Alumni Blues had changed lyrics referencing National Bacon Day. Glide II was last played on May 16, 1995 (874 shows). Trey teased Birthday in the first Weekepaug. This show featured the Phish debut of Bliss with Trey on acoustic guitar. Trey teased Crosseyed and Painless in No Men In No Man's Land. Weekapaug Groove was unfinished. Cavern contained The Final Hurrah quotes.
Crosseyed and Painless tease in No Men In No Man's Land, The Final Hurrah quote in Cavern, Birthday tease in Weekapaug Groove
Debut Years (Average: 1998)

This show was part of the "2018 NYE Run"

Show Reviews

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Review by Itch_to_the_nag

Itch_to_the_nag For most of the 3.0 era phish has left significant time between the nye run and their last official tour date. This can present an issue where 1 show clearly stands out and the others are just that, the other ones....

Tonight’s first set almost felt like an extension third set from last night. Immediately confirming that these guys are completely dialed in right now and can almost do no wrong.

These last two nights could stand up to any 2 night run from any era. Bustouts, super space, hard type I rock, effortless segues, lights done by a fucking wizard. Nothing short of a perfect 4 sets of music and 6 encores.

Holiday runs can prove to be tricky. NYC is expensive. Expectations can be unrealistic and for the most part they tend to be a reflection and celebration of the last year and not it’s defining run.

So far, this year has been the opposite. These last two nights have defined phish’s 2018 and put a hard exclamation point to what could be considered the strongest 3 year run of their career. (15-18)

(Jadded Vets would arugue 95-98 would take that honor and maybe they would be right.). But if in hamptons 2009 you thought this is where the 3.0 era would land you’re just a lair. It’s been an incredible last few years. Happy new year everyone enjoy the last night.
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Review by yankeephan

yankeephan Absolutely insane night at the Garden. No words can or will ever accurately describe it. No re-listen can recreate what was just experienced. Those who were there to bear witness know. Straight Jedi shit. Next level shit. Skull-rattling. If this show doesn't do it for you, then find another band to listen to. Tonight, they bent space-time.
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Review by levitatingyogi

levitatingyogi Another instant classic to add to the mystique of 12.30...fresh from the experience and still buzzing the highlights included:

The whole first set;
The whole second set;
And encore.

What an embarrassment of riches.

The Plasma-infused Light was so groovy
The Tube - Paug - Tube
Cool Amber impressed,
Everything was Right again

Take care of your shoes

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Review by Fonzie

Fonzie Tonight was my first real couch tour experience that I really just let it out. I don't think I have ever had so much fun with a TV. I usually try to make at least the 30th show at MSG but adulthood has made that difficult the last couple years. I took my Girlfriend to her first show 2 years ago today...That show was great. She has been on the fence since. Tonight she got to see them close up. I am now winning the war. The show tonight for me was a combination of what I loved about Phish in the early days with an injection of new energy. I too took a hiatus from Phish from 2000-2012. I thought they had reached the top of the mountain and life got in the way. I hit it hard from 2012-2016...really hard. I was hit hard by how fucking good these Guys have evolved together. I loved 94, 97, first show in 92. We are so lucky to have these 4 Guys doing what they do for the last 35 years...It is such a part of my life I can't deny. This is my first review, may be helpful, may be a rambling mess. The point is, this group of Men have consistently pushed the envelope of creativity. We should all just be thankful...Cheers
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Review by Xpanding_Man

Xpanding_Man I'll try to be brief, which will take some effort...

Set 1

The opener was nostalgically fun albeith played a little differently (more funky and w/o the change to a 2-step) then right into Mike's...good playing all around although the Glide II seemed a little like product placement if that makes any sense. Then Weekapaug...hmm, are they in a mood tonight? At least twice the song could have ended gracefully yet first Trey then all of them push it forward to the point of X-eyed painlessness. At this point, my spidey sense is tingling...they ARE in a mood! Sunday night, 12/30, this one's looking interesting. The Bliss acoustic was a nice breather, then the ultimate breather (Billy) came up and time warped for me, like I was back in the 90's seeing this song again and again. I didn't care for it much back then but now it's become a fave. NMINML felt like a good call, then Tube kept it going. At some point during the jam I thought to myself that it sounded rather Weekapaug-ish. Sure enough....back into the Groove. Then back into Tube. Nicely done. More was an apt closer.

Set 2

Never heard the opener before; very much dug it. I was having a great time last night, comfy as hell with A/V inside and outside in the back yard, firepit going, beautiful weather, and Everything was indeed right for me in that space. I LOVE Plasma personally, so whenever it comes up I feel affirmed in time/space. The Light that followed was just blissful. At this point the jams are so strong that it's easy to forger exactly what song we're jamming out of, and where we are exactly in the set (or on the planet). The Wading felt perfectly placed, and then...OMG. The SOAM had some missed parts here and there but is a must-listen. The end-jam devolved into a massive mind-fuck at one point, similar to the IT Waves (at least that's what I was reminded of). Probably came off better live than it did on playback. Great closer.


Funky Bitch surprised the hell out of me. As did Wilson. At this point, well, it was just a Rocky Top kinda night wasn't it? The Cavern only served to confirm that yes, indeed, this was another 12/30 gem, on a Sunday night no less. Everything's Right. Hold Tight.
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Review by Slewfoot

Slewfoot Still trying to wrap my head around what happened last night...from start to finish this was probably the most intensely deep psychadelic show I’ve seen the boys do live. And one of the most psychedelic I can recall hearing for that matter...Kuroda’s lights were amazing, but closing my eyes the light show the music made in my head was even better...the night had such a strong undercurrent pinning down each song in its own way. The moment each song’s structure faded away they were right back in it...I woke up several times last night and each time I did I was in the middle of a jam...I’m going to need a few weeks to process this one before relistening.
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Review by ThomasFunkyEdison

ThomasFunkyEdison To me, this is the perfect show for so many reasons. Opening a show with Alumni->Page->Alumni is always sign of good things to come. Mike's had extra pepper despite no second jam, and Glide II was a real treat. In the song's history on this site, the writer specifically mentions he'd like to see the return of Glide II sandwiched within a Mikes Groove, so it would seem that the band is listening to the fans here. The weekapaug was one of the jammiest in this era (had it been finished, would have clocked in around 15 minutes), and was well-equipped with funk and space. Crosseyed, despite being only short of 10 minutes covered a lot of ground. It was full of energy and the jam was quite psychedelic. The second bust out (or should we say debut) of the night was Bliss, which is as beautiful live as it is on the album. Tube had a nice funky, mind-massage-y groove that was really pleasant to listen to.

Despite the first set being a smoker, the second set is what defines this show and puts it above the rest in 2018 for me. For those that go to Phish shows for real mind-bending jams that drip with psychedelia, this was heaven. The set had 3 big jams in Everything's Right, Light, and Melt. They were all different and didn't noodle or meander at all. Plasma was a funky interlude, and Velvet Sea was finally placed appropriately.

The show was finished with a high-energy 4-song encore. This wasnt' a "whoopsie, we ended the show early and need to fill some time" encore, this was a "we just crushed this show, and we're gonna finish it how it deserves to be finished" encore.

This year has been full of *really* stellar Phish shows. Dicks1, Hampton1, Chicago1, Vegas 3, and now MSG 3 all deserve to be in discussion for top phish shows of 3.0. Phish has reached a peak that many of us couldn't imagine when they first came back. Their style and comfort has progressed at unthinkable rates since Summer 2017. To me, Fall 2018 is the greatest tour of 3.0, hands down, bar none. Hope y'all enjoyed it, I know I did!
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Review by ilzniche

ilzniche 12/30 was the show for me.

Obviously the 1st set was special no doubt that i don't think needs further explanation, but that 2nd set is just so much my style phish. Felt like a trip back to the oxy years. Trey throwing those sonic overtones out were just melting my brain. I'm sure it helped that i was 20 rows back on the floor watching those lights dance and reassemble right in front of my face, but that was special.

I'm sure most fans prefer the tastes of Saturday set II, which was also awesome, but those jams in Everything's Right, Light and Melt were perfect. Reminds me of "soundcheck" or "4th set at a festival" jamming.
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Review by bushwood_a_dump

bushwood_a_dump Loving this run, like most of us. How about the reverb (and maybe a dash of extra delay) on Trey's tone? Man, that sounds new to me, and is really helping out his solos. Also, hearing some aggressive tempos (finally!). First Tube comes to mind. Haven't heard it that fast in long while, maybe ever. Aggressive tone and tempo keeps you young people!
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Review by moonofjupiter

moonofjupiter The night before was the best show of all of 3.0 for a non festival or specialty show.
Tonight, 12/30, the trend, the ARC continued. These guys unlocked a whole new level. The are breaking into a new era, a new golden age. And it’s not barely, it’s a raging inferno of several well played and well sung and extremely well James PURPOSEFUL playing.

I consider myself lucky to have been in Vegas and yemsg.

12/30/18 is one of the greatest shows of the modern era.
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Review by coreychung1

coreychung1 12/30/18: Yee with little faith, the boys come back strong
Set 1: This set just felt like the show from last night hadn’t stopped. The band came out with the energy to kill it and top yesterdays. The crowd went absolutely wild for Alumni/Jimmy Page. I didn’t even hear the hot dog day ref because everyone was belting the lyrics. Show #35 and still checking off some heavyweight boxes. That was a cool first for me. With Bliss and Billy Breathes, im 1 song away from seeing the entire album. Other highlights of the set include: The weekapaug->X&P and the No man's>”WeekaTube” sequence. Mike’s kept the crowd movin and I think it’s got some good segments in there. Glide II was interesting to see (only time played) but definitely cooled the mood of a very exciting crowd. If I didn’t talk enough about clean segues in my last review, this weekapaug>X&P is sweet af and totals for 20 mins of focused jamming. More clean segues and teases to come out of the no mans > tube. Then they start jamming the tube (f*n right!). then holy shit are that weekapaug coming back from forever ago? Welcome to mashup weekend i guess! Set 1 is the new Set 2? PS - Thank for for the bathroom break in More guys, I can’t stress enough how much that was needed. Back just in time for the numberline solo.

Set 2: Highlights of the set include: Cool Amber all the way thru Light, and the Melt. The CAAM got a good 3 min (ish) extension and I thought it jammed really well. Everything's Right, a little down tempo but I also thought that song got into a good groove and goes for a solid 15. >Plasma >Light. Trey really roars during this light, I thought for sure this was going to be the set highlight with Everythings Right at a close second, but yee with little faith - there is more to come. After an appropriately placed Velvet Sea, Mike starts up the Melt bassline. Cue the crowd eruption. This jam might be the best of the run (This, tweez, & -7 for me), it was just simply inappropriate with no regard for well-being. It got nicely blissed out before during dissonant and dark with CK5 putting on a dang ‘ole clinic with those lights.

This encore might be the best I’ve ever seen live. The entire arena was just went of control with the band popping off 4 awesome closers (which I think could have any of them could have stood alone in that slot just fine). I went to grab my flannel like twice (thinking surely it's over) after the funky bitch and wilson. But yee with little faith. Wow the energy in MSG for these songs was something special to be a part of. Then rocky top comes on and somehow it seems like people are raging even harder. *No reaching for my flannel this time - fuck my coat* Cavern starts up and here we go, one last dance (also I giggled at the faceplant into rock quote). Another perfect ending to an absolutely amazing show. Dang ole Phish putting on a dang óle clinic man. The last 2 nights might be the strongest 1-2 punch in a very long time (so I'm not counting Powder-Jam or Magna, although, those are interesting conversations). Peak Phish ladies and gentlemen, everyone wins. I’ll hold off on making any sort of ‘97 comparisons for now. But this show like the last deserves being discussed for a long time.
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Review by gingerphish

gingerphish After last night's heater, I was sure we were in for a slower show before New Years Eve. This was my 30th show and I was taking my sister to her first so I was hoping this wouldn't be the case. We got into New York later than I usually do as my sister missed 2 buses before finally getting one into Port Authority and I was picking her up (they didn't even refund her). But as is the case with most Phish shows, those annoying times that get your down just make up a part of your first Phish show story and the boys more than laid it down tonight to make that memory even more special.

We had sick tickets behind the stage, ten rows back, dead center for this night. I won't do a play by play but so many rare songs that I never thought I'd hear/never knew existed (Glide II). I also wanted to point out that the transitions have been on point this run more than usual. Last night's 46 days -> Cities and Death Don't Hurt Very Long-> Tweezer were something but I don't think anything tops this Tube sandwich. I was losing it during that along with the rest of MSG. Super cool moment. The transition into Crosseyed isn't too shabby either. As they walked off the stage my sister had the biggest smile on her face and I had to point out that this was supposed to be the warm up set. Didn't feel like it to me!

Second set was just as good if not better. Great song selection flow. Even Wading felt right before having to regain our brains after that effects laden SOAM. Watching the boys bring Everything's Right to a beautiful peak without Trey shredding was just another reminder about how skilled this band is. Everyone was really communicating and it was special to hear. Highlight of the second set was by far Light. Wide ranging jam and definitely the best I've seen.

Four song encore, bring it! Absolutely crazy show. Yesterday might have been better but this show hooked my sister and her friends in. Can't wait to see more shows with them.
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Review by AntelopeStash

AntelopeStash I'm not one to write reviews, but this show absolutely compels me to try. From the opening licks and solos in Alumni, you knew Trey was gonna be pure fire this show (and Page would soon join him in his musical insanity...Fish and Mike also sign up...the magic of all 4 uniting as one...jesus digression). Mike's Groove arrives with a sandwiched surprise, but that's not what make's this one so great. Every freaking note counts!!! The whole thing is so tight and, well, groovy. Then that nice little segue to Crosseyed...fantastic (just listen to the crowd go berserk!). Next comes the beautiful Bliss/Billy interlude which is lovingly, delicately sung/played. No Men kicks us back into the party leading to a Tube sandwich...Weekapaug unfinished will finish? Nope, stays unfinished as a filthy Tube concludes. And who doesn't love More...yup, even people who say they hate it love it. Perfectly balance and well-played set.

Set II...if you gave me a setlist before the show I'd be extremely wary. That's what makes this set so outstanding. These songs/jams will not be defied. I've suddenly become a big Amber, Everything, Plasma fan!!! That SOAM set closer though. On first listen I was vaguely apathetic. On second (and many ensuing subsequent) listen I was totally hypnotized by it's dark (evil?) mysteries. Not even gonna compare it to 1.0, but a helluva 3.0 for sure.

Encore arrives...a machine gun blast of pure energy and spirit. Last song song song (and hungry for more) Cavern. No going to bed tonight!

I'll sum up this whole show in one word....JOY. Even on (many) relistens my face splits open and smiles. In my opinion, one of the best shows top-to-bottom in awhile, and that's saying something (12/29's no slouch either). My favorite of the run...go listen to it now...and again...and again...
, attached to 2018-12-30

Review by serpent_deflector

serpent_deflector Favorite show I’ve attended, and I’ve had the fortune of seeing some doozies the last few years. It also holds a special place in my heart due to the circumstances. Just a few days prior, I had no intention of going. A joke of making the last minute trip turned into egging on by friends, followed by an offer by one friend to let me crash on his floor, then a frantic search & find of the ticket, and finally resulting in a 10-hour drive that began early the morning of the show.

The flow of both sets is flawless imo. The show starts off with a pair of fun classic tunes- Alumni > LTJP > Alumni. There aren’t many Phish songs older than these, and I’ll never say no to some bacon. :)

This is followed by a great Mike’s Groove with a HUGE bustout bridging the two songs. The Mike’s jam is lean and mean, but fades beautifully into only the 2nd Glide II ever, 23 years after its debut. The friend I saw this show with wasn’t even born yet! :D

This very tight and jubilant Weekapaug segues perfectly into my favorite Phish cover and a song that I was chasing. If I didn’t get an inkling that this show was going to be a special one for me up to this point, I most certainly did now.

Then Crosseyed melts into the debut, 22 years in the making, of Bliss! Wow, we’re being spoiled here! Billy Breathes is well played and NMINML is always a welcome party.

Weekapaug was undoubtedly the jam of the set to me, and perhaps the band felt the same, since they called up a reprise jam in the weird Tube.

If this entire show has a “weak point,” it’s that they don’t end the set there. Instead, they play a song that has had mixed feelings among fans. It’s certainly not among my favorite 3.0 tunes, but I can’t really complain about MORE Phish, especially after this wonderful set. And it’s a reliably hot way to end a set or show, as Trey just does his rock star thing.

Set 2 opens with what is, imo, the strongest of the recent Halloween costume songs. I could see Cool Amber existing as a Phish tune, outside of the context of Kasvot Växt

Next is the centerpiece of the entire show. This Everything’s Right is my favorite jam that I've seen live, and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the two big Simples of 2017 and the longest jam of 3.0, the Alpine Ruby Waves. Still, this is the one that holds the key to my soul. Yes, it’s not a long, multi-sectional journey. But it’s not a minute longer or shorter than it needs to be to accomplish its goal. The goal being to make you look inward and remind you of why you’re here. The band is in perfect unison throughout the entire jam. I don’t feel like one member stands out above the others as the “MVP” of this jam, although Trey was having a particularly strong night overall. Every member contributes to a majestic soundscape that had my jaw on the floor.

Trey continues his very tight playing in the Plasma that ensues. And then we’re treated to another fantastic jam in Light. This version has two distinct jams, each ending with a nice peak.

Light fades into space and has a Velvety transition into a gorgeous and earned Wading. Then the set closes with a mindf**k of a Split Open and Melt. I had a terrible headache at this point in the show, so this call seemed fitting, and yet was still appreciated. For some, this was the jam of the show, and I can see that. At this point, it was all bonus to me, and an exclamation point on my dream show.

The show ends with a fun 4-song encore, which included two more firsts for me in Funky Bitch and Wilson, a Rocky Top where my friend and I got a kick out of watching a couple of dudes square dancing on the bridge, and finally a faceplant tease-filled Cavern, highlighting just how much fun the band was having that night.
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Review by Honeywatermelon

Honeywatermelon This show (to me), is the accumulation of everything phish has been throwing down all of 2018. Top tier song choices, silky sweet segues, a bliss jam in Everything's Right, a groove based power rock jam in Light, and an spaceship landing ambient jam in SOAM.
Looking at a larger narrative, this show is the peak of everything that has happened since 2016. In 2016, we were given very blissful and powerful short segments (ex. SPAC CDT, MSG Ghost, Lockin Ghost, Mexico DWD, MGM Birds). In 2017, the jamming became much more cohesive. Multiple movements in jams and much more diversity than 2016 (ex Chimple, Choco Chalkdust, Powder Tube, Jimmy ASIHTOS). Exceptions exist, of course; Vegas Golden Age seemed light years away from most of 2016. The MSG 17 Simple was a groove based masterpiece.
During the summer of 2018, the jams that I keep coming back to are like a combination of these years. Camden Light, Gorge Chalkdust, Alpha Ghost all have the dopamine peaks but unlike most of the previous years, are extremely easy to dance to. Yes, we are phish fans and will find a way to dance to anything they play. These recent peaks can make anyone comfortable to shake it to the beat.
I was sure that I would be let down after the fall tour that those 5 men gave us in October. Then they doubled down with 3 shows that have a chance to be in "top 5 of 2018".
This was like the scene in V for Vendetta, where the inspector goes to the burned down prison (or where ever he was) and can see all the events that had happened as well as everything that was going to happen. All I know is; I can't wait to see what's next in this story.
, attached to 2018-12-30

Review by Phishcake94

Phishcake94 Ok, I was at this show, section 101 I believe. Not bad seats, actually perfect as far as sight lines go. I was out partying pretty hard the previous 3 nights so by the time I dragged myself up to the city, I was pretty exhausted. Still, the show was all around incredible, as almost everyone has agreed. I do wish I had been more well rested, because it definitely took away from the show at the time, but I've listened back to the complete show numerous times and I think it's going to hold up for a very long time.

The first set just breathes creativity, in terms of song choice, set list structure & jams. This is actually the second Alumni I got this year. I believe they opened with it the first night in Camden over the summer, but I could be wrong. The Mike's was typical, I'm a bit surprised to see it on the jam chart. Not that it isn't a solid version, but not many Mike's break the typical song structure much anymore. Glide II was fun. It's cool that even at this point in their history, they can still bust out songs written decades ago that surprise everybody. The 'Paug was great stuff as well. It's always welcome to see that one go longer than 7-8 minutes. The Xeyed wasn't anything special outside of where it appeared in the show. I didn't recognize Bliss at first, but once it hit the main hook I remembered listening to it from Trey's recent solo show. The Tube was equally as fun as the rest of the set. I'll take Tube whether it's spacey or funky. The segue back into Weekapaug set the building on fire!!

Overall, probably the best first set I've ever seen in person!

CA&M is a tune I like in this spot. It gets everyone moving again after set break. Nothing stand out here, but I am a big fan of the Kasvot stuff and was glad to see it get a lot of love over the run, from band and fans. This Everything's Right on the other hand, might be one of my favorite jams of all time! There's just tons of direction in everyone's playing right out the gate. I'm not going to go into great detail about the jam, but its 100% must listen to material. The last 5 minutes or so remind me so much of the Coventry soundcheck jam. The end of both of these jams remind me of watching a sunset, both are just so melancholy & relaxed. I really can't praise it enough!!

Plasma is the next great jam in a set literally filled with them. I dig these low-key groove jams. Mike has some really good runs here, as noted on the jam chart. They really do so much in only 10 minutes. The jam could have gone on for another 10 minutes and I'd have been happy. Light is another 20+ minute jam & there's a lot to dig into. This is another one you really have to hear for yourself.

Always love me some Wading & we get a Split to end probably the best set of the year (though I know that's up for debate). This has probably been the best year for Split in a long time, definitely in 3.0. They take this one to deep space with ease. Just when you think there's no way they can pull this one back in, Trey does just that. I really love the evolution of this song & the fact that they still find new inspiration in some of their oldest tunes.

The 4 song encore speaks for itself, I grabbed my jacket after Wilson, Rocky Top & Cavern, thinking that each one had to be the last one. Definitely draws comparisons to 12/30/97, though a greatly different style. If only this encore had gone on for 30 minutes!
, attached to 2018-12-30

Review by Gr8tful2

Gr8tful2 This is late but for posterity I’m moved to say how FRICKN awesome this show was and is. Jeeeez second set Light and the whole show really! Some folks have said Velvet Sea was a downer but not to me. My favorite ballad that brings tears to my eyes after all these years. This is as good as 3.0 gets IMO. Thanks Phish and Phish Phans!!! Here’s to many years to come. As long as the band cares so will I.
, attached to 2018-12-30

Review by s1177375

s1177375 thank you Trey for actually reading and responding to our posts on here and youtube. i never thought me a single phan saying something in part jest. . .part hoping against hope with a bit of sarcasm and reverse psychology . . .would actually work. I said on one of my comment posts recently but before the Trey solo debut of BLISS (it was sometime in October i believe) that Billy Breathes is Phishs best album but unfortunately it seems they will never play Bliss live. So i know this sounds crazy cuz they are shy and reserved from their phans and there are too many of us now to take true requests on a regular basis and songs like Brian and Robert i love not only cause i know Trey can relate to it but i can too. . .i stare at my walls in boredom often unfortunately and walk past strangers and wish to not talk but rather play video games and listen to Phish. So it is crazy but i am 99% sure that Trey not just one of the 4 but it had to be Trey that saw my post and personally said fuck that Justin Groff i am gonna play it finally just to prove him wrong. And in this case i like being wrong and the reversed psychology on Trey actually worked. I feel like i am in the twighlight zone or on that show Black Mirror or something but it is nice to finally feel connected to my favorite band in a close way . . .not just dancing hundreds of feet away in my own little world
I know many will think i am making this up but i am not on drugs and have no reason to lie about this. This actually happened and it may only matter to me but to me it is a significant event in my life
, attached to 2018-12-30

Review by RunawayJim4180

RunawayJim4180 Line by line, lets run through the tapes as we would with a show from say, '91, and see how this one turned out just for fun (sans recency or attendance bias).

-The show opener is a bit of a fun/sloppy Alumni->Jimmy Page->Alumni that about two beats slower than, say, 10/26/10. The slower pace works to an extent, but lacks the fire of some earlier versions.
-Mike's Groove is next, and the Mike's is a solid and mostly straightaway version with a brief and fiery peak. The segue into Glide II is a bit of a letdown, though the song's novelty makes up for its playing a bit. The intro to Weekapaug is flubbed and Trey is mostly absent for the first few mins, but recovers nicely and takes the jam into Allman Brother's "Mountain Jam" territory almost immediately as a throwback to the Baker's Dozen teases. A run-up to a dual peak ensues in fine fashion, followed by some effects-laden jamming and signature Trey 3.0 echoplex riffs, woo-ing, and Page synthesizing. Solid!
-A rough segue into Crosseyed leads to a few stumbles as Page and Fish get on the as Trey and Mike. This version is pretty straightforward, nothing too different than most standard takes on the tune. I did enjoy Page's Boston-esque organ outro. I thought for sure they might dip into "Foreplay/Long Time" there....
-But we got a Bliss instead. I've always been a huge fan of this tune, so it was a nice cooldown, especially as it mimicked the album duo of Bliss->Billy Breathes
-Speaking of Billy Breathes, I've always been of the opinion that songs with such intricate vocal layering are best left for the studio, but this version is decent enough.
-No Men ratchets the dance party back up again, albiet with a pretty standard version here.
-A sloppy intro to Tube gives way to a solid and atypical jam with staccato and proto-plinko effects, more akin to "2001" than your average Tube.
-Another pretty sloppy segue back into Weekpaug, but the crowd was digging it. Quick two minute recap that leads into...
-Tube, of course! Nice segue here, closing out the Tube sandwich.
-Although I appreciate More, you can hear the air leave the room on this one. Solid version to close a good first set. 3.5 out of 5.

-Having attended the Kasvot Vaxt Halloween show, I appreciate these new tunes even more, and I thought Cool Amber & Mercury was one of Trey's stronger Type 1 offerings of the night, with clean vocals and guitar tone throughout.
-Everything's Right has delivered the goods since its debut, and this version is no exception. A very 3.0-sounding jam, with restrained solos, slow build to a rolling peak, Page's ethereal Clav, Trey's echoplex, Mike's bass bombs and Fish's cymbal-led fills.
-Plasma follows, and while I enjoy the TAB versions with the horns more, this one is worth the marquee slot here in set 2. Solid!
-Light is next, and the jam is sort of an upbeat version of the previous two songs and their jam sections. Someone once mentioned that Big Cypress sounds similar across its lengthy jams, and I think the same can be said for this second set as well. Not necessarily a bad thing, but hey, if the comment worked there, it applies here as well. I will say that this Light grows brighter around 11 minutes in, with a slow burn until a thrilling peak around 18 mins.
-Wading is Wading, though the vocals here are stronger than some other versions I've heard of late.
-SOAM is not quite the psychedelic journey it once was during its heyday of roughly '93-'98, and there isn't much of note here during the first nine minutes, save a few squealing whale calls. After that, things start to drone into industrial noise, perhaps cool if you were there, but downright un-listenable on "tape" until the last minute closes it out in fine fashion.
-And then the four song encore! All were very well played, Type 1 status.

Overall, I'd rate this show somewhere between a 4.0 and 4.25. Top 10 of all time? Hardly, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a blast to attend live or listen to on Phish.In.
, attached to 2018-12-30

Review by Fluffhead_09

Fluffhead_09 Obviously, this was the 2nd night of a back-to-back heater, with yet another night ahead in an already-legendary run. Others will comment on the musical prowess, and they're sure to be right, but I'd like to add a conspiracy to the mix...

Is it me, or are they simply playing near all-time greatness simply to sell the remaining rooms at Riviera Maya?? Think about it: we're constantly reminded how there are only 2 resorts remaining, and we NEED to act now if we're to WIN our RESERVATION. If it was already sold-out affair, would they simply open with Sample and tease Heavy Things during a (non BD) Lawn Boy?

Also, is it weird that I'm considering the debt financed payment plan to actually pull this off? I need help, don't I?

Enjoy the run, folks.
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