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, attached to 2015-08-02

Review by yam_ekaj

yam_ekaj I wrote that whole review and left in a terrible typo! I meant to say "The show was certainly NOT a complete dud, a la..." IT WAS NOT A DUD! The show, to reiterate (because I need to reach a certain word count to have this post considered a "show review"), was really good Phish, as they always are. It just seemed like they really could have taken the show to another level in a few places.
, attached to 2015-08-02

Review by yam_ekaj

yam_ekaj This show is sort of puzzling for me. I was lucky enough to score pits in the lotto, and I was up close on Page-Side. With that kind of proximity to the band, there was no way I was going to have a bad time. As usual, Phish delivered an amazing concert. However, unlike the previous two nights in Atlanta, there felt like there was something missing from this one.

Set 1 started off with great energy. Trey's rediscovered ability to deliver short rocking solos brought standard versions of Sample and Chalk Dust to a different level. However, after those two, we lost a bit of steam with the pairing of Train Song and Devotion to a Dream. Now, I love Train Song as much as the next guy, and again, Trey's playing was on point during Devotion, but there was certainly a dip in the vibrancy of the set. They picked it up again with the always-awesome Meat and a rocking Maze. It's redundant to say that Trey killed it here (which he did), but I also was really impressed with Page's section during this one. It was less of a solo than a Page-led high-tempo funky jam, which was awesome. Next up is The Line, which is The Line. Luckily, it was followed by My Friend, My Friend. While the song was played at a slower tempo than usual, it was still it's typically amazing self. Finally, we end on a high energy note with 46 Days and Cavern, which never disappoint.

All in all, this was a solid first set. Nothing special (like the Ghost at Lakewood1), and it didn't have the flow of what I thought was also an excellent first set at Lakewood2. But still, some great Phish.

Set 2 is where my problems with the show really lie. My friend @jklinow) and I both called the Disease opener, which is about as impressive as winning lawns in lotto. (Sidenote: this didn't stop the Alabama native next to us from marveling at our predictive skills.) The Disease is an awesome jam. It goes type 2 pretty quickly (as Disease's tend to do these days), and went through some darker sections as well as that great major-key interplay that the band is so adept at in 3.0. The jam began to wind down in to some cool rhythmic interplay. Trey wasn't playing, and Fish, Page and Mike seemed like they were going to take it somewhere else. If Trey had come in with an improvised lick, this jam would have gone to another level. However, Trey instead comes in with the opening lick of Camel Walk. Now, I'm not going complain about Camel Walk, a song I love. However, as I mentioned above, I felt like the Disease jam could've really taken off even more, and that Trey's decision to go into Camel Walk was a bit of a ripcord. Nonetheless, Camel Walk was well-played and very awesome. Right on the final note of Camel Walk, Trey starts up the tour-debut of Seven Below. This is a cool version. My friend @jklinow) said about this jam: "It seemed to, um, let me think, um, it seemed like it was threatening to break away at any moment as the jam turned dark and powerful, but never really lifted off into Type-II territory." Sounds pretty good to me. When, Seven Below was winding down, Trey frantically told the rest of the band what to play next, and Page jumped quickly into the opening notes of Fuego. I was excited when this began, but when it winded down, I was a bit disappointed with how un-exploratory it was. Of course, still quite enjoyable, but very short. Not one I'll be rushing to relisten to. However, the band kept the impeccable flow of the set up by immediately jumping into 2001. This was, other than the DWD jam, the highlight of the set for me. It was a pretty standard version, but "pretty standard 2001" means amazing funk-rock dance party. As 2001 wound down, Fishman played those opening tom hits we all know and love, and so began Harry Hood. This was without question the low point of the set for me. This Hood literally went nowhere. Again, I will quote my friend @jklinow). After the show, he said, "That Hood could have gone somewhere, if Trey had actually started playing. He just chorded the whole time. It was the musical equivalent of blue balls." While of course it was still somewhat enjoyable, there have been so many awesome Hoods of late that this one looked like a huge disappointment. Hood moved into a regular-rocking version of Possum, and then the set was over. Encore was A Day in the Life, which was great, but I wish it was something bigger, like YEM or Fluffhead. But that, of course, is wishful thinking at it's best.

This set, for me, is the "What Could Have Been" set. I believe the Disease could have been an amazing jam, had Trey not started up Camel Walk. It could have been defined by unbelievable flow, and swift song switching, but this was sullied a bit by a lack of inventiveness in Fuego and Hood. (Sidenote, the flow of the set was very good. As you can see in the setlist, all the songs are separated by carrots, and you could argue that DWD > Camel Walk was DWD -> Camel Walk.) However, as always, Phish delivers an amazing rock concert that is a joy to attend, no matter what they play. And this show is certainly a complete dud, a la some shows from 2010 or 2011. It's just that in comparison with the previous two nights (which in fairness were two of the best shows I've ever seen), it fell a little bit flat for me. Still great Phish though, and I'd definitely take a listen to the Disease.
, attached to 2015-08-02

Review by chrismcguire634

chrismcguire634 Really fun show! I had just wrapped up a 7-week medical internship at the Cleveland Clinic and was ready to blow off some steam with my wife, Phish and some great friends. I knew coming off Atlanta, they would have no choice but to deliver and they absolutely did.

Maze, Meat, Train Song, Camel Walk, Fuego, Possum and 2001


The amphitheater was constructed beside a tree-lined river with an old picturesque train bridge at stage right. I want to go on record as to mention that Train Song was played in response to an actual train crossing the bride during CDT as the sun was setting. I can still see it like it was yesterday..... What a great memory.
, attached to 2015-08-02

Review by fromasta

fromasta Very clean new amphitheater. Band came out around 7:30 and started what felt like a very fitting small venue 1st set. Nothing got too crazy/deep during 1st set, but the vibes were all there for a solid 2nd set. DWD opened up for the 3rd (nearly) 20 minute 2nd set opener in a row. After the jam got about as deep as it could, Trey pulled the rip cord into a slown down Camel Walk which was perfectly executed. 7 Below had everyone ready for more, and Fuego was the answer to get the crowd going. Fuego > 2001 > Hood > Possum had the energy from the two nights in ATL but in a smaller venue. Great way to end a 3 night "southern run".
, attached to 2015-08-02

Review by The_Ghost

The_Ghost Easily the most underrated show so far this tour. On the surface it was clouded by being on a Sunday night, after two blazing hot shows in Atlanta the previous 2 nights, but when you dig in you see how special it is.

Let me explain:
Maze is somewhat common song, but without a lot of memorable ones. This on is very overlooked. Trey threw in a nice shred in the middle that was crisp and clean.
Cavern, another common song with not a lot of standouts, but Fishman delivered with a nice slow down drum beat. Certainly was way better that Dick's last year!
I don't want to gloss over the amazing songs, but I am hitting the highlights. The finish of 2001>Hood>Possum was just incredible.

Then as if the show wasn't already special they finish with a very nice Beatles cover of - A Day in the Life.

Never miss a Sunday!
, attached to 2015-08-02

Review by TJBones

TJBones I was on the rail right in front of Trey and I can tell you the reason the set fizzled at Harry Hood was because one of his amps/monitors fried. He kept dicking around with his amp and motioned to his sound guy that it was gone. Now I couldn't hear any problem but obviously it was enough of a problem to take his focus away. He fiddle with it several times then he would smile at the sound guy Page side, shake his head back on forth, do the cut throat sign, point to the ground. Never a good sign. It is what it is...he was just happy to get through the next few songs I believe.
Prior to this I think the show was solid. Meat>Maze was Highlight for sure. Roggae had a gorgeous slow build tension/release jam. MyFriend, 46Days and Cavern were solid first set rockers.
DWD Jam was sensational and the drop into CamelWalk was so awesome...Ive never seen CamelWalk so that was a thrill to see this rare classic. Seven Below had a glorious jam and I forgot they even had this song in their arsenal. Fuego with the Confetti was just plain fun and the 2001 was the JAM of the night for me...I want this at every show and was so happy to hear them stretch out the super space funk. The show kinda took a dive with some equipment issues after that but I love the Beatles and A Day in the Life is a classic...plus Ive never seen it live so I was happy.
Solid show, My first show was 10-31-96 in Atlanta so it wont hold a candle to a show like that but great venue will solid tour bust-outs of Meat and Camelwalk and the Jams in DWD, 7Below and 2001 made it worth the trip to T-Town.
, attached to 2015-08-02

Review by mantecatweeze

mantecatweeze This is not a full review of the show. I just wanted to add my two cents to what I heard.

While this show does not live up to the expectations of the "Never miss a Sunday show" that we are all used to at this point, (7-13-14, 7-20-14, 7-27-14, and so on) from last year's tour and while it does not match night one from ATL (what show would?) it does have some cool, locked in, grooved out moments that should not be missed.

Maze is a song recently that has been consistently excellent and this Maze fits within the category. In my opinion, it is the only song from set one that deserves a re-listen. Standard, above average soloing with a great peak by Trey.

2nd set DWD is very, very good. It opens up to breathe around the 8 minute mark and explores various themes then slows around 16 or 17 and segues into a SLOW Camel Walk.

This was a great spot for a "bust-out" and there has been considerable talk about Phish playing a lot of repeats this tour. Camel Walk used to be considered a bust-out however it has received much more play by the boys in recent years.

However, I am keeping the designation on Camel Walk as a bust out song in this particular case. Camel Walk has followed DWD only once before and that was to begin the show in Telluride 8-9-2010. It has been seen 2nd set only about 15 times ever!! Camel Walk has only been played 51 times in 1750 shows. The band has played Camel Walk 20 times in the 3.0 era which may lead some to the perception that it is somewhat regular in the rotation of setlists.

But this Camel Walk is different. I don't necessarily agree that DWD was rip corded by Trey. Instead the transition to the slow funk of Camel Walk was welcomed and appropriate for the moment. This Camel Walk crawls through the mud on its elbows with a smile on its face. It's dirty, low-down, and awesome.

The transition to Seven Below was somewhat abrupt but also welcome. Both Camel Walk and Seven Below last appeared at the 10-27-14 show in San Fran. Intriguing coincidence. Despite never straying from Type I playing this Seven Below has an incredible peak to it that should not be missed.

Fuego was played expertly and was a great choice to start the 4th quarter but the 2001 is where it's at for the closing portion of the show! Phish returns to the 'dirty' sound for a different kind of 2001 that we have heard previously. This was the first 2001 of the tour and although 2001 has seen the end of 2nd sets a bunch in previous tours, this 2001 is beyond standard and is slathered in extra gravy.
Trey once again employs the use of the much beloved mutron pedal and the effect somewhat supernatural. This 2001 is must hear!

Harry Hood has been played about every third show or so over the past couple of years and while that isn't a bad thing since so many of these recent versions have been seriously jammed out and explored this version of Hood was much shorter and to the point. I would add the same sentiment to Possum.

In any case, these songs do not bring the show down in any way. I could listen to Hood and Possum every show for that matter, but these to ending songs are not the highlights that DWD>Camel Walk>Seven Below and 2001 are.
, attached to 2015-08-02

Review by raidcehlalred

raidcehlalred Again: Another concerted effort to do something interesting in the encore slot. While the choice doesn't disrupt the flow of Set 2 (others have), it would be welcome to see such reflection go into the opener (which, of course, sets the tone)....

We've had the debuts; we've had the 'standards;' we've been Dusted; and now Disease has been 'dusted' off. Yes: There have been 46 Dogs.... Exceptions aside, and this going back a number of years now, if you are truly being honest, you can take most of these '20 minute' jams, and, post the point of ('composed') departure, interchange them.

In addition to Waves, Seven Below, Undermind, Scents and the like, it would be great to see some of the tunes the band is playing exceptionally well (Twist comes to mind) or just some different ideas occupy this space. Love them or leave them, tunes like BOAF (sans quotes is fine) and Piper would almost by default invite a different pace of playing than that which, at times, seems 'tacked on' to the end of CDT, KDF, Ghost, Disease.

This is said only with admiration; the band is playing so well - take the Reba / Gin - that it'd be so cool to get his energy and fantastic play from the get go. Not to be negative, but many of the openers (this year and last) are a lesser form of noodling.... Not really idea-driven.

And I haven't even broached the subject of an Age or Drowned....

Been locked into the shows.... And this isn't to write just for the sake of writing. Upon re-listening, it simply feels to me to me such a strange 'paradox.' To be willing to continue to write and play so much new material; only to, like Fall 96 or something, possess such a 'comfort' level open Set 2.

Just a place where I would like to see 20 minutes explored a bit differently than years past.
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