Mike teased Do You Feel Like We Do before Lawn Boy. Camel Walk included a Skin It Back tease from Mike. Trey teased May The Force Be With You in NMINML.
Do You Feel Like We Do tease, May The Force Be With You tease in No Men In No Man's Land, Skin It Back tease in Camel Walk
Debut Years (Average: 2000)

This show was part of the "2019 Summer Tour"

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, attached to 2019-07-12

Review by Laudanum

Laudanum This show will be maligned, I'm sure, for its lack of big jams. And perhaps rightly so. If you're hunting for them, they're not to be found around these parts.

But that would be to sell short the jams that are here, tucked away in hidden corners. The science fiction boogie of Everything's Right, the song-tucked-in-a-jam pairing of Light and Plasma (of course), and the mind-shredding note Trey holds and then shatters like breaking glass over the crowd at the peak of 46 Days.

And also to sell short its strange, almost vaudeville like quality, that maybe brings back some Spring '93 feels, with its break-neck run through all corners of the catalog. Fitting to end with a barbershop number, and one that ties back into the previous 46 Days, completing this smoothie blender of a show.

Change has come to Phish, at least for the current season. This show will likely be as divisive as the year itself in microcosm.
, attached to 2019-07-12

Review by youenjoymyghost

youenjoymyghost Being at the shows this summer seems to be factor in how much one enjoys the performance. Being my only shows of the summer I was very excited. Anyway...

Lack of jams? I say no. The tweezer, everything's right and no men all felt like 20 minute versions being there. The jams flow and really go places in shorter times than we may be used to. I was thoroughly impressed and had so much fun. Rose's are free was a treat. Really great show. Worthy of a 4/5 easily.
, attached to 2019-07-12

Review by Wombat_en_Fuego

Wombat_en_Fuego You could tell from the get-go that the goal tonight was to shred and have a good time. Trey and Mike were all smiles. It was about high energy with no time for 20-minute jams. If you can’t enjoy a show without a 20-minute jam, sucks for you! I think they were happy to be back at Alpine to watch faces melt up the hill.

My first live Phish song was Theme at Alpine in ‘97. Always cool to hear it at Alpine again.

Shred highlights: Sand & Wolfman’s
Crowd lost it moment: Roses
First time heard for me: Turtle, Plasma!, A Life Beyond the Dream
, attached to 2019-07-12

Review by subfloor

subfloor This show will get buried over time, but the 1st set did exactly what you need going into a 3 day run...it brought out some good funk, got people happy and moving and set the tone for the weekend. Currently one of the best Turtles they've done (and yes, I've listened to them all)...being there "dancing on the hillside" with my friends solidified my love for this version...

Highlights: Turtle in the Clouds, Everything's Right
Lowlights: Ripcord into Caspian, not the greatest encore ever
, attached to 2019-07-12

Review by nedhelio

nedhelio Second time ever at Alpine, and glad I came back for sure. Had box seats directly in front of Page, which put me at eye level with the boys, and did they ever put on a show. As far as I'm concerned, that first set was as tight and hot as you could ever ask for. The Sand opener was unexpected, but a real indicator as to how the night was going to go. Straight ahead hard rock and roll was going to continue for the remainder of the night. The Tweezer was great, looked like it was really going to go places, and was getting into some pretty interesting territory when they darkly segued into Free which was also awesome. Haven't seen a show since last summer at the Gorge, and so anything from KV or GITF was going to be new material in person, and was stoked to see Turtle, and of course the awesome dance moves. SYSF I generally poopoo, but really enjoyed it last night. Lawn Boy was great, love it every time. Took a quick pee break during Camel Walk, and got back in time for the great 3 closing songs of the first set. I was a bit mentally drained from how hard they brought the heat during the first set, and was pleased to get to sit and gather my face during the set break.

Second set starts great with NMINML and it seemed like it was going to get real weird and dark, and I was very pleased by that, until the horrible ripcord segue into Caspian. Not my favorite song, but I can deal because the jam is generally stellar, but man both segue into and out of Caspian were awkward and choppy. Everything's Right on to the end of the show was all fantastic, no more weird choppy segues, just perfection. Roses was great, that 2k1 was awesome, Wedge was really good and took us on a bit of a ride which was exactly what I wanted. My pal was shitting on light and I set him straight as did Trey by his shredding of the solo. 46 days crushed, and I was beyond excited for Coil. Just perfection. Page's extended piano solo brought tears to my eyes it was so beautiful.

First experience with any Ghosts material live, and man, Life Beyond is a gorgeous song. I am a Tube freak, so this was an ideal call for me, and the acoustic Grind was rad as it gets.

In terms of the whole experience, this show was awesome. I'm sure others wanted a better song selection, but as the Stones say you can't always get what you want. Such a great straight ahead mainly type 1 jam show. Not too weird, other than moments of Tweezer, Plasma, 46 days got a little type 2, which we hopefully will see more of tonight.
, attached to 2019-07-12

Review by s1177375

s1177375 The only thing worth mentioning during the first set was turtle in the clouds and free both had really nice endings This might be the best turtle in the clouds we’ve gotten so far and I don’t really like that song so I guess that’s saying something that whole album sucks as far as I’m concerned Kasvot pussy vault interrupt is growing on me a little bit I like the Paige teases but the songs not so much and the ghost of the forest album material to me is still way better And I wish that would’ve been their Halloween album but for me this show was just OK phans got it right 3.6 but it had an amazing everything is right that everything is right is off the chain I keep listening to the jam it is nice. Sounds like alien base robots invading my living room. Nice job Mike. Mike was on fire tonight If you’re only going to download one song download everything is Right or turtle in the clouds
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