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Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1: Runaway Jim: Bit sloppy in parts. Has a nice, sort of soaring quality to the jam.

Water in the Sky: Standard.

Twist: Trey skips this line in the first stanza of lyrics: And substituting every sound. Page creates a nice soundscape, but Trey gives him no leeway to grow it. Major rip cord. The ending is a bit sloppy.

The Squirming Coil: I love the placement!!!!!!! Trey hits some sour notes leading into “The muscles flex the mother's ring” Very short page solo

Brian and Robert: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I know at the show I might have been a bit meh on this placement but relistening twenty years later, it makes me smile so hard it hurts. Trey has slight Vegas voice in the first few lines here. Page *I think* is in the wrong key in the end of this song.

Stash: Slight bit of slop in the beginning. Trey flips these two lines Control for smilers can't be bought (Maybe so and maybe not) The solar garlic starts to rot (Maybe so and maybe not) – jam starts of nice and quiet with Mike thumping away. Trey quickly escalates this one though into a more frenetic pace. Some whale calls in the mid 8’s. The jam is mostly rushed through without much thought or care, but Trey still manages to give it a decent peak. Obviously not a great version but for Stash fans that have been starving this was still fun. Huuuuuge ovation after this.

The Wedge: Take the highway through the Great Divide gets a huge ovation.

Birds of a Feather: Nailed composed section and lyrics. Jam is short and pretty meh. Nothing to see here…

Lawn Boy: Crowd just eats this one up. The appetite to see Page croon is over the top – and for the Cactus solo too of course. Folks were just going off. Had to have been the loudest ovation other than perhaps the Baker’s dozen?

Walls of the Cave: Page is just a bit shaky in the intro. Jam is realized at 10:45. Let’s go! Unfortunately, this jam really doesn’t do that much, IMHO.

SET 2: The Moma Dance: Moma – Treys opening licks just sound…raunchy. Raw. Anyone agree? Trey is a mess at 2:06. Mike picks up that slack. Jam begins at 7:42. Fishman is an animal in the midst of this jam just driving the band for more, more!!! No raging climax, things get very chill around 11:38 and melts into… >

Limb By Limb: Can’t tell you how much I love this version. Have always loved this tune although got a bit wore out with it in 97 and 98. In the late 7’s things are getting dark and murky, pretty cool. Can’t think of too many of these that have gone minor chord style? Big time reverbs from trey in the early 9’s. was super cool in person, almost as much on tape. Again, in the 10’s Fishman is just owning this jam. Unbelievable work. Late 10’s Trey decides to wrap up, but not so fast my friends. Early 11’s are witness to sweet trills. And then he just opens it back up for the opportunity to kill it some more and in alignment with the original theme of the song. Fucking brilliant version. Would re-listen and rec.

Thunderhead: Super tight into the lyrical section. They had obviously been practicing this a good bit. Trey is sloppy in the close-out – 5:10’s.

Divided Sky: What a strange spot. At the time I was pumped but I was on quite a headful. Looking back, not fond of the placement. Vocals are strong though. They must have practiced as everything up to the ‘tramps’ section is spot on. Trey is a bit sloppy around 7:39. Not sure what toy Trey is playing with in the late 13’s, but I love his tone here. Very cool. I loved this Divided Sky then. And I love it now (1.19.23). Would re-listen and rec.

Carini: What a strange spot x 2. This one is straight out of Trey’s 1999 playbook. Those great effects that turn his doc into a demon. Nasty. Gritty. If you were there or listening on tape and in the right head space, this jam will take you to that uncomfortable spot. Love it! It’s short but sweet. Would re-listen and rec.

You Enjoy Myself: Mike sounds amazing throughout. Post tramps starts off as groove based with Trey strumming away until about 13 minutes when he starts picking away at a theme. In the 17’s and 18’s Trey lets loose a ripping solo that sounds awesome. The vocal jam is pretty nuts, who is it that sounds like a chanting monk? ->

The Lion Sleeps Tonight: After a couple of minutes this slips into The Lion Sleeps Tonight vocal jam. I thought this was very fun at the show and here on tape. Would rec and relisten to this YEM for sure.

ENCORE: NICU - Trey does this weird, delayed singing on some lines in here, it’s odd and he does it some in the Stash. I remember quite a discussion about this on Phishhook back in the day. This was the first time they ever encored with NICU – second and final time was 7.15.22 – never happened in 1.0 which is interesting.

Mexican Cousin: Why do they never play this anymore? Love this song in small doses, once or twice a year or so.

Replay value/Summary: LxL, Divided Sky, Carini, YEM. Disappointed by Moma, remember it being quite a bit more than what I just relistened to. I feel like this show has never quite got the credit it deserves. Was I blown away walking out of there, no – but I really enjoyed both sets and the encore. There are solid highlights for sure. Woke up in a fog the next morning and made a beeline for Chicago with a buddy of mine from Phishhook. I would rate this as a 3.8 out of 5.


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