! And I think that's the lesson that Phish has displayed most in 2015...the one of being lucky to be here at all, so let's take everything life gives us and run with it!

IDK and Happy Birthday was a lot of fun, definitely a "had to be there" moment.

Martian Monster has had an interesting year. It seems like they've decided to shelve the extended MM jam in favor of more compact (sub 6-minutes - I know, completely arbitrary number...) renditions and I think that actually works very well for this song, provided that it's paired well with another song to -> into or out of.

That didn't exactly happen on NYE, but the Reba that followed was special. It wasn't a version that hit every note, it wasn't a version that reached unfathomable peaks, but IT felt right and blissful. There was a point about 7 minutes in where I literally no longer felt my body or could muster up any thought about who I was as a human being (if I even existed at all at that point)...I felt as if I had been swept up and my complete identity was woven into the fabric of the music. It was a feeling that is too rare in life and one that I know I'll never forget.

WoTC closed and for me, its a song where I'm both, "F YEA! WoTC!" and "...it's WoTC...." But fret not, my completely subjective feelings on the song take nothing away from the fact that it was played very well and fittingly closed out Set I. A set with so much fun energy in the room that I was wondering what more they could do.

In lieu of a complete novel being written, I'll just say Wedge and Wilson were totally welcome and appreciated. Wedge had a little flavor added, reminding us that the Chicago '14 Wedge hadn't been completely forgotten. ASIHTOS was interesting in that it was begging to be stretched out but what it contained was enough to keep me wanting me.

And that brings me to Yarmouth Road. My initial impression was, "The flow has been completely shattered". Then I thought to myself, "Mike wants to enjoy his NYE too and he clearly has something he wants to tell us here". What followed was my favorite version of the song yet and it has actually made be a believer. I heard you, Mike and thank you for sharing.

KDF->Twist. Wow. Can you really complain about the brevity of Piper when you take into consideration the full body of the jamwich we were served? I say, "no". I will say however, the sound in the arena was such that I really didn't see the Twist segue coming. After witnessing the Mann Twist this summer, I think I've been quite spoiled.

Now, for Set III. I could see that the space right in front of me was being set up for something and when they came out to start playing, I was elated. Here I am in my seat and Phish is playing 15 feet in front of me. Unreal.

NMINML finally went where I think we all wanted it to. Great mellow funk from Page before we blast off into ambient space. Keeping note of their shadows in the hourglass, it took a double-take from me to realize that they were gone just before midnight. The balloon drop was awesome and a scene unlike anything, anywhere. Blaze On, Bowie were great and they took their much-deserved victory lap with the Horse->Silent>BDTNL.

Tube for the encore. I mean come on, what else do you need to know? Cavern sends us home and that's all, folks!

This show had IT. There are times where we want to use the phrase and say that show we were at had "it", but 12/31/15 was a show that TRULY had "IT"! I think there's a lot that the SBD just couldn't capture from that night, which was that, "we're all in this together" feeling.

Overall, this show reminded me that:

- Life is out there for the taking; don't remain complacent just because we have the freedom to do so.
- No matter what happens, surrounding yourself with friends and family will bring the satisfaction we so often try to chase in life.
- We should always take care of our shoes.

Happy New Year!
, attached to 2015-12-31

Review by themunsler

themunsler One of the many reasons phans are fans is our mutual appreciation for music's ability to stop time. The band is notably good at opening up rips in time. I'd review the show by set or song, but really the thing that will stick in my memory was the gag. By the time the audience realized they were tricked, thanks to perfectly captivating loops, the next thought that bubbles up is,"For how long has the mind been tricked?" And therein that rip, my phriends, lies the magic of timelessness.
, attached to 2015-12-31

Review by rusty

rusty here is my review for phish nye 2015.
set 1: good, could have been gooder.
"Moma Dance", usually reserved for set 1, song 2, did what it usually does: funks around for 7-8 minutes.
"Possum", another popular first set staple, stood out due to page McConnell getting a chance to do a couple of choruses. I @rusty would personally enjoy hearing mr. sandwich solo on many other tunes as well. will trey allow this? time will tell.
"Wolfmans Brother" followed with some treysty jamming which quickly saw the show batting 1.000, even though they were mostly infield singles.
Things took a turn for the worse however with the following sequence of songs. "Birds of a Feather" was short and not too thrilling, even bypassing the usual vocal reprise before the well known ending. I was concerned.
Sadly my concerns were we'll founded as the band started up "I Didn't Know", which used to be "funny" back in the early 90's but now is a waste of five minutes. boo. This was followed by Fishman making the crowd sing happy birthday to his daughter (a day late--I'm sure she was touched!) Seriously, kinda cheesy.
"Martian Monster" from last years overrated halloween performance followed. This song sounds like bad Dopapod.
"Reba" was prone to flubs during the difficult parts by mr sandwich which was surprising as he usually bails out trey these days on such tricky parts. Trey's Santana esque solos were tame but enjoyable.
"Walls of the Cave", one of phish's more common set closers nowadays did just that but its second section is so much fun to groove to that it's unsurprising placement was beside the point. 3 stars for the first set.

set 2 started out with "The Wedge", quickly reminding no one of the golf theme nye extravaganza of 2012. Enjoyable song played well. It was followed by "Wilson" which is a song that has seen better days. Nonetheless the transition to "A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing" was tighter than a brand new vajankle and just as welcome. This overlooked number sounded great, it's mellow murky jams a prelude (in retrospect of course unless you can predict the future) to the mellow gold that was mined later. And yes that was a lame metaphor.
However, jam fanatics would have to wait another 6 minutes or so as the oft derided "Yarmouth Road " was next. I enjoy this song, one of Mr. Cactus' better musical achievements.
From there things went from a standard show to a very very very good show as "Kill Devil Falls" promised jams aplenty since it's summer romance with extended improvisation. This gave way to "Piper" which always mixes the hyper with the reflective. "Twist" had me twisting the night away alone with the blinds mercifully drawn. I give this set 4 stars.

Nye set 3: No Men in No Man's Land started at 11:40 and it was pretty obvious that they would jam it out until midnight though it wasn't boring or forced. Then after the new year struck no one was surprised to hear the happy rhythms of Blaze On begin. This song also took it's sweet time much to my delight. More jams, less songs is what this reviewer enjoys.
When they started Carini I went outside for a smoke. Not a big fan of this crowd pleaser. When I came back David Bowie was already mid jam and it was pretty aggressive stuff. The Horse, was played so tenderly by Trey, so tenderly. Silent In the Morning followed and was a perfect choice for that point in the show. My favorite phish song Backwards Down the Numberline closed out the set with all the weary yet joyful exuberance they could muster. 4.5 stars.
the encores were quick & painless. overall I give this one a four.
, attached to 2015-12-31

Review by CosmicJamz

CosmicJamz The Garden that's round is one of the best venues in the United States. The fact that you are literally in the middle of a building and the floors bounce make it a marvel unlike any other venue. The more frenzied and grooving Phish gets, the more the floor moves. It such an incredible feeling to share this with 18,000 plus people. When the jam is tight, when the band is locked in, the floors respond with the eruption of waves of people dancing and grooving. If you stand still you will feel this kinetic energy.
Phish did it again. They made the Garden come to life with great original song selections. They once again made it hard to grab a brew or take a piss. The music transformed into palpable energy. Dance fever. The excitement of New Years added to the incredibly fun time. Time counted down to the end and then back a new. Phish welcomed 2016 with an awesome No Man's > Blaze On. I couldn't understand how quickly they made it over to the main stage.Twist was dimensional. Only complaint is, please bring back the extended Tube jam, or at least go another few minutes.
This was my first NYE show since Big Cypress (the greatest show ever), a huge stretch. I've seen 25/35 MSG shows and I always have the best time with friends and family at my hometown venue. I'm a little pissed I missed the 1/2 Tweezer but hey, 3/4 ain't bad.
, attached to 2015-12-31

Review by phunky58

phunky58 Look to 7.31.15 for best version of KDF ever layed down (Atlanta). jus sayin. Haven't got to listen to whole show but from what i read it seems like there are some gems in there. Speaking of gems The Bathtub Gin is an absolute must must hear. The chalkdust, and waves were the real deal as well but Gin absolutely stole the show.
, attached to 2015-12-31

Review by phunky58

phunky58 Look to 7.31.15 for best version of KDF ever layed down (Atlanta). jus sayin. Haven't got to listen to whole show but from what i read it seems like there are some gems in there. Speaking of gems The Bathtub Gin is an absolute must must hear. The chalkdust, and waves were the real deal as well but Gin absolutely stole the show.
, attached to 2015-12-31

Review by dumidiot

dumidiot Posted on PT, I think it holds true (few edits).
I had high expectations for tonight. I was in a bad headspace due to a cold that kept me home and on PT. I ate some pizza and got into it.

Set 1: Moma dance is a good opener I think. Dancey, light and fun. Possum is overplayed but this one was played excellently. Loved that Wolfman's a lot, and trey was on fire for these first three. The peak on wolfman's was unbelievable for a set 1 song! Next few songs kind of felt like they were distracted, probably by the anticipation of the gag. Reba started well and ended poorly, neutered compared to where it once was. I didn't hate it, in fact the first hap up through the beginning of the peak were great, it just felt like they were under achieving it. Walls was awesome.

Set 2: This is where I got angry. Everything up thru yarmouth felt like they were wasting time, and flow was poor to my ear. Maybe it was due to lack of covers to play with. Type 2 KDF essentially had to happen and it was pretty okay even if a bit predictable placement wise. I had a lot of fun listening to it. The abortion on Piper into that Twist makes me want to defund Planned Parenthood. Twist was cool, but trey seemed like he was on a different planet, not focusing. My dad fell asleep during it. Last little bit of twist was glory, but way too short. Trey needs to fucking practice, he needs to play faster and more aggressively in places. Playing whole notes for 90% of the jam is boring and frankly miles beneath him. Had very little hope for set 3 after that poor showing.

Set 3: Turned me around. No men through the end of Bowie is pure awesome. If you don't like this I really don't know what you're doing here. No men was inventive and fun and new. 20+ minutes taboot. Magic trick freaked me out and I was stone sober. Not sure if they ever even stopped playing, maybe loops helped. Blaze on was a pretty good jam, Carini was good as well but felt a bit more noodly. Bowie was about to explode, and trey pulled the trigger on shreddy major key type 2, but page said no. Hoarse (see what I did there, Page?)>Silent could have been good with energy, maybe a bug would have been a better cooldown tune, IDK. I'm not anti number line but that one paled in comparison to the passionate energetic showings of this summer.

Encore: Short and sweet, pretty fucking good.

Overall 4/5 (wish I could decimal it), and that set 3 is frankly fantastic, although it ended with a bit of a whimper. The biggest thing I want you to takeaway from this is to be critical. While it was in most ways a good show, trey can do better, and has done better through most of 2015. I wish we could encourage him to play more notes, because as evidenced by the Magnaball Gin & Tweezer>Caspian, and even the NMINML>Bowie segment last night, he can. And when he does, magic happens.
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