Frankie Says was performed for the first time since August 8, 2015 (197 shows), contained Manteca teases from Trey, and ended with Bathtub Gin teases. Moma Dance contained a Monkey Man jam with quotes from Fish. This was the rescheduled date from the show that had been postponed due to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak in 2020.
Bathtub Gin and Manteca teases in Frankie Says, Monkey Man (Rolling Stones) jam with lyrics in The Moma Dance
Debut Years (Average: 1997)

This show was part of the "2021 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2021-10-16

Review by RubyWaves

RubyWaves WOW. Just, WOW. Instant classic, without a doubt. Probably my show of the year.

46 Days -> Slave makes you feel like you're on a cloud. Simple and Frankie Says (first Type 2 in 18 years!) are an unimaginable dance party.

Type 1 highlights abound with Possum, Antelope, and Moma.

But without a doubt, the highlight of the show is that goddamn encore Carini. Absolutely trumps everything else played in the tour so far, and probably a Top 10 Carini ever.

Highlights: honestly, do not skip a SINGLE song in this show. you will not regret it one bit.
, attached to 2021-10-16

Review by Phishtopia

Phishtopia Magnificent playing in an incredible show.

Winterqueen has hints of Beneath the Sea of Stars and Ocelot woven into it.

Frankie Says is a nice bust out with a superb jam to follow.

Stay and listen all the way to the end where the Carini-Mothership enters the atmosphere bathing everyone in its warm light only to rocket into the heavens and the cosmos.
, attached to 2021-10-16

Review by thewiz

thewiz Truly incredible that they’re playing at this level two shows into the tour. I kept thinking that I was hearing teases during improvised sections because the jamming was so good and sounded composed. Too many highlights to even note (loved the jammed Frankie Says, one of the most underrated and unappreciated of their songs). The Carini blew the roof off the place and the playing was tight and fast all around. When do they ever even do that in an encore?

Very different energy than Sacramento, even though SF was a bigger venue, felt more intimate because it was crowded. The house seemed packed but I couldn’t even give away a mail order floor outside the venue, there were tickets all over the e-scooters littering the sidewalk. Super well run venue with no lines anywhere for anything. Can’t wait for tonight.
, attached to 2021-10-16

Review by Uncle_Ebeneeezr

Uncle_Ebeneeezr Total banger of a show. I was there on the floor at Chase. This was a special show.

First set started with one great tune after another. Possum opener set the tone, and really those first six songs up until Shade had the crowd fired up. Slave mid-first set (!), and incredible peaking energy throughout. Great Antelope to close the set.

Second set continued the magic, and then on top of all that, a wild jammy 19-minute Carini as an encore???

Def give this one a listen. Thank you, Phish!
, attached to 2021-10-16

Review by fracai

fracai Three words: Holy fucking shitballs

This was my 30th show and I happened to be hitting the jazz cabbage heavily during Meat.
By the time Antelope started, I knew I was in trouble..
Trey took my soul, loaded it in a cannon and shot it out into space.
My entire existence had been shattered like piece of glass falling off of a 17 story building.

The Gin and Everything's Right provided a much needed cool down with some heavy improvisation to bring me back to down Earth.

Only to give us a Frankie Says which is my goddamn first name.
That's right, check my birth certificate bitch.

I am not saying that fate exists, I am in no way putting out there that destiny is among us, but this being my 30th show happened for a reason.

This is objective.
, attached to 2021-10-16

Review by palmersinnocent

palmersinnocent The Carini, that will hold a special place in my heart forever. My first birthday show and in San Fran, took my brother who lives there. He was pretty blown away I think it was his 4th show. The first set was very interesting and the shade, winterqueen was a good way to usher in the cooler weather. Will always remember this one.
, attached to 2021-10-16

Review by Gumbo72203

Gumbo72203 Unfinished 46 Days!

First set is great. Possum has an extra cycle through the changes because Trey wasn't done. Love it. Fishman's drums during this last cycle sounded almost death metal, crazy playing.

Everyone talking about Frankie Says, I would just like to point you to my favorite version of the song - 10/29/98. This is perhaps the best AUD tape I've ever heard. An intimate outdoor venue with the best sound in the world, and this may be the best AUD pull of any tape I've ever heard. It's truly spectacular. Please take some time and give it a listen.
, attached to 2021-10-16

Review by furrythugs

furrythugs The show was perfection. The Carini encore bolstered my already already worshipping perspective on 2021 Phish. I had tears dripping down my face around 10 minutes into the encore, I was expecting a 10 mins Carini and run out the door, this jam was unbelievable. The SF Carini from 2018 was similar, next level Phish that occurs occasionally. I was lucky to be at Deer Creek (Simple, Blaze On, Stash, Everything Right) too, 2021 was a special year.
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