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, attached to 2018-07-27

Review by HarpuaTheBulldog

HarpuaTheBulldog Very well should be in consideration, and at least in the dialogue, for best shows of 3.0

From the very beginning they were out in full force. Chalk Dust and Everything's Right raged. Tight Rift. Wolfman's was ridiculous! Type 2 already with a crazy atypical jam. Then Mike goes out and takes HMPAY for a ride, so sick again. Horn next, one that Trey has had troubles recently playing it. He nails it. Water In The Sky, fast, I love that. They then double jam 20 Years later, sick groove there, into Sand, which they then peak! Insane!

Second set somehow manages to outdo the first set. Blaze On gets a solid ride, then DWD goes full Type 2 craziness, this band is amazing. Simple again goes deep, great peak in that one. Then Ghost, another rager that peaks at full speed. Bouncing is the slowdown, and then Phish surprised with Mikes, which just gets pumped at full speed for 10 minutes, solid jam there, and then a very tight Slave to finish the set.

Sleeping Monkey is usually what they play when they know they killed it, and with fun audience participation. Then a funky Groove to send us off.

I would put this easily the best show of 2018 so far and up there in the top tier of 3.0. Other shows might have a couple good jams. This was the whole band on peak throughout the entire show. Not much more you can ask for.

Wait, that was just the Friday show?
, attached to 2018-07-27

Review by esulkes

esulkes Redemption Songs!

After a less than stellar outing at the Forum in 2016, the boys from Vermont came out swinging on this magical night. No 20-minute jams, but when the songs are jammed this masterfully, who really cares about the time?

First set Chalkdust opener brought the heat early, as the crowd welcomed the band with a huge, Forum, busting ovation. Everything's Right went deep, and gave CK5 a chance to demo his Baker's Dozen 2.0 rig. Tasty, and unexpected, this jam set the tone early--dark funk, peaky goodness.
Wolfman's was jammed out spectacularly, and was the highlight of the set. More tasty and weird jams in How Many People Are You and Twenty Years Later, with a peaking, funky, rubbery Sand to end the set. So. Very. Good.

Second set was heavy hitter after heavy hitter...the opening quartet of Blaze>Disease>Simple>Ghost is just classic, incredible, epic, spacey, peaky, glorious Phish. Each song had it's own incredible jam. The cool off in Bouncing was well earned and well played. Mike's turned the heat right back up, with an emotional and LA-appropriate Slave to finish the set in triumphant form.

Sleeping Monkey, the benediction of a great show, brought the house down. The Forum was united in singalong as the band went silent and the crowd swelled together...Trey was losing it up on stage. Pure joy. Weekapaug brought the festivities to a rollicking conclusion.

This is why we do it.
, attached to 2018-07-27

Review by Brickmaestro

Brickmaestro After being a part of the sublime experience that was Bakers Dozen last year, I can’t say this was the best Phish show I’ve seen. BUT it was an excellent one and really solid start to finish.

A very respectable Chalk Dust got the Forum rocking quickly (no comparison to the unforgettable BD version of course). And the boys exhibited a willingness to jam out most songs, including fantastic Wolfman’s, Everything’s Right, and Sand jams in the first set; and an incredible 50-minute sequence of Blaze On, DWD, Simple and Ghost (been chasing that one for a while).

Also a decent Rift with a few minor flubs, but overall they sounded really tight - and the vocals/harmonies were on par! It was definitely Trey’s show, despite Paige’s brilliant solos in the first set. Overall a great show with no letdowns. Can’t wait to see what’s on tap for the Saturday show.
, attached to 2018-07-27

Review by blombekr

blombekr This is the best show of 3.0 like Soul Planet is the best song in Phish's catalog. It's not the best show of the week, maybe not even in the top 2.

It was a lovely show. It wasn't bad, it wasn't stellar. The first set was nice. Everything's Right and Wolfman's, while the effort was appreciated, never hit a sweet spot. How Many People Are You was a mess. Good peak in Sand.

Blaze On, some very nice type 1. Disease found itself in some fresh and pleasing terrain. Simple was cool for a bit. Ghost didn't do too much. The Mike's jam section continued its upward ascent. Slave Slaved hard. The show as a whole benefited from Trey and Page's commitment to deploying their new effects to their fullest, though Trey uses his Leslie too much. There seem to be decent helpings of slop throughout each show so far on this tour.

Anyways, a fine show! Looking forward to tonight. C'mon with this "Best of 3.0" stuff though, eh?
, attached to 2018-07-27

Review by kevtree

kevtree Incredible show. Filled with energy and the jams did indeed go places, though I did feel like the depth and uniqueness present in shows so far this tour was not quite achieved. A bunch of jammed out songs in the second set, but none went as deep as we know they could have based on the Gorge and San Fran.

Stellar show nonetheless, we've all got high expectations after BD and how quickly this summer tour kicked into high gear. But I'm mainly writing this to ask - Best of 3.0? How are people seriously saying this should be in the running of best of 3.0? Do you guys remember Dick's '12, or Magnaball? Or Hampton '13? This show is definitely great, but let's be clear this show is not in the running for best of 3.0, not even top 10. I get caught up in the fervor as well, this tour is fucking great and they are jammin' out and it's coming together nicely. But let's take a step back before saying things like "best of 3.0," and try to be a little more objective about something so incredibly subjective. Go give Dick's 2012 a relisten. Or Night 3 from the Gorge this year for that matter.

Still a killer show!! I am listening to it as we speak, bobbing my head, groovin' pretty hard.
, attached to 2018-07-27

Review by gingerphish

gingerphish This show didn't have too many stand out jams for a year full of them but followed the general theme for this tour of super well constructed shorter jams. I didn't really have too much to say about this show but did want to point out that the Wolfman's didn't make the jamming charts? How? This was a spectacular version of this song and was on repeat for me. Give it a listen and hopefully we'll find this Wolfman's on the charts at least as a recommended version.
, attached to 2018-07-27

Review by 339mike

339mike i was primarily concered about the alien carbon fiber mothership (west) hovering above disguised as acoustic cieling damper. Myfriend breing about 25mics shy of teleporting straight on through to roscoe's purgatourial tranfer station and waiting for ck5 to full throttle that close encounter of the 3.0 kind back to what ever quantum space continuuum time warp it dropped in from to begin with.

By the time we made it back to solana beach, he wasnt even sure the if whole thing happened at all.
, attached to 2018-07-27

Review by Abe_Froman

Abe_Froman This show reminded me of how important it is to be patient. With yourself, and others.

While not "bad", the first set wasn't my favorite, and I was worried that missed lyrics, botched playing and low energy was going to continue.

Trey Anastasio told me, right there in the Forum, in the last few minutes of that Ghost, "I got this. Don't worry." He sure did.
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