This was the rescheduled date for the show that had been postponed due to the Omicron variant of COVID-19 surge in New York City in December of 2021. Moma Dance was unfinished. Page teased Long Tall Glasses in Gumbo.
Long Tall Glasses tease in Gumbo
Debut Years (Average: 2000)

This show was part of the "2022 Madison Square Garden Spring Run"

Show Reviews

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Review by mighty_Q

mighty_Q Personally, I thought this was a really solid show. No complaints for Set 1, my highlights were Carini and Stash. Set 2: DWD was a fun jam, but Reba stood out. Trey took the jam section for a walk, as you could feel MSG moving. Several times during the show I was bummed to hear the opening notes of a newer song like Leaves or Drift While You're Sleeping, but found myself digging the tunes by the end. Loved the Gumbo encore and always excited to hear a Slave. Solid 4/5 show for me.
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Review by Midcoaster

Midcoaster After too much COVID time spent vagankling, I was contorted into an awkward clamp. My left hand had no freakin’ idea what to do about the right. So when my favorite band decided to play my favorite indoor venue in the month of April, I was primed to whine. After all, it had been a mere 29 years since I saw them in the month of April. Please.

Things got off to a hohum start with an epic Carini jam. Yawn. So predictable! This transitioned into an old song, Possum. Why they didn’t choose to do any new material or GOTF songs is beyond me. Come on, Ohish. Play MY song choices, not yours.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what they played or how they played it. Trey didn’t consult me or my friends on how to craft the perfect return. We know the Rescue Squad, FFS. They’re just waiting to be called.

I was so irritated with the whole thing that I slept on a Bowery stoop not too far from the Manhattan Bridge when it was rattling to life with morning traffic. No one seems to set their clocks around my needs. Geeze, thanks for nothing, Phish.

See you at the next one
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Review by Hippogator

Hippogator Holy Guacamole I wonder why people despise .net and then I come to read reviews and I think "Oh yeah, THIS is why people always lump .net in with the PT crowd. Makes me wonder how anyone trying to actually get into Phish could possibly even start when all these "phans" can do is moan and complain about the how music sucks. Everyone's got their own opinion, but hey lets maybe be even just slightly aware that this is 2022, not 1999 and these are nearly 60 year old men still melting our faces off. Even if the music doesn't perfectly match your expertly refined expectations.

4/20 fucking rocked. The Carini > Possum was epic! Leaves is always beautiful and I love, love Strange Design. DWD was SICK and I am down for the mf'in HOWLING. Excellent funk vehicle. Twist waa short and sweet and Mountains in the Mist is just so ethereal. Check out the version on the Cluster Flies version by Lindsay Lou.

Reba jam was great and the only thing I'm not the biggest fan of of the night is Drift While your Sleeping, but hey, they gon play what theu gon play and that's fine by me! Gumbo > Slave encore was soul exploder and I am so thankful for this band. Great show.
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Review by ajcmixer

ajcmixer Truth be told, I was left a bit underwhelmed by tonight. My expectations are mine but how often does one get to play to a crowd that is obviously 4/20 friendly and not play it up a bit? Of course, still, it could be the 12/31 “gag”, but tonight it just felt like an opportunity lost.

Carini always feels like a “shock” opener to me and tonight was no exception. It was jammed well enough for its 15 minutes or so and segued into a pretty blazing Possum. The Mona Dance got stretched out some and seemed to be keeping everyone happily dancing. Leaves was…interesting and I’m not familiar enough with it to want to say anything about its performance. Stash got the crowd adrenalized again and sounded pretty solid at the moment but an eight(?) minute Blaze On had me scratching my head some when I realized they were actually going to walk off after it. The song itself didn’t feel any different than any other version considering the circumstances.

I was psyched for Sigma Oasis once it opened the 2nd Set but my idea of the extended working it was not theirs and it segued relatively quickly into the jam vehicle of the night, Down With Disease. To my ears it did not feel like it got fiery until the last five minutes and then it was raging but it might have taken too long of a road to “get there”. The rest of the show was uneven at best and pretty much “composed” songs. I personally like Drift While You’re Sleeping but felt like I’ve been in the building for tighter versions though it crescendoed nicely for the Set ender.

I enjoyed the 1st Set more than the 2nd. And totally loved being in the building. If you had told me exactly what and how I was going to get tonight in advance there’s still nowhere else I would have rather been than the greatest arena in the world in my hometown born and bred. But…maybe it was my expectations but it ultimately played like a “typical” opening show of a four night run and even by those “standards” it fell a little short to these ears. I’m still a whole lot tired from dancing, I would have preferred to have walked out sweating a ton from their musically demanding me to rage hard because they did but it didn’t and because I’m missing tomorrow the 21st I’ll come back on the 22nd because I know better days and better shows are a comin’. Peace out.
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Review by phunkytime

phunkytime Maybe it’s a combination of high expectation and low delivery but I have to agree with some of the reviews on here. This definitely is not the worst phish show I’ve ever seen, I think that’s a long shot exaggeration. “the line” would have to be in the setlist for me to even begin that conversation. And quite frankly it’s not a conversation I’d want to begin because in my book it’s just good to see a phish show no matter what.some are better than others and I can’t wait till we no longer have rescheduled show notes in the setlist. We’re almost out of the tunnel folks (I hope). It’s the first night of a four night run, and it was a good start.

Overall this is a fun show, however while the jams had some patience, they never really reached the juicy peaks we were hoping for. Trey felt like he sat back a bit at points similar to how it felt in AC 2021. It just lacked the cohesion and immersion into improvisational hot sauce explosion some of us had been craving.

Everyone was happy to be back, including the band and you could feel the energy in the garden bumpin. Especially with a carini->possum opener my initial thought was oh boy buckle up we’re picking up where we left off from Mexico. However the show overall just felt a bit underwhelming. I have to listen back but I thought the stash, disease and twist were standouts in an otherwise good (not out of this world great) show. In my book this is the definition of a 3 star show. When I look at how some of the mexico shows are rated I’m kind of shocked that people vote three or less stars on them but there’s the attendance (or lack there of) bias I guess. I prob shouldn’t care about ratings because the experience of being at the show or listening in your own is relative to you and you alone. I’m excited for the moment when the garden is rocking and the roar is as load as it would be if the rangers won the cup. We didn’t have that last night but I think we’ll get it this week. Cheers to night one see you out there for what is hopefully a 12/30 level second show.
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Review by Lemmiwinks

Lemmiwinks This show is rock solid and being rated a tad harshly IMO.

So let's put this one into some proper context: considerable expectations being 4/20, a long delay for phans who were originally scheduled for NYE in December 21, and the bar feels raised after Summer/Fall 2021. Understandable across the board.

And yeah, if you attended this show expecting a 30min version of Legalize It or whatever.....well, that's on you.

4/20/22 wasn't a 5-star show by any means, nor will it be discussed as the top night of the April run, but the quality is here in spades.

The opening sequence of Carini > Possum > Moma Dance was worth the price of admission alone, and the first set highlight will likely be debated between the Carini and the blistering Stash.

DWD is perhaps the jam of the night, and The Howling was a cool landing pad in this spot.

Jamming conversation aside, I love that 4.0 has really emphasized the 1.0 song catalog with some amazing bustouts and spirited readings. See: MITM.

Sure, Reba had some slight rust, but let's give the band some leeway too. Still a nice version.

In conclusion?

The show was a giant weed cloud anchored by Carini, Stash, and Disease.

Sign me up.
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Review by youenjoymyghost

youenjoymyghost Solid run opener here, if this is the warm up we are in store for a great run !

Carini brings incredible play Straight from the onset. Moma hit (visited the MoMA today taboot). The Stash Blaze On 420 pairing was very enjoyable, Stash delivers some really good jamming.

Second set contains an amazing middle section. Disease goes deep, fumbles the reentry but getting a finished version was well received. Howling-> twist FIRE. Reba a little flubby but always great. Never mad about a Gumbo.

Pretty good show!
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Review by ForgeTheCoin

ForgeTheCoin I will agree with the previous reviewer that the band was indeed brushing off some rust in the first set, and Stash was the major highlight.

However, the 2nd set was just perfection in my eyes. DWD went very deep. The Howling was funky AF and I swore they were going to go >2001. A heady Twist yielded to the beautiful quietness of Mountains in the Mist - those that did not use the song as a pee break were treated to an exquisite, floating, bittersweet jam that really transported... The Reba jam kept that vibe going - I got wholly lost in it - a peak experience. Worth the price of admission alone. Drift had some beautiful moments as always, and absolutely blasted to rock star finale. The Encore was a beautiful extension of the set - the 1.0 goodness of a Gumbo>Slave - and a soul stirring Slave at that - was so good that honestly anything that follows the next three nights is gravy. As a whole that 2nd set is the kind of set that reminds you why you make the effort to see this band. Unreal. See you tomorrow night!
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Review by Woahwoah

Woahwoah A fun show. My first since AC last year and then 12/28/19 before that.

First Set takes the prize. Carini was surprisingly blissful and loose, the Bug tease in Moma, and Stash put it over the edge. Great flow.

Second Set was clunky, though the Disease and Reba got me where I wanted to go. Gumbo, and a classic Slave out and that was a wrap.

Overall I’d give it 3.75. Some great spots, but definitely warming up.
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Review by minkin555

minkin555 You know those Sirius XM clips of Trey talking about not knowing what he's going to play until he gets to his spot, puts his guitar on, and looks out on the audience? Yeah, last night's Carini was Exhibit A of that behavior. I don't think he had his guitar on for more than 30 seconds before he launched into one of the strongest and fiery Carini show openers I've had the pleasure of being in the room for. It was a few minutes into that Carini while standing in the back of the GA floor that I realized that this moment is exactly what Trey, the band, and all of us needed in that moment. The floor was bouncing, I'm Trey's microphone stand was rocking back and forth, and the band and audience became one, and remember folks, we're still one song into the night!
Let's also talk about Mike's playing and cut through the night. This is what Summer 2018 was made of. Clean, juicy, crispy playing every note of the way with minimal mud. Maybe even zero Modulus Mud. He just sounded so good. Better than I remember and by far, way cleaner than anything from 2021. Not to mention he was playing more notes than recent shows. You could tell just from Carini. So what I'm trying to say is... that Carini told us everything we were going to need for the rest of the show: the playing is strong and ferocious, Mike is not going to be shy, the floor is going to bounce, and Trey is going to start songs with strength and confidence.
For an extra stoned crowd, Trey was really throwing us around during Possum. "Yeah Trey, I'll throw down for you but give us a little warning first!!!" And did you guys hear how Trey went RIGHT into his Possum solo after Page? No hesitation, no waiting. When he knew it was his turn, he wasted no time.
Disclaimer, I didn't have much of a voice during last nights show. I lost it at Dogs in a Pile the previous Saturday night (shoutout Dogs) and it had carried over through the week. What I'm trying to say is, the show is not the same when you can't scream at Mike Gordon's bass licks. That's all I want to say.
Leaves! Let's just say that I caught some friends b-lining it to the bathroom during Leaves which was comical. But not me. I fucking love Leaves. And last nights version was no exception. A much-needed break after that hot 3-song start. Dark lyrics, an epic, musically, if you will. Shit on it all you want but I love that song...
... but not as much as I love Strange Design. And it was my first Strange Design!! 79 shows in, I'm at a point where it's not every show you get something you've never heard before but let's see if this run will prove me wrong. Sanity tonight, please!!
Can we talk about Mike's Deep Impact bass effect usage during Stash? So appropriate and expertly played. Highlight of Stash for me. And at 9:09 pm, Mike took us RIGHT back into Stash. With no hesitation. I love it. These guys are so confident.
Never been a better night for Blaze On.
Set Two
Great Sigma... and with flights not requiring masks anymore as of two days ago, it never felt better to sing "take off your mask".
Here we go; Disease. A bangin' one too. However, gotta give a shoutout to our favorite drummer for really screwing up after the instrumental break before going back into the last chorus. Super cringe moment but recovered as always. And to end on a positive note, Disease is THE BEST Trey guitar riff in the Phish canon. Maybe Chalkdust as a close second but Disease is infectious. Liteally, a freakin' musical disease. Beautiful jam led to a FINISHED SET TWO DISEASE. You don't get much better than that, folks!
Into the Howling! I thought it was Emotional Rescue at first, lol. But the Howling got DOWN. So funky, so FRESH, and so much fun to dance to. Mike's tone during it should be preserved in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. SLAP IT MIKE.
Did anyone else think that Howling could have transitioned seamlessly into 2001? Just me? Cool.
Page on this Twist... wow.
Better Trey drifts while he's sleeping rather than drifting while suspended in air.
Classic Gumbo>Slave encore sending us home proper. Goodnight!
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Review by williethepimp

williethepimp Review of reviews: After reading reviews, I get the impression many don’t comprehend Phish’s SOP. Cry baby cry. Phish is not gonna do some cheesy 4/20 gimmick show and walking in with preconceived notions frankly besmirched your experience. The gimmick was you got denied of your unrealistic hopes and hosed down nonetheless. Be grateful they still play, expect nothing, and you will be better off. This show rips, end of story.

P.S. Read the F*cking Book
P.P.S So long and thanks for all the Phish
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Review by MrPalmers1000DollarQ

MrPalmers1000DollarQ To echo the sentiments of some of the other reviews on this show, I left feeling slightly disappointed in N1 of the April MSG run. By no means was the show bad (though the band had a little bit of rust to shake off, as is usually the case after a dormant period), but there was plenty of opportunity for a grander return imo. Perhaps I expected too much because of the 4/20 timing, but I was really looking forward to a massive Makisupa Policeman, maybe a Soul Shakedown Party, or something else a little bit more tailored to the "holiday." Instead, we got a couple of subtler references through more commonplace tunes like Stash, Blaze On, Twist, and Leaves.

Overall, I thought this was a night of peaks and valleys. Big boy Carini opener set the tone off right and it quickly became clear that the band would be continuing the early onset exploratory improv trends established during Fall Tour. The transition into Possum kept people amped, and CK5 put in good work to help build the climax on this one. Moma Dance got a nice little extended jam treatment as well, remaining mostly Type I but dipping into something that sounds a little bit more like a synthy Gin jam than Moma.

Leaves -> Strange Design killed the momentum, imo. I am not a believer in "bathroom break songs," because I do believe the band has the potential to perform any tune with enough conviction that I have a good time. That said, Leaves is definitely one of my least favorite tunes and this one felt pretty uninspired and drawn out. Strange Design alone could've given the band/audience the breathing room Trey was going for, but after a 7-minute Leaves, this fan-favorite ballad seemed to fall upon tired ears.

Stash was the highlight of N1 imo. Though the composed section had some flubs, the jam displayed some excellent departures from the typical Stash template. Page's piano riffing, Mike's phrygian slop bass, and the rhythmic interplay between Trey and Fish really added some unique color to the build-up. Once Fish explodes, things really take off in a blues-scale-heavy direction. the band transitions back to Stash to wrap up with excellent execution. Blaze On was a fun Set I closer, but left a lot to be desired in it's tight-leash solo section.

In Set II, Sigma Oasis--like Blaze On--didn't stray too far from the beaten path. However, the band definitely took their liberties in DwD. This jam may have lingered a bit, but offered plenty of opportunities for all members of the band to show off. Trey really shines in the last few minutes as the jam climaxes and he takes us back to finish DwD. My biggest complaint here is that Fishman slowed the groove back down...would've loved to see the new heightened energy carry into the final reprises.

The rest of Set II felt relatively devoid of highlights in my opinion. Howling->Twist was a nice jam, but didn't push too much in terms of improvisational prowess or crazy peaks. Mountains in the Mist was another longer slow tune, though one that I'd been chasing for a bit. I thought Trey sounded pretty good here. Reba had some unique jamming where Mike shifted the mode from lydian to dorian for a bit. This provided a nice distinguishing factor for the tune, but ultimately I didn't feel like the jam soared as much as I'd hope a late Set II Reba might. Drift While You're Sleeping to close left me thirsty for something a bit more grand.

Gumbo was a bit of a surprising encore and, with a Slave to follow, crushed my hopes for a 4/20 Makisupa. I love both of these tunes though, and even though neither felt like a particularly strong performance, I was happy to accept this as the finale to N1 and looked eagerly toward an awesome N2 (which did not disappoint).
, attached to 2022-04-20

Review by ghsaidirock

ghsaidirock A solid show with some standout moments! This show was a reminder that even a 'decent' performance for these guys is some of the best live music that exists today. It's always a great reminder.

Out of the gate with an exploratory Carini with a perfect transition into a fun Possum. I have a soft spot for set I slow songs, and I love Leaves and Strange Design.

The highlight of set I was the Stash. The composed section was polished, and during the jam Fishman introduced a rhythm on the wood block that trey picked up on and toyed with, and all of a sudden the entire jam was defined by that one rhythm, as they expanded and played with the motif before it spilled over into the outtro.

Set II opened with a tight Sigma, and another great transition into a meandering DWD. It took its time but ended with a rocking guitar-led jam section.

Highlight of set II was howling > twist. The Howling was amazingly funky, way better than the halloween debut (or was it just that I was seeing it live?). Another perfect transition into Twist, whose jam started very laid back (with some of the tastiest Trey tone and note choices I've heard). Everyone who talked or left during Mountains missed out on a beautiful, pensive soundscape to get lost in. Always love a reba, and the Drift closer ended with a great crescendo. Gumbo encore was fun, and Slave gives me shivers every time.

Overall, some exceptional soloing from trey, and seamless song transitions. the stash and twist are definitely worth replaying. Some weird mood swings with the setlists and especially closers, but such a good show!
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Review by DogGone

DogGone I would call this a ‘fire’ warm-up show. Nothing like starting with a 19 minute Carini and Strange Design bust out. The Stash was the first jam I thought was incredibly cohesive and had that extra ninja philth like only Phish can do. Really cathartic feeling in the crowd, meeting new amazing people and interweaving about the music. Everyone seems to be there for the right reason. I am glad to be a Phish head, 23 years and now 74 shows in.

The first song second set Oasis felt very apropos with the “take off your mask” line. It was a feeling of relief in the crowd, as in: we made it through and now we get to see the boys raging the Garden again. The energy was palpable.

Disease was a great way to sink into the type II jamming of the run. Very well played, but I wouldn’t say that special. It just felt so good to be in the jam with the boys and a great crowd.

The Howling really surprised me in how funky and energetic they played it. At first, it felt like they were busting out a cover (Foo Fighters, anyone?). The loose, uptempo jam of the song was really well done into a Twist that made the crowd erupt. Reba was really well played, even though they slightly got off tempo to start the first jam section.

Both encore songs were a real treat, with an unexpected Gumbo bringing back the energy one last time and a euphoric Slave to close out night one.

It was one of those nights where I just left satiated. It didn’t feel extra special in the music, but the return and the spirit of the date were definitely ringing in our ears as we continued our nights in the city of New York. What a great band, with a storyline that never dulls and music that just keeps making us smile. I’m so glad to be in this run. It feels like good therapy. Thank you Phish. Thank you fans.
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Review by the_flaxseed

the_flaxseed First time at MSG and I can tell why Phish has played there so much. It's an awesome venue! Expectations were high walking into the first April shows in what? Over a decade? We're they going to acknowledge 4/20?

Show started out hot with a 19min Carini. The jam meandered a bit and it's obvious that the jam was a little rusty, but the fact that they opened the run with that bodes well! There are definitely some cool sections in it worth checking out. The segue into Possom was perfect and it was a heater. The Moma Dance really started going places before the segue into Leaves. This is the one part of the show where I felt the energy drop. Poor placement and not the best execution, but I love the song so I'm not necessarily complaining. Strange Design was a first for me and I love Page singing. Stash was by far the jam of the first set. Clocking at just over 13min, it is definitely worth checking out for a unique jam! Blaze On was the lone obvious reference to 420 and it was a set ender version. No type 2 jamming, but just a nice peak before the refrain.

Sigma Oasis is a new song I love and always nice to see. Down With Disease! This version shouldn't dissapoint with some really cool sections and some very awesome peaking in the last 5min of the jam before the song is finished with the refrain! My first "finished" disease. The Howling has such a similar vibe to 2001 and was a dance party! Twist was short, but had a really nice mellow jam that worked following the tunes that came before it. Mountains in the Mist is one of my many beloved ballads and always great to see. Reba was well-played with a beautiful always. Drift While Your Sleeping is a mixed bag for me. I've seen it a lot and always get dissapointed hearing it knowing that the set is ending and that this is the song they chose, but you know what? I'm also always dancing and shouting the lyrics by the end of the song's close. Sure it's not my favorite set closer, but they know how to make it worth it even to fans like me.

Gumbo was nice and Slave is always a good choice.

Overall, it's the opening show of the run, so sure it's not an automatic 5 star show in my book. The ratings are currently sitting around 3.6 and I think that's fairly accurate. 3.5-3.9 would be my prediction. I'm seeing so many people hate on the fact that they didn't do much for 420. Yeah, everyone was wanting that, but is it really that unexpected? They've played 420 in the past without doing any major acknowledgements to it and I honestly, I think if they had majorly played into it, it would have been too expected. Part of the reason this band is so good is that they surprise us all the time. You never know what they're going to do and that's the fun in it. They love the unexpected and avoid the expected in moderation. Also, Trey is clean and sober and the rest of the band is in their 50s! A huge homage to 420 wasn't needed! The band was great right where they are and I can't wait for the rest of the run. Cheers and looking forward to seeing you all tonight for round 2.
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Review by yEEt_1331

yEEt_1331 What better way to shake off first-show rust than to take Carini deep? You can tell they wanted to shake off the dust quickly and start playing like they meant it, which for the most part they did. The opening Carini > Possum, Moma Dance trio was outstanding. Leaves, while one of my favorite softer songs, wasn't so great, almost an afterthought. Understandable, it's night one, can't win em all. Strange Design was a wonderful choice, and Stash got a little bit of stretch on it too. Blaze On was standard fare. Disease was excellent, Howling funky as usual, Twist got a micro jam, Mist cool-down, then a great Reba-Drift one-two punch to close out. Nice Gumbo and great Slave encore. Key takeaways, after not really being able to hear Mike in the mix in Mexico they've clearly fixed that. Fishman was MVP. Great opening show, rather promising look for the rest of the run.
, attached to 2022-04-20

Review by Shadowfox0

Shadowfox0 Carini was great! Nice long jam. Much better the second half of the jam but once they found a pocket it was very nice indeed! Possum got the crowd fired up even more. Not my favorite tune but this was a good one. The Moma Dance was better than usual and a bit longer more like a old Katy version without lyrics it reminded me of 1997 Katy's. Then the first set fell apart for me. I love the song Leaves it is beautiful but it was played with nerves and Trey flubbed both lyrics and guitar licks. The obvious weed reference was nice though. However I must say the boys missed a big opportunity to play like the 30 minute Lawn Boy 7-24-2017 they could have played an epic long funky 30 minute Makisupa Policeman. A Cop that never "leaves" your house would have been hilarious like the cop in Magnolia that falls in love w a hippy phish fan and hears that loud music and is just in a trance ever since. Just saying the boys if they do not play that on what is the mimic of NYE I will be confused disappointed and it just shows that Phish is not putting the effort into the setlist placement and choices as much as they are their playing. Because all in all they still got it musically but Trey was a bit rusty like Torn and Frayed lyrics imply a bag or bucket of nerves on first nights. Strange Design was also kind of sloppy from Paige like nervous anxious playing and Paige is rarely like that but hearing Trey on Leaves maybe threw him off too. But then they were back w a great Stash. I dont like Stash but this one had that extra sauce not because it was Type II or anything like that but it had this FUNKY baseline and this great Fishman groove backing it. That is the highlight of set 1 for me. Carini and Stash and that is also an appropriate 4/20 song a Stash like a drug stash yes we get it. Then the most obvious reference the Set 1 Closer Blaze On but I must say I was let down again by the timing this time not the flubbing. It was well played but short w little to no jam. If there was ever a time to jam Blaze ON I mean come on guys it is on 4/20 Really Blaze On that joint and do not Bogart it just blast it up and smoke the whole thing no passing around just wolf that sucker down all to yourself selfish like but they just peaced out after barely starting to jam it. Disappointing set 1 for sure minus the Carini opener which gave me High Hopes and a very nice funkier than usual Stash.
Onto what I hoped would be a much better Set 2 and it was indeed but not better enough. I love Sigma Oasis I dont get how that relates to marijuana in anyway but I love that underrated gem and it like Round Room and Fuego are my favorite title tracks to their albums. DWD was the highlight not only of set 2 like it almost always is but also the best Jam of the whole show. The Howling that whole album is hilarious. I literally laughed out loud listening to Halloween night and I did not laugh this time because I expected the lyrics coming but it is still so funny, silly, and cool in some nerdy way. Twist was rocking like it always does. If they are going to have a slow one I love Wading, If I Could, FEFY, Lonely Trip (that Hershey park debut 2021 got me hooked i listened to that on repeat all night when it dropped), Mountains is one of those stellar slow tunes like Billy Breathes in 1995 they played that beast to perfection. And then my favorite tune of the night Reba and the jam was great but not as good as the DWD. Nice placement though. It really took the 2nd set to a higher level right when it desperately needed it after a slow one like Mist. I am one of the few that loves Petrichor and Drift While You're Sleeping I think that song is beyond underrated and it is like an anthem for me lyrically. I live in Cleveland a place w really shitty weather so when Trey says we move through stormy weather we know that are days are few so we dreams and we struggle together Love abides and conquers all and is what carries us through I live by those lyrics like a creed almost a spiritual religious culmination when that song builds w intensity i would sing my heart out if in the crowd but i have not heard it in person yet. And most probably would call me lucky for missing it and having seen Fluffhead thrice but I like both. Of course Fluff is better but Petrichor is under rated too. We can all agree Friday Friends and Time Turns Elastic can disappear from rotation forever
As for the encore I would have rather just had the Slave usually ill take a duo or even a 3-5 song string like THANK YOU at Dicks encore that was cool . . .but Trey lyrically on Gumbo and I love me some Gumbo both the pot of multiple things in one which really defines Phish People always ask me what kind of music is that and I say Jazz for no better answer suffices but they are really Funk Blues Oldies but Goodies Reggae Folk Bluegrass Classic Rock Prog Rock Psychedelic Rock all mixed into a Gumbo I must call Jazz I guess so that was a cool lyrical treat but Trey kept going from the lower to the higher from the bass to the tenor same notes but it would be one thing if he did that for one verse and then the other for the other verse but it sounds bad when you do it like that. Gumbo was ruined this time by Trey's over excitement. . .I love him we all do but he needs to not do what he did on Gumbo ever again. Either sing it like a tenor or sing it like a bass Mike can pull off both also but Trey went back and forth like a see saw . . .but then Slave came in to save the day A decent not amazing not terrible Slave. They are always great I mean Slave is one of my top 10 Phish songs ever HH YEM MFMF Horn Slave Jim Fluff Reba Esther and Lizards. 2 of my top 10 not too shabby but 3.5 is correct the Phans got it right this show was just ok.
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Review by Landy

Landy Glad to finally get this run started and return to MSG - BUT that was quite possibly the worst Phish show I’ve been to, sounded like they haven’t been practicing or playing together as much even compared to last tour. Carini opener dusting off some rust and jammed out but really with no good peaks and valleys or movement. Possum hit hard and got the crowd going, Mike sounded great. Moma had a good jam but don’t know about Leaves in this spot without Trey nailing his composed sections. Strange Design was cool to see. Stash was the highlight of the set for me and Blaze On lacked the edge or jamming I had hoped for on 4/20.

Sigma Oasis started out sounding great but ended with Trey phoning it in and not even playing his riff the second half. Down With Disease was ok but really lacked execution from Trey in the composed sections and ended very sloppily, though I think it was the best jam vehicle other than Reba in the set. The Howling into Twist transition was awkward and forced. Mountains in the Mist sounded beautiful and well played but sucked energy out of the crowd. Left during Drift While You’re sleeping to conserve energy for the remaining nights, thought it was a weird choice to close an underwhelming two sets.
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