Chalk Dust was unfinished, My Friend, My Friend did not contain the "Myfe" ending.
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This show was part of the "2023 NYE Run"

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, attached to 2023-12-29

Review by Surfer722

Surfer722 It's possible to see how that 2nd set could be a bit polarizing. And any review of it probably depends on which side of the fence you are on with that type of playing these days. I would say it was pretty consistently committed to just a few themes:  experimental, lots of effects, dark, furious and ripping. If that's your bag then you were in business.  That's definitely my bag and easily one of the top 2nd sets in recent memory. The first set didn't totally work for me on the whole and was a bit choppy but there were some solid moments sandwiched in there for sure. The crowd energy was also definitely up a notch compared to Thursday. Overall another great show with nothing to complain about and an absolute demon of a 2nd set.  
, attached to 2023-12-29

Review by Doopes

Doopes Solid show ... 1st set was pretty good, loved the Free opener, Moma Dance is always fun, Maze was great, Stash! ???? ... 2nd set was where it was at tho, came out w a big Chalkdust that went into some really cool places, What's the Use always good, haven't gotten a My Friend My friend in a while so I was happy for that, I'm always down for a Sand, tonights was pretty tight too .. and Hood, beautiful, solid Hood ???? ... Hit up the bathroom for the first half of the encore, but was back and jamming to an always welcomed Carini ????
Overall it was another top shelf performance from my favorite band, The Phish, from Vermont
, attached to 2023-12-29

Review by DownWithSteam

DownWithSteam Another solid top to bottom show that peaks in the 2nd set with an incredible Chalkdust that opens that 2nd set. Great transition to obvilion after and a strong sand and phenomenal harry to close it all out. I thought last nights show was a bit better but once again Phish slayed the garden in typical fashion.
, attached to 2023-12-29

Review by ChineseWall

ChineseWall I've always been partial to the second night of any given NYE Run, whether it be the tight cow-funk of years past (12.29.97 I'm looking at you) or the ambitious Fluffhead>YPC opener from just one year removed. The cobwebs of post-Fall Tour disintegrate into oblivion. I think most of us can relate to the anticipation of New Year's Eve, compounded with the excitement of entering The Mecca on 33rd and 8th ave. I was lucky enough to find a floor ticket for this show, just adding to the already spilling elation.

This show opens with a fantastic Free>Moma sequence, reminiscent of set 1 Brooklyn '04. Stash, BOTT, and Theme are equally welcome, but the real highlight here is the entirety of the second set. Dark, groovy, hard-hitting shit. The 40 minutes shared between CDT and Oblivion are fantastic, and the resolution into WTU? literally brought me to my knees, certainly elevated by the copious amount of party favors. MFMF got a real gritty, groovy treatment deep into the set, and was certainly not unnoticed (an incredible pairing with the mood of WTU? imho). Sand catches fire, into a well placed About to Run, and a mighty primo Hood to close the set. Lonely trip has followed me everywhere since it's debut, and forcibly grows on me with every appearance. Some textbook juxtaposition follows with a darkness-steering Carini to close another standout show from an insanely tight NYE run.
, attached to 2023-12-29

Review by VermontCowFunk

VermontCowFunk Great 1-2 punch to start the second set. CDT from 8 minutes to end is top notch. And the Sand, Hood and Carini were fun in the 4th quarter. Didn’t love hearing both About to Run and Drift While You’re Sleeping in the same show but not a major gripe. Theme from the Bottom was a killer high-energy bliss jam, worth a listen, as is the stash.
, attached to 2023-12-29

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround PHISH, FRIDAY 12/29/2023
New York, NY

SET 1: Free: Standard. >

The Moma Dance: Standard.

Maze: Standard.

Evolve: Standard.

Stash: Really solid jam here. It doesn’t necessarily have that signature moment or section that would cause me to assign it as having replay value, but this version has great placement and keeps the momentum of the set high. Good stuff Phish.

Back on the Train: Standard.

Theme From the Bottom: Standard. >

Mountains in the Mist: Awesome placement. Love this one anywhere they want to play it though. Anytime. Anywhere.

46 Days: Standard.

Drift While You're Sleeping: Little sloppy in the three minute range.

SET 2:

Chalk Dust Torture: This jam starts off well enough but in not much time it devolves in pedals and effects. Cool if that’s your thing. It even has a woo jam that the band actively solicits – ugh. There is a nice held note by Trey in the mid 19’s. Outside of that, this jam is pedals and effects. You will love it if that is your deal. It’s not mine. Decent enough segue into Oblivion. >

Oblivion: Definitely a fun listen right here. I guess I would try and best describe this as a playful jam. Trey just seems very joyful the way he plays through this one – see the stuff that is happening in the 13 minute range – some stop/start stuff – Fishman crushing it. Check out what he does at 13:10 on the LivePhish recording. He creates this neat high pitch effect and then uses that as a launching pad. Big held note. But, guess where that leads? You guessed it – the bliss crutch. Dude just is laser focused on getting himself into that space as often as possible. I liked the 6 minute range up through the 11 and a half or so minute range. The rest of it – no thank you sir.

What's the Use? - Standard ->

My Friend, My Friend[1] - This was the highlight of the night, very cool jam – Fishman killing it once again – this jam gets dirty and nasty – not afraid to play in the shadows and the muck and the mire, great job Phish – very cool and would recommend! Cool segue into Sand. ->

Sand: Cool jam, but…the last almost minute or 90 seconds is…yeah…you guessed it…

About to Run: Standard.

Harry Hood: They crush this peak! Absolute blitzkrieg! Woooooo!!!! Trey blows the roof off at 11:54 – lil bit of that old Phish magic right there. Would highly recommend!


Lonely Trip: Standard.

Carini: This sure escalated quickly! Very loud and very high at just the 4 and half minute mark, nice! Great way to finish this show, nicely done!

Summary: They played that first set very safe. Well played for the most part with the anchor being Stash, but no signature jams to return to. Second set looks fantastic – on paper. MFMF and Hood were awesome! The rest is just not for me. Cool encore! I prefer 12.28 over 12.29. Would personally hit this as a 3.8spel/5. The current rating on is Overall: 4.348/5 (302 ratings).

Replay Value: My Friend, My Friend, Harry Hood

[1] No "Myfe" ending.

My Friend, My Friend did not contain the "Myfe" ending.
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Overall: 4.348/5 (302 ratings)
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