Trey quoted Soul Planet in 2001. Trey teased Tired of Waiting for You and Call to the Post in Bathtub Gin. DWD was unfinished. Scents did not contain the intro and included Run Through the Jungle and Crosseyed teases and quotes and Party Time quotes. Antelope also included Crosseyed teases and quotes.
Jam Chart Versions
Soul Planet quote in Also Sprach Zarathustra, Call to the Post and Tired of Waiting for You teases in Bathtub Gin, Run Through the Jungle, Crosseyed and Painless, and Party Time tease & quotes in Scents and Subtle Sounds, Crosseyed and Painless tease & quote in Run Like an Antelope
Debut Years (Average: 1997)

This show was part of the "2018 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2018-10-24

Review by aybesea

aybesea I really don't understand the lack of enthusiasm for this show (currently a 3.9).

You have a strong to very strong Maze, Gin, DWD, C&P, SASS, NMINML, Hood and Antelope in the same show. Plus another really good outing for Soul Planet. I mean, just look at that second set... what am I missing here? Seems like this show is stronger than the night before, though the ratings don't reflect that at all.

What am I missing here?
, attached to 2018-10-24

Review by User_38901_

User_38901_ I really enjoyed this show from the couch, so I must be missing something regarding why this show is so underrated. Maybe it's due to the smoking full set groove from Tuesday night, but I digress. I heard this show as very similar to 7/26/17, hear me out: both shows had disjointed and arguably less-than-stellar play in their first sets but some nice individual song selection. Both shows had a nice first set ending jam (tube for 7/26/17, Gin here) and both shows had a 6-song second set full of jams with nice flow (yet some sloppy transitions). Now let's dig in:

I think it is easy to say this Gin is nicer than most. Very exploratory, type II stuff only to wind back to Gin and peak for a single note before dropping back in to the song proper. Not the best first set, but the Gin seemed to signal something else was coming...

...and it did. Opening with the first Disease of the fall tour, this rendition gets dark and spooky rather quickly and develops a nice rhythm toward the end before Trey calls for Crosseyed. Not the smoothest transition, but it's Crosseyed, it's always welcome, and it's a fine version. The Scents transition was forced and came on too quick (kind of like the Carini > Mr Completely from 7/26/17) but the song itself is again, always welcome, and I think placed well here, if not for the slop transish. The jam starts by breaking itself down to an erie quiet and then builds up a quick, rocky jam that leads to both a Run Through the Jungle (CCR - maybe hinting at Halloween? ) and a Party Time quote/jam that was definitely fun but I would've preferred a straight Scents jam - mainly because the jam that did develop after the Party Time segment had some nice funk/blues elements to it and I wanted more. No Mans is a nice choice to keep the crowd moving, and is a fine-good version, with Trey's dancing on stage being the highlight. Boogie On brought some reggae to the fall tour and is always a nice tune deep in th second set. Mike has been particularly excellent this whole year and this short Boogie On bolsters my conclusion. Hood rounding out the set was another welcome choice and I really liked this version. It had a few discernible sections in the jam and then gave the Nashville crowd the only BIG peak of the show. But it was still early, so a big jam song must be coming in the encore...

...and Antelope delivers. One reviewer once likened Antelope to pizza - even when it's bad, it's good. This version definitely functions as the pizza-on-top of what was a great Nashville run - and having to wait 7 shows to get it must've made it that much sweeter for those there.

Overall, good-great show in which I think the sloppy playing/ transitions should be overlooked for the replay value of the Gin and the whole second set. This show didn't have many peaks or directed-jamming, but it did have a super lose and type II flow that was very enjoyable to hear from the couch.

With Halloween around the corner, the boys are getting spookier and spookier....
, attached to 2018-10-24

Review by ckess22

ckess22 @AYBESEA...what you are missing, imo:
some slow songs in the first set all in a row, albeit one's I like...and a not particularly inspired (again imo) version of farmhouse. or 555. MFMF was played pretty well. Enjoyed it. Maze was incredibly sloppy. 'Strong to very strong'? I disagree. Gin, while jammed and played without a net, was not enough to save some of the other parts; for me.
Second set is decent. Buoyed by strong song selection, but not necessarily by performances. Glad you enjoyed it. It's all subjective. But those things, imo, are what you are missing. Onward to Chicago!
, attached to 2018-10-24

Review by jaosnlikesphun

jaosnlikesphun I'm surprised by the low rating. I thought this show held its own at this stage in the tour. I loved the space theme in the 1st set! The Gin set closer was on fire. Never a dull moment in the 2nd set. I was in it to win it when they landed on that funky Boogie out of NML. Super funky stuff. Even the Antelope encore was on fire. You could tell Trey was feeling IT.
, attached to 2018-10-24

Review by youenjoymyghost

youenjoymyghost Soul Planet > 2001 was unexpected but surprisingly as fun. Gin was very solid. But this was probably the least interesting first set of fall so far given the magic that has been happening. Set two delivered ! Great and inspired jamming. solid 4 star show at least. Give the gin and second set a listen. Soul planet got a little phunky too.
, attached to 2018-10-24

Review by Campster

Campster I tuned in for the webcast.

Soul Planet & 2001 was a fun and funky way to kick off the show, although I do not like the former song, the jam was solid enough and the 2001 kept things moving. 555, Farmhouse, Halfway to the Moon & Waste were all objectively pretty poor renditions (although the Halfway jam at least kept me engaged). The error on the first notes of the Waste solo was particularly egregious. MFMF was a good set list call, but I didn't find this version too solid. Trey seemed to be really having an off night, and the slop fest of a Maze that followed was another confirmation. That said, hard not to fist pump to that tune.

Bathtub Gin offered the set some saving grace, and was frankly a very interesting version, with multiple movements and false returns to the theme. Very organic jam that covered tons of ground without ever leaning on the Bliss crutch for too long. Only thing missing was a massive peak, but I will take this type of jam all day. Great stuff. Overall pretty weak set, but the Gin is definitely worth a listen.

Set II had some killer song selection and on paper looks like a real winner. In execution I found it fun, but not overly compelling. Disease is a reliable workhorse and this version is plenty enjoyable, but not overly noteworthy in comparison to many other second set opening outings. The move into Crosseyed was good though, and that tune is also a reliable bit of fun. This one had some interesting moments. Nothing too long and they chopped into Scents, with Trey struggling with the opening to my ears (again an off night for him it seemed). Scents had lots of teases and a full on Party Time jam, which must have been a hoot live in venue, but this type of show is not always the best from the couch. Boogie On is always welcome and I enjoy the late second set placement they seem to be slotting it in lately (7/23/17 and 7/24/18) and just like night one of BGCA in the summer they go for a Hood to follow, which is nice.

Antelope encore is of course fun, if not too well played. Overall this wasn't a "bad" show per se, and I am thinking live would have been a lot of fun, however, in my opinion this show was pretty weak with Trey struggling quite a bit and nothing too notable outside the Gin. Just one man's opinion from his couch though!
, attached to 2018-10-24

Review by Guelah34

Guelah34 As someone who was actually at the show, and didn't webcast I think this show deserves a 4.3. The first set had an interesting flow. It got off to a really hot start, and then simmered down during Farmhouse but picked up with My Friend, My Friend. So overall, great song selection. I thought Maze after MFMF was a great call, and this Gin will probably go underrated for a while. A lot of people are saying they just jumped around a lot and never really found a groove, but I absolutely loved this one. Please listen to this Gin!

Set break: Not much to report here, grabbed another beer hit up the bathroom. I would like to point out that everyone I sat next to the two nights were just super awesome. Nothing like making new friends at Phish shows.

Set Two: Knew it would be Down with Disease. Wish this one was played a little longer, but onto Crosseyed we go. Crosseyed had some potential but Trey had other plans. Scents was a welcomed surprise for me. I liked all the teases in Scents. I was hoping the Fishman was gonna say "sucking on a lemon" to give a BD nodd. But no dice. I'll close with Hood, a strong Hood and a VERY strong Antelope.

This band is coming in hot to Chicago, and I expect Vegas to be off the charts as well.

There's my amateur review.
, attached to 2018-10-24

Review by ryeryebucko

ryeryebucko Nashville night two went "screaming through space" after a Soul Planet opener with Also Sprach immediately following without pause to deliberate on song two. Right from the get-go of Also Sprach Trey vocally teased Soul Planet. Indeed, as noted before, we are screaming through space! Next up we sprint on cobblestones past the track from 2001 into 555. Ascend was definately hyped after the first three tunes. Taking a lesson from Nashville night one the band decided to "cool it down" with Farmhouse. I never ever saw the northern lights but I did see CK5 dialed in and play the southern lights. A neat visual with the lights is the swirling effect in the smoke, fog or haze if you will. I hope you saw the swirling fog, I noticed night one and watched for it intently night two. With a full moon above we are forced to keep the pattern until June, all aboard for the tour, Page leads us Halfway to the Moon. The full moon and red lit Korean Veterans Boulevard bridge over the Cumberland River was a sight to behold for those who dared to look away from the stage. Just like life, everything comes in waves after the second lift off that we received during Halfway to the Moon it was time catch our breath and let the band back inside our head with Waste. What's that you say, you want a smoking finish to an already stellar set one? The great Music City was then treated to My Friend, My Friend with MYFE ending followed by a Maze that I'm happy to never get out of and an 18:45 Bathtub Gin. You can hear those crunchy keys right now can't you. Set one complete, "Mark it Dude".

Over some pre show drinks at Acme Feed and Seed, it was discussed what songs were being chased. What songs were likely candidates for the show considering what has been played recently, especially bus-outs. Would we have another guest sit in? History did repeat itself. Not with another sit-in for the Nosh Vegas shows but with a Down with Disease set two opener. Yes this was discussed during the pre show conversation. The word predictable was uttered pertaining to DWD. It should be noted that during the recent 2018 Dicks run that DWD was placed set one song two. The demons did not stop the fine folks in Nashville from dancing in their heads or on tera firma. I lost my shape, trying to act casual, it was many years ago now but I really can't be sure. Thanks to Phish for reminding me of this during Crosseyed and Painless. Scents and Subtle Sounds kicked off sans formal intro and at the 5:20 mark a CCR tease of a Run through the Jungle variety can be heard via guitar riff and is verbally confirmed at 5:54. At the the 6:59 mark Crosseyed is teased but we are all really still waiting for the Party Time tease at 8:10 into S&SS. There is a slow stream of power coming from the NMINML as set two groves on. The only proper way to continue this dance party is to next Boogie on Reggae Woman. Set two closes with Harry Hood, and you can most certainly feel good about it. What an amazing night. Pardon me, do you have any Encore, man? Run Like an Antelope was an amazingly high energy cap to a beautiful two day stand down by the river in Nashville, TN.

Holy It's Ice Cream, there is a line, there is a formula. Phish continues to amaze and although familiar to their fans this band is not predictable, even when we call the same old set two DWD opener. MYFE
, attached to 2018-10-24

Review by mattybweston

mattybweston Howdy from the couch ya'll!

I agree with most above that this effort was average-good, with Trey really appearing to struggle in spurts (555, Maze, Scents, Boogie) but having a fantastic time on stage with some nice dance moves and recognition of the efforts of his teammates. I thought it was particularly inspiring to see him lay back in Boogie On and literally boogie on to the groove laid down by the other three. Being a gear head it looks to me that Trey is still getting familiar with his newish rig, particularly his new monster CAE switcher. On the webcast you could watch him drop out entirely and fiddle about with some stomp switches until he landed on the particular combination he wanted. Not that that is anything new but certainly more pronounced since the introduction of the super switcher for Fall TAB in 2017 (it's a 24 switch monster and can be seen in detail on His default position in a jam last night was lots and lots of echo and pitch bending (and maybe some reverse echo in the second set....), which led the whole band into deep space on multiple occasions.

Page ran away with our family's MVP voting. Every time I watch a webcast I am awed and inspired to see his ability to create phrases on the fly and the deftness with which he can subtly shift the song dynamic and direction by switching instruments. Oh yeah, and he ripped HTTM and Gin. It seems so much easier to isolate his sound within the mix when you can see his hands (as opposed to Mike- whose pick hand is moving even when he's not hitting a note).

Overall Fall 2018 has been a positive affair with some sustained chunks of real gutsy improvisation. I counted at least 4 distinct changes in last night's Gin that the entire band latched on to. And while none of them took off for the stratosphere as we might have hoped it is clear that the communication lines are open and the band appears happy, healthy and limber.

Stay safe on tour and be kind to each other. We love you music nerds.

Team Disco Buffalo- Matty, Michelle, Bodhi and Avery in Austin - Texas - Earth
, attached to 2018-10-24

Review by Spirit

Spirit Sorry about the weird spacing idk I’m submitting this from my phone and it’s not doing spaces. —————————

I thought it was a fun show. ———————

First set had weird song selection but great playing , even with the farmhouse waste medley thought didn’t have too bad of flow kind of enjoyed once it I accepted it. Gin was amazing, a jam you wish you were seeing every show. ———————

2nd set had great song slestion but sloppy transitions and maybe a couple jams that could have been extended, but the playing was really good, some good rock and a little gooey exploration nothing toooo crazy but it was consistently there. ——————-

Antelope was really fun , again a little a slopp on some transitions but it got the job done. ———————-

The actual jamming imo was loose but focused , clear ideas being expressed I can take a little slopp if inside it has an aggressive band, which I believe in the 2nd set they were —————————

The band had it all working tonight just never quite put it all together at the same exact time. Like 2/3ds here for a bit 1/2 here for a little , like I said consistent. Kept my attention all night . Fun run.
, attached to 2018-10-24

Review by chipre

chipre In a world in which everything is so intense - be it sports, politics, physical health, etc. - it's nice to see four guys who have been playing together for 35 years still enjoy themselves. May we relax, have some fun, and cherish this band that will one day be no more.

I certainly could feel good about that Hood! Electric stuff there.

Looking forward to Chicago!
, attached to 2018-10-24

Review by TurtlesTouchingDonuts

TurtlesTouchingDonuts Overall I really enjoyed this show, but Ascend is my favorite venue for Phish, so perhaps I'm biased.

The night before was pretty damn hot, and vibes were high going into this night. There was a big, bright full moon in the sky, and I felt we were in to blast off. The show is riddled with space and moon references as a result.

Soul Planet > 2001 was an incredible opening sequence. Trey was really going for it in SP and seeing 2001 in the unique second slot was awesome and I felt like it was setting the tone. 555 through Waste. Any of the songs in that segment on their own I don't mind, but when they strung those four together it became a bit of a snoozer. Perhaps they wanted to lullaby us under the full moon? Boom. A nice evil MFMF to wake us up. This put me on alert, as the last time they had been at the venue, they played MFMF to precede the Bob Weir sit-in. While we didn't get a sit-in at this show, we got some great rippage. I remember the Maze shredding and the Gin having a really good jam.

Second set front-to-back was just stunning. IMHO about as good as it gets in 3.0. Just excellent flow and song selection. DWD was a scorcher, and the playing was steady throughout. The Run Through the Jungle tease in scents had me giddy, being a big Creedence fan. It's moments like that that remind you how awesome this band is and how they will always find a way to surprise you. Solid, steady jamming from DWD through No Men, and then one of my personal favorites, Boogie On, to cool us down a bit. Send off the set with Hood to tie things together nicely. Then Antelope in the encore slot, another somewhat unusual song selection for the slot in this show, but it kicked us up, ready to have some fun that night and looking forward the weekend in Chicago.

I don't have a lot of years under my belt, but in the last five years I've seen a lot of Phish. This is a standout show in my 49 show career. One of the best second sets I've personally seen, and good moments in the first set. The band was so locked in this whole tour. I consider myself very fortunate to have been there, and I can't wait for my next trip to Nashville in August 2021.
, attached to 2018-10-24

Review by dauberino

dauberino Before the Set 2 "Waiting" theme jumped off, Trey threw in a "Tired of Waiting for You" by the Kinks tease into his "Gin" solo. I heard it whilst couch streaming the show and upon further listening today, I confirm this tease. Surprised nobody else caught or failed to mention this. You heard it hear first. Pun intended. Happy New Year, Phish Heads!
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